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Chapter 16.2

Line of Sight (Part 2)

Translated by AmaLynne


The relationship between the two people is very ambiguous now.

If Song Nanqiao doesn’t agree, Wen Wenyao will be very sad.


“I don’t know.”


She really did not know, having a good feeling is true, but she was not ready to fall in love.


“Oh, scum girl.”




She’s not.


Let’s not think about this for now.

Last night she made a promise to the heroine.

At that time, she told Wen Wenyao that as long as Wen Wenyao did not want to, she would not let her go.


Song Nanqiao calm down and think about the countermeasures carefully.


She is going to apply to the class teacher to study at home, and when the examination comes, she will come back.


If she can enter and leave the school at any time and choose her own class time, she can greatly facilitate herself and start her own business while developing her studies.


Even if she can only sleep 3 or 4 hours a day, she should make her development as soon as possible.


After Song Nanqiao got tired of running, she sat on the bench in the park.

It’s 5:30 now, and it’s not so cold.


Song Nanqiao goes to find a restaurant that has opened.


It’s much better to order some breakfast and sit in the shop with the heater.


Not long after, a bowl of hot noodles was brought over, some whitish soup base with a few drops of oil, although it was a simple bowl of noodles, at least it was hot.


After Song Nanqiao ate it, she felt her stomach was warm, and slowly her body became warm.


Now the school gate should be open, so we can go in for morning classes.


“When the class teacher comes over later, I’ll talk to him.”


Today, after the morning reading class, it was the homeroom teacher’s class.


“It’s so early.

You’re the first.”


The security guard had just opened the door when Song Nanqiao arrived, it was not even dawn yet, and when the cold wind blew over, he felt cold even as a grown man, let alone this 17 or 18-year-old girl.




Song Nanqiao waved at him and entered the school, now the resident students also have a few minutes to wake up, first to the classroom, take out the textbook, and a day of learning life began again.


The morning reading session went by quickly, and once the class was over, Song Nanqiao went to the office of the class teacher.


The class teacher was a man in his forties, who taught physics.


“Is something wrong”


The class teacher sipped his hot tea, looked at Song Nanqiao’s hurried appearance and asked.


“I want to apply to study at home, choose my own class time and come back for the examination.”




The class teacher didn’t react after hearing this request, some students applied to study at home, but there had never been any who freely chose to enter the school.

There is no such precedent in the school, and Song Nanqiao learned well in the school.

Why did she suddenly have this idea…


“I have already planned.

Teachers don’t need to worry about the result.”


“You are now on a steady rise in school, and you are likely to become a dark horse in the mid-term.

If you suddenly make big changes like this, your grades will be affected.”


“No, I have discretion.”


It seemed that Song Nanqiao was determined.


“I will agree if you are in the top 20 of the grade in the midterm exam, and if you can’t get it, you will stay honestly in school.”


Now Song Nanqiao can score 650, the class teacher is expecting her to fight for it and directly enter class A.

If Song Nanqiao has this strength, she will naturally respect her.




That would be fine.


When Song Nanqiao left the office, she was more and more motivated to strive to study.


“Song Nanqiao!”


Suddenly, Song Nanqiao heard someone call her name.


Turning her head to look, it was Luo Ningmeng, the girl was wearing an apricot-colored jacket with a long skirt underneath, looking bright and natural, and was waving towards her.


After seeing her turn her head, she trotted over, with a box in her hand.


“Can I help you”


“I brought a little fruit, but I haven’t finished it.

I’ll bring you some.”


Luo Ningmeng handed the box to Song Nanqiao.

Song Nanqiao opened it and saw that all the peeled fruits were neatly placed, and they were all the freshest.


Song Nanqiao first swallowed and then frowned.


The fruit was fresh, it didn’t look like it wasn’t left over from eating, instead, it was very much like prepared rather than leftover.

Moreover, the price of this kind of fruit should not be cheap.


To tell the truth, she wants to eat.


After transmigrating, it’s rare for her to eat such good fruit.

And all of them are the ones that she likes.


But she didn’t know what Luo Ningmeng want.

She didn’t dare to take such good things when she suddenly gave them to her.


“Forget it…I don’t feel like eating now.”


Song Nanqiao tries to fight against the temptation of delicious food.


“Pfft, sister, I can see that you really want to eat.

Go on, I can’t finish it.

If you don’t want it, I’ll throw it away.”


Just now, Song Nanqiao’s expression has been seen by her.

As expected, this little sister is a person with a bottom line.




She said it was for her own sake.

Song Nanqiao hesitated for a moment and took it over.

It was a pity to lose it.

It was the most affordable thing to get into her stomach.


“But can you not call me sister”




Luo Ningmeng opened her eyes and asked curiously.


“Because I don’t like it now.”


Originally, she thought it was nothing, but Song Nanqiao paid attention to this because of Wen Wenyao.


It feels like there is a sense of intimacy beyond friends.




The girl lowered her head in loss, but soon got better, and beat up her spirits to say goodbye to Song Nanqiao.


“I’ll go first then.”




Song Nanqiao also gave Luo Ningmeng a wave back.


Suddenly, Song Nanqiao felt someone staring at her, very strong and obvious.


But only for a moment.


Unconsciously, she looked around and find nothing.


Is it her imagination


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