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Chapter 17.1

Too Late (Part 1)

Translated by AmaLynne


When Song Nanqiao was walking, she didn’t even notice that the glance came from Wen Wenyao.


Wen Wenyao sneakily squatting in the corner of the stairs.

Her body was too small.

After squatting down, Song Nanqiao did not see it because of the angle.


“Yesterday she comforted me and hugged me… Today she’s chatting with other girls and receiving gifts…”


She was so sad……


She wanted to know what the relationship between her sister and the girl was, but she didn’t dare to ask.

She was afraid that Song Nanqiao thought she was stingy and fond of wild thoughts.


When she asked her last time, Song Nanqiao gave the answer that it was just a friend, but it looked like that girl was getting pretty close to Song Nanqiao.


“Let’s talk about it next time I find a chance.”


When Wen Wenyao left, she took a glance in the direction Song Nanqiao left, and there was no one there.




Song Nanqiao has been studying all morning.

Now she is having the last class.

The class will be over in ten minutes.

Song Nanqiao thinks for a moment and will find time to accompany Wen Wenyao today.


If she has time, they will have lunch together.


The bell rang after class.


Song Nanqiao tidies up her desk, takes her mobile phone, and walks to the door to call Wen Wenyao.


But instead, she was stopped by someone


The two men directly grabbed Song Nanqiao’s arm from the class door and led her upstairs.


“What are you doing Let me go.” She tried to break the hands of the two men.


But these two boys are too tall.

Both of them are about 1.85 meters high.

The strength is very strong, there is no way to break away.


The students beside saw it and looked at it in surprise.

Then they quickly looked away.

They all knew that this was the elder sister people, and they could not afford to be provoked.


Some kind students are going to report to the teacher.


“Quiet, stop it, someone is looking for you, you can’t escape, go to the rooftop and talk about it.”


The two men this time received instructions from their schoolmate to find Song Nanqiao.


“The one who bullied Luo Ningmeng last time”


“It’s not bullying.

That woman makes herself cheap.”


So that’s it…


Song Nanqiao stopped struggling, she had long known that there would be this day, she also wanted to see, what kind of person, that big background, unscrupulous inside the school.


Maybe she can deal with each other.


When the two men saw that Song Nanqiao was not struggling, they released her a little with satisfaction.

Now it seems that the posture of the three people is normal, and they will not attract others’ attention as they just opened.


When the three arrived at the rooftop, as soon as the door was pushed open, Song Nanqiao saw a dozen people standing in front of her.


A few women had cigarettes in their mouths, and other boys had batons in their hands.


It just looked like a scene of a fight.


“Song Nanqiao”


The woman in the lead glanced at Song Nanqiao with contempt and extinguished the cigarette in her hand.


“It’s me.”


“Tsk, I thought it was someone, but it turned out to be the licking dog who confessed her love to Wen Wenyao, and didn’t know how brave she was to bet with my brother.”


The woman took a few steps forward, a little taller than Song Nanqiao, with her hand clasped to her chest, as if she was going to bully someone.


“Your brother”


Song Nanqiao is a bit confused.

She has offended anyone.


“Qin Ruixi is my brother, and I am Qin Qiuhan.”




Song Nanqiao smiled in a low voice, and sure enough, the elder sister had the younger brother.

Both of them were the same.

They could drag as much as they could at school.


Qin Qiuhan glared at Song Nanqiao.

The woman was not afraid at all, but rather laughed at herself, which made her suddenly feel very humiliated.


Thinking of this, Qin Qiuhan slapped her, hitting her very loudly.

Song Nanqiao’s cheek was a large piece of red, and her ears buzzing 


But she wasn’t afraid, instead, she glared at Qin Qiuhan.


“F*ck! Beat her up.” Qin Qiuhan kicked Song Nanqiao, which was a heavy kick.


Then with a flinging stick, Song Nanqiao was hit, not too strong, but it was enough to make Song Nanqiao’s head bleed.


System: Admit it! I feel like your life will be in danger if you continue like this.


Just now, the system has been observing the surroundings.

Now the roof is full of Qin Qiuhan’s people, with weapons in their hands.

This means that they will hit people.

This is not an ordinary threat.


Now Song Nanqiao has been substantially injured.


Song Nanqiao: I don’t believe she will kill me.


The more scars left on the body, the more obvious the evidence of beating.


“If you apologize to me and my brother, I’ll let you go.” Qin Qiuhan looked at Song Nanqiao’s red and swollen face as well as the fresh blood that continued to emerge from her forehead and smiled in satisfaction.


This kind of person who likes to come out should be cleaned up.


Suddenly, the mobile phone inside Song Nanqiao’s coat rang.


Everyone around noticed.


Now in this situation, Song Nanqiao also dare not answer.


It was Wen Wenyao who called.

Today, she wanted to ask Song Nanqiao for dinner.

She went to Class F and found that Song Nanqiao was not there.

No one answered the call.


Wen Wenyao frowned, it should not be, although Song Nanqiao may not be here, she will certainly answer her call.


It happened that at this time, two girls passed by and were talking about what just happened to Song Nanqiao.


“Just now Qin Qiuhan caught a person from class F on the rooftop.”


“Yeah, I heard it was the one from class F with super good grades.”


“It seems that she helped Qin Qiuhan’s sworn enemy.”


“I’m sure she’ll be beaten…”


Two girls walk and talk, and although the voice is small, Wen Wenyao can hear it.


“Classmate, wait a minute!”


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