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Chapter 18.2

Affection (Part 2)

Translated by AmaLynne




Song Nanqiao is the one who confessed to Wen Wenyao


And Wen Wenyao seems to like her


This matter is even more shocking to her than the matter of Qin Qiuhan.


And now it seems that Wen Wenyao’s various behaviors now make sense.

Although there is no verbal expression of love, the deskmate feels that the two are almost the same.




The goddess of their school……


With a classmate from class F……


This classmate, also a girl……


This is, too juicy, the excitement rushed to her heart, and she suddenly had the urge to make this matter known to the world.


She especially wanted to see what the reaction of Wen Wenyao’s suitors was.


Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


Thinking of this, the deskmate ran back to class A, and when she left, she got a thank you from class F.


She rushed to the door of class A, when she saw Wen Wenyao sitting in her seat with an uneasy look.


The deskmate immediately sat in her seat, moved the bench to Wen Wenyao’s side, and entered gossip mode.


“You and Song Nanqiao are double arrows”


The deskmate asked curiously with her eyes shining.


“What does a double arrow mean”


“It means that Song Nanqiao likes you and you like Song Nanqiao too!”


The deskmate patted her trouser legs and said anxiously.


Wen Wenyao was shocked when she heard this, only to feel her face slowly turning red.




This is a word that has been buried in her heart.


She knew she was possessive of Song Nanqiao.


But she unconsciously hid this love.


Is just out of friends, want to play with her, or out of love for her, want to stay with her forever.


Now that it was said, the young girl’s mind was poked, her heart beat faster, her fingers were still restless, and her mind was in a mess.


She likes Song Nanqiao


Wen Wenyao felt that her cheeks were burning, and her heart was tickling.

The strong heartbeat sounded through her eardrums.

It seemed that he could hardly control this emotion.


“Song Nanqiao likes me too”


Wen Wenyao starts to look forward to it.


If Song Nanqiao also likes her.


Then she will be very happy


“Didn’t she confess to you at the freshman welcome party”


The deskmate wondered, Wen Wenyao didn’t know




Wen Wenyao’s voice become louder, and the classmate turned to look at her.


“You don’t know”


“I don’t know…”


She almost forgot about it.


“Who told you” Wen Wenyao’s eyes became serious.

She grabbed the hand of her deskmate and stared into her eyes.

She wanted to see something from the deskmate’s eyes.


“Er…what class F told me was that Song Nanqiao used to like you very much and was your suitor.

Then she confessed to you on the day of the freshman welcome party.

After that, the whole person seemed to have changed and worked hard…”


The deskmate is a little incoherent now.

Wen Wenyao doesn’t even know about it.

She feels that the matter has become complicated again.

Her single brain can’t process it.

The amount of information is too much.


She has never experienced such drama since she was born.


And Wen Wenyao is also the same.


Excitement and pleasure hit her entire brain.


Song Nanqiao likes her……


Song Nanqiao had already confessed to her……


She also likes Song Nanqiao……


Next to Wen Wenyao’s ears, a voice that tempted herself suddenly appeared.


“You two can fall in love.”


She has now forgotten Wen Guangquan’s words.


Falling in love is a taboo and mysterious word for her.

She never thought of falling in love with others.


Only Song Nanqiao…


She also wanted very, very much…


She wanted to be with Song Nanqiao…


Want Song Nanqiao by her side, never leave her…


Two people can go hand in hand with each other…


She can stay with the person she likes all her life…


The tears suddenly gushed out from Wen Wenyao’s eyes, and the reddened eyes were heartbreaking.

Wen Wenyao covered her mouth and slowly lowered her head.


She seems to be crying…


The deskmate saw this and was startled again.


How this good reason to cry, what is this for ah


“Don’t cry.

Don’t cry.

Don’t cry.” she gently patted Wen Wenyao’s back to make her feel better.


She never thought that she would be able to get two-way love.


“Please……give her to me……please.”


She begged the heavens in her heart, hoping that luck would favor her once again and let her stay with her beloved forever.


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