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Chapter 2.2

After Becoming a Scum (Part 2)

Translated by AmaLynne


This is a term that she never heard in her last world.


“Matching degree is the unique setting of the world.

The higher the matching degree, the easier it is for people to spark love.

When they are together, the degree of compatibility on both sides is determined by the matching value.

Couples with high matching degree can also have a very complete family after marriage.”


Song Nanqiao “Well, this has nothing to do with me, I’m not interested in this Missy at all.”


She doesn’t want to repeat the mistakes of the original owner.

As far as she is from the heroine, the better.

The memory of the masses is limited.

After almost a semester, after the winter and summer holidays, everyone will forget this matter.


The most important thing is to be wise and protect yourself.


“That is impossible, since the system gives you a 100% matching degree, you and the heroine will definitely have a follow-up.”


Also, a 100% match is a very frightening figure.

In this world, almost no one can have a 100% matching degree.

Yet, if the match one hundred percent is not together, it is really, a bit unjustified.


“Anyway, I won’t go near her.” Song Nanqiao stubbornly said.


“Anyway, you will definitely like her.” The system also said stubbornly.


“I swear I won’t like her.” Song Nanqiao roared madly in her heart.


“Look at her face, you will definitely like it.

After all, she’s beautiful.”


The system is not at all worried that Song Nanqiao does not like the heroine, the face and this 100% match, he just sat there, waiting for Song Nanqiao.




Song Nanqiao now no longer wants to bother with this system, now she just needs to stay here for a while, wait for the welcome party to end, she can leave here.


Song Nanqiao watched the people around her slowly move their eyes away from her, and only then slowly put down the clothes covering her face.

In the moment of putting down the clothes.


Song Nanqiao secretly glanced at Wen Wenyao.


On the stage, Wen Wenyao felt a wonderful feeling, as if pulling her, Wen Wenyao could not help but follow her own heart to look over.


Four eyes facing each other.


The two were speechless.


Wen Wenyao looked at Song Nanqiao’s eyes, a little trapped……


“What is this strange feeling.”


Wen Wenyao quickly averted her eyes, a strange feeling spreading in her heart.


She did not know the person who confessed to her, because when she heard that yell, she instinctively averted her eyes, and it was good that the attention of the crowd was drawn to Song Nanqiao at that moment.


Seeing this, Song Nanqiao also quickly withdrew her gaze.


It’s really good-looking.

Song Nanqiao was short of words for a while, and could not think of a better language to describe Wen Wenyao’s beauty.




She will not succumb to beauty!


There were so many good-looking faces in her last life and she was not tempted.

She prefers interesting souls to good-looking faces.


After Wen Wenyao stepped down, she walk to the designated position on the first row.

Because the next session is the principal speech, Wen Wenyao did not do anything and casually took his eyes off the stage.


There is no follow-up eye contact between the two.


“Cough cough! Well, a small incident just happened, the students’ love for President Wen, we have felt it, the following is the last ceremony of the welcome party, please invite our school principal to give the closing ceremony speech.”


Although the host was also a little surprised by the situation just now, quickly collected the expression on his face and used his ability to adapt to control the scene in time.


The principal coughed slightly, obviously some dissatisfaction, the original serious and solemn assembly hall, by this student stirred up a mess, he just tried to hold back his discontent, and wait for afterward to settle accounts with this student.


The crowd saw that the principal had stood up, and also quickly stopped their own chatter.

Only now does the order begin to become good.


When the principal spoke, song Nanqiao began to pack her own things.

There was a small schoolbag.

When song Nanqiao took it, the people around her did not respond.  It seemed that it was the original owner’s thing and was a bit shabby.


Song Nanqiao opens it.

There were some textbooks, keys, a mobile phone, and a wallet.

Song Nanqiao found the photos of Wen Wenyao in the small bag…


“System, where do I live now.” Song Nanqiao opened her mouth and asked.


“Girls’ dormitory 302, you are far away from the school, and a broken house.”


“Broken house”


“The original owner was very poor, her parents owed a lot of debt, then died, the broken house was left by the original owner’s grandmother, it is recommended that you do not just go home, because the debt collectors are squatting in front of your house every day.”


Song Nanqiao: ……


She quickly packed up her things and prepared to rush to the dormitory as soon as the speech was over.

To digest the situation, in addition, to learn more about the original owner’s details and assets.


Song Nanqiao’s sense of competitiveness was suddenly aroused.


The original owner is a loser and poor.


She is not.


Song Nanqiao has the ability to bring herself back to the top of her life with this body.


In her previous life, she graduated from a prestigious 985 school, and when she studied abroad, she received numerous awards, and was most proficient in finance and stocks, and five years after Song Nanqiao returned to China, she already had assets of over 100 million.


Thinking of this, Song Nanqiao can be said to have found such a glimmer of hope in this sad life.

As expected, the knowledge she has learned will never betray her.

Moreover, there are infinite possibilities for this body.


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