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Chapter 3.1

100% Match (Part 1)

Translated by AmaLynne


When the principal finished announcing the end of the welcome party, Song Nanqiao took her backpack and flew straight back to her dormitory.


She came very early, and there was no one in the dormitory.


I found my bed according to the instructions of the system.


Sleeping on the lower bed and mosquito net.


“There’s a mosquito net on the original owner’s bed” Song Nanqiao was somewhat surprised, the opaque mosquito net is a good thing, having her own independent space.


“This was bought by the original owner to enjoy Wen Wenyao’s beauty alone.”


Song Nanqiao: ……


Song Nanqiao took out all the things in the backpack.

The most informative ones were the original owner’s mobile phone, the card and ID card in the wallet, the notebook, and the school textbooks.


The phone is a normal cell phone, with no password, all the games downloaded are on the home screen, looked at the original owner’s phone album, which is full of photos of Wen Wenyao.


Song Nanqiao immediately deleted them.

The game was also deleted, taking up memory.


Then there is the social networking software of the original owner.

There are not many people on it.

Song Nanqiao found the little fat man who talked to himself at the meeting.


The little fat man’s name is Kang Huihui.

It seems that he has a good relationship with the original owner.

The chat records of the two people are almost continuous.

The original owner is also willing to see some pictures of Wen Wenyao with the little fat man.


Then the bank account of the original owner.


The original owner is still a sophomore in high school because he was a repeat student, but she is already an adult, so she has her bank account.


Song Nanqiao opened the phone, downloaded the bank’s app, the balance is only 700 yuan, this money, even this semester’s living expenses are not enough.


This completely gave her a zero-level account.


Song Nanqiao looked at the textbooks again and found that the textbooks were some very simple high school knowledge.

Song Nanqiao had already read these textbooks in her last life, and her grades are always stable above 680.


It is not necessary to spend too much effort on this.

With her strong memory, she can quickly move from class F to class A, and then use take advantage of the resources of class A, to re-ascend to the top of life.


Song Nanqiao was still planning her beautiful plan in her mind when suddenly a group of unexpected guests barged in.


It seems to be her roommates.


Song Nanqiao tidied up her bed and wanted to go out and say hello to them.


As soon as she lifted the mosquito net, she found that everyone was not looking at her and had averted their eyes.

Occasionally, one or two people saw Song Nanqiao and all showed a look of contempt.


The original owner because of misfit, very poor grades, like girls, and so on, which resulted in her roommate does not like her.


And now, after confessing in the hall, they only think Song Nanqiao is a psychopath, a complete and utter psychopath!!!


They don’t want to play with Song Nanqiao.

Low IQ is contagious.


Song Nanqiao seems to have sensed something, it looks like the original owner does not seem to be very welcomed, no matter, she will be bothered with this group of children, this is also good, she doesn’t have to deal with the complex relationship between people in the dormitory, she has more time to focus on studying.


Thinking of this, song Nanqiao picked up her clothes and prepared to bath.

She always loves to be clean.


“Oh, finally know to take a bath.”


“Maybe it’s because she is so excited to see the goddess.”


All the people took Song Nanqiao as a laughing stock.


Song Nanqiao is not upset.

Soon she will not see these people.

Her goal now is to save enough for the next semester’s tuition and enter class A.


Song Nanqiao washed and found that there was no money in the original owner’s water card, yet she had only washed half and the bubbles on her body had not been wiped clean.


Now she can only wash with cold water.


After washing with cold water, Song Nanqiao’s body was covered with goosebumps, shivering from the cold.

She put her pajamas on her body two or three folds and lay down under the quilt.


Now she can only pray that she won’t catch a cold.


“Say, are you really going to waste the 100% matching between you and Wen Wenyao”


The system suddenly spoke up at this time.


“Well, that’s right.” Song Nanqiao said indifferently.


“But if you do this, Wen Wenyao will be miserable.”


“Oh, how is it miserable”


“She’ll be alone all her life.”


“Who are you bluffing, she has so many suitors.”


“But her matching degree with others is not even 10%.”


In this world, if the matching degree is not even 10%, it is very difficult to be together, and even after being together, it will lead to divorce because of poor spiritual comfort.


It is because of this bizarre matching value with Wen Wenyao that the system managed to move and make Song Nanqiao’s matching degree with Wen Wenyao reach one hundred percent.


It is also considered an indirect…no, direct setup of the two people.


“What does it matter to me, she’s not my type.” Song Nanqiao looked very emotionless, although the words were very twisted.


“So good-looking is not your type, so what is your type, white flower kind”


“I like gentle, generous, and clean.

It does not have to be very good-looking.”


“Wen Wenyao is not gentle Wen Wenyao is not generous Wen Wenyao is not clean”


The system now finally understands why Song Nanqiao did not fall in love at first sight.

The host is blind.


In addition to her face, Wen Wenyao’s most praiseworthy is her gentle personality and noble demeanor.

Although she is a noble lady, she still retains some of the girl next door attitude.



The system stops talking.


System: The host is blind, he won’t tell her.

He’s waiting for the moment the host recovers her sight.


Song Nanqiao felt very tired.

She didn’t want to talk to the system anymore.

She covered her head with a quilt.

Now she just wants to have a good sleep, and then,


Start to study hard tomorrow.


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