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Chapter 3.2

100% Match (Part 2)

Translated by AmaLynne


After Wen Wenyao change her clothes, the driver was already waiting for her in front of the school.


“Miss, please get in.” The driver pulled open the car door and Wen Wenyao’s thin body got into the car.


Although she was tired, Wen Wenyao kept the good sitting posture of a young lady from a noble family.


This posture has been engraved in Wen Wenyao’s mind, forming muscle memory.


She is really tired today.

After changing her clothes, she wants to lie on her big bed and have a good sleep.


When Wen Wenyao just got home, a girl of her age rushed out.

It was her sister, Wen Jiayao.




Wen Wenyao petted her sister’s head.


Her sister, who is only two years younger than her, was not that enthusiastic about welcoming her in the past, but what’s wrong with her today


“Sister, I heard that today you were confessed in public” The girl’s eyes were glowing and her whole face was beaming with a gossipy expression.


When Wen Wenyao was talking, there was a camera live the whole time, Wen Jiayao was watching at home, and when she saw Wen Wenyao being confessed, her whole body got excited.


“How about it sister, that guy, is he handsome Good or not good Is he rich” Wen Wenyao has a headache after three questions in a row.


“Good girl, let’s not talk about this, help me prepare the hot water, I want to take a hot bath.” Wen Wenyao did not intend to answer her little sister’s question.


“Okay.” The little girl pouted in dissatisfaction, but went to prepare hot water for Wen Wenyao.


“By the way, this matter of me being confessed to, don’t tell mother and father.” Wen Wenyao suddenly thought of something and shouted the little girl back again.


Wen’s family is very strict.

Although her parents didn’t care much about her, they reminded her once when she just entered the first year of high school.


“You are not allowed to fall in love in the three years of high school, that’s the family law.”


When her father said this, his expression was very serious.


The serious and even a bit scary expression of her father is still imprinted in her mind.


Wen Wenyao was lying in his bed.

She shouldn’t have thought about this, but her sister’s question just now dragged the thoughts back.


The person who confessed to her, Wen Wenyao wanted to know the person who caught her eye……


Wen Wenyao learned some sex education courses when she was a child, and the teacher at home mentioned one term in particular when talking about puberty precautions.


“Matching degree.”


When the teacher talked about the matching value, Wen Wenyao was confused.


“Teacher, what is a matching degree”


“It’s the degree of fit between lovers.

Usually, if the match value of two people exceeds 80%, they will be unconsciously attracted to each other.”


“Attracted to each other What’s that feeling”


When she was young, Wen Wenyao didn’t know specifically what it was like to be attracted, and now that she’s grown up, she hasn’t felt it either.


But now…


Indeed at that moment, she was attracted to someone, making her eye unconsciously look over……


For a moment, her heart was strongly tugged.


Ah…kind of like, a thumping heart feeling.


This feeling is really, let’s say, unbelievable.


Wen Wenyao did not even notice that her eyes has revealed a different kind of tenderness.


“Sister, the hot water is ready for you.”


When Wen Wenyao took her face out of the bed, she looked at the mirror.


A flush appeared on her face.


It was the delicate shyness of a young girl…


Wen Wenyao took off her clothes.


The young girl’s originally white skin, dyed red to the neck, was beautiful.


Wen Wenyao lies in the bathtub, enjoying a moment of peace.


She raised her head, revealed her white neck, and unconsciously think about Song Nanqiao’s eyes in her mind.


“I want to see her again……”


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