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Chapter 4.2

How to Survive in Class F (Part 2)

Translated by AmaLynne


The people who came in saw Song Nanqiao, showing a look of contempt, remembering the scene yesterday and Wen Wenyao’s confession, people think Song Nanqiao is sick.


Especially some of the boys who are interested in Wen Wenyao, usually Song Nanqiao collects Wen Wenyao photos everywhere, which is enough to make them disgusted with Song Nanqiao, plus yesterday’s events, they are now even more disgusted with Song Nanqiao.


Her grades in class F are at the bottom, and she even goes to disgust their goddess, and never goes to the toilet to look in the mirror, see what kind of bear she is.


Some boys also quietly pointed toward Song Nanqiao, and when they saw Song Nanqiao looking in their direction, they smiled and said, “What are you looking at, I’m sick of you.”


Song Nanqiao also did not show weakness and stared back.


If someone tries to bully, there is no need to be polite.


“Who the ** are you looking at You want Lao Zi to give you a face”



The student’s face turned red, and he picked up the table next to him, with a menacing look, and the next second the two people seemed to be about to fight.


“Brother Dong, go up and beat her!”


“Brother Dong, go up and fight!”


“Fight! Fight!”


At once, the whole f class was filled with □□.



The boy called Dong looked at Song Nanqiao’s unafraid eyes, and suddenly felt a little panic, Normally, when he threatened Song Nanqiao, she would not dare to stare back.

But now she looked calm, which made him feel strange.


“What are you doing! All of you sit back.” Yu Dongmei walked to the door holding her books, she heard the noise of class F.

It is too much, rather than come to this class, it is better to go home early to work.


When they saw the teacher coming, they reluctantly sat down on their seats.

And the crowd dispersed.


Still unable to swallow his anger, the student pointed his finger at Song Nanqiao, as if telling Song Nanqiao, “You’re dead.”


This small action was seen by the English teacher, who immediately gave him a warning look before he reluctantly retracted his hand.


“Don’t be angry, gentleman revenge.

10 years is not long, give him a good time later.” The system is comforting Song Nanqiao.



“I’m not angry, and soon he won’t see me.”


Song Nanqiao actually doesn’t want to pay any attention to him at all.

This kind of person will get beaten when they enter society.


“Well, students, today we’ll talk about non-predicates.”


Even though she knows, she still respects the teacher and listens carefully.


“Host, it looks like she’s going to call you to do the question.”


“I know, no problem.”


“The student in the middle of the second row, you come up and do the question.” Yu Dongmei tried to call Song Nanqiao but suddenly realized that she couldn’t remember this student’s name, so she could only speak awkwardly like this.




While Song Nanqiao walked up, the class was laughing.


“Hahaha, with Song Nanqiao’s grades, it’s almost impossible to write a few words.

Even more grammar questions.”


They just sat down and waited to see Song Nanqiao’s fail.


But surprisingly, Song Nanqiao took only half a minute to write out all the answers.

It take seconds to answer the question, and all of them were correct.


Even Yu Dongmei beside her was surprised, although this question is not difficult, it is impossible to answer so fast, Song Nanqiao writing speed is almost comparable to class A student.


“Wild guess.”


“Go answer more.”


“Got lucky.”


The students on the stage also thought it was luck, most of them couldn’t write correctly, not to mention Song Nanqiao, there was no way she could have done it right.


Yu Dongmei looked at Song Nanqiao with some hesitation, and Song Nanqiao nodded, signaling that she could come up with harder questions and that she would be fine.


Yu Dongmei understood Song Nanqiao’s meaning, so she raised her hand and wrote a more difficult question under the blackboard.


This difficult topic, class F should not be able to do right, the combination of tense and non-predicate questions.


The students in class F who are somewhat capable looked at it over and over again, and it looked like a question that they can’t answer.


There was a lot less chatter this time.


But Song Nanqiao simply glanced at it and then wrote down the answer immediately.

For an ordinary high school student, this is a difficult question.


For her, there is no difficulty.


System: Awesome awesome, 666.



“The student’s answer is correct.

It seems that student studies seriously.” When Yu Dongmei saw the answer, she showed her appreciation to Song Nanqiao, this girl, indeed, is a good seedling.

When she returns to the office, she will share it with other English teachers.


“What’s your name.”


“Song Nanqiao.”


“Good, come to my office after class later.”


Yu Dongmei patted Song Nanqiao’s shoulder, signaling that she could sit back.


When Song Nanqiao sit back, the people’s faces looked even worse.


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