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Side Story 4 (1)

“Ugh, hic…”

– Soyoung

Taekyung’s voice faltered with bewilderment.

So-young thought she shouldn’t do this, but the loneliness she had suppressed so far crossed the threshold.

Because she was sick, she didn’t want to force herself to endure anything anymore.

She held onto her cell-phone and wept.

‘Ugh, team leader… Hic, actually…… It hurts.”

– Soyoung….

Tae-kyung’s voice was lowered by So-young’s confession.

She wiped a stream of tears with the back of her hand, spewing out words that came to mind in a state of heat and medicine.

“No, it hurts… Heuk, the things, ugh, I can’t stand it all.

Really, hic…  Ugh.”

– …….

“When I’m… alone, hic, it’s so hard… I miss you so much.

Ugh, I just… miss you.”

– …….

“Ugh, hic….

I don’t want to be alone.….”

Although she had barely endured, the loneliness, sadness, and pressure that she had neglected so far increased like a snowball when she acknowledged her own weakness.

“I miss you…… Hic.”

So-young cried like a child and repeatedly said, “I miss you.” Taekyung soothed her, but he could not hide his helplessness.

“Heuk, ugh, haa…….”

So-young, who had been crying for such a long time, fell asleep by herself.

It was like Taekyung said something in her sleep, but she couldn’t understand it properly.

Caught in a deep sleep that she couldn’t even tell if she had hung up, she let go.

* * *

Was it a matter of emotions, not her body Whether it was because she had poured out all the weakness she had been neglecting, or whether it was because she had slept for a while, she was feeling much better when she woke up.

She looked at her watch and it was late afternoon on a Sunday.

“Oh… ”

As soon as she got out of bed, her head went blank.

So-young, who was staggering, held her breath against the wall.

After starving for two days, she felt drowsy and dizzy.

So-young, who headed to the bathroom slower than usual, took off her sweaty clothes and put on a gown.

Then, instead of taking a shower immediately, she went to the dining room and put chicken stock, vegetables, and rice in a place with shaky hands and boiled porridge.

She still didn’t have an appetite, but after filling her stomach and taking medicine, she felt a little vitality in her drowsy body.

Only then did she realize ‌she felt uncomfortable leaving her body unattended without washing it for several days.

It was impossible to soak in the bathtub, so So-young slowly washed herself in hot water.

Then she changed the sheets.

Just with that amount of movement, she started to sweat.

So-young almost climbed onto the clean bed.

She wanted to fall asleep as it was, but ‌she held her cell phone in her hand.

There were two missed calls from Taekyung.

That it is early in the morning in Korea suddenly crossed her mind.

However, since she ended the call yesterday, Taekyung must have been worried by now.

So-young, who had been hesitating, finally called.

However, what returned was a mechanical sound that the other party’s phone was turned off and the call was not possible.

It was Taekyung, who had never turned off his cell phone.

She thought there would be a situation, but her lips pouted automatically, in a feeling of disappointment.

So-young looked sullenly into the screen and dug into the bed again.

Why did he turn off his phone


Perhaps because of sleeping all day long, or because she was bothered by Taekyung, her body was as heavy as cotton soaked in water, but she couldn’t fall asleep easily.

So-young, who was tossing and turning, called Taekyung once again.

The same mechanical sound came back this time.

She sent him a message half impulsively.

[I hate you.]

She knew ‌Taekyung did nothing wrong, and it was very childish.

What is he doing with his time right now Her mind went off, then her sleepiness came over as if her whole body was floating.

It was time for So-young to wander in her vague sleep.

A warm, large hand covered her forehead.

It was hard to realize whether the soft and familiar feeling was a dream or reality.


When So-young forced open her eyelids, there was a man in front of her who she even cried because she missed him so much.

“Did I wake you up”

Taekyung asked, rolling up his beautiful lips.

So-young blinked slowly, and a grin came out.

She missed him so desperately that she seemed to see him in her dreams.

Instead of being surprised, she closed her eyes again, focusing on his body temperature after a long time.

As the fallen eyelids completely blocked the view, the touch of Taekyung gently caressing her forehead and eyes became more vivid.

“I’ve come as fast as I can, but I’m late.

I’m sorry.”


“It hurts my heart when I see your message.

Can you forgive me”


Only then did she realize ‌the situation was too vivid to be a dream.

Belatedly surprised, So-young sprang to her feet, and she staggered in dizziness.

Then Taekyung wrapped her shoulder tightly and supported her.


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