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Side Story 5 (1)

On the day Taekyung arrived, So-young was immediately examined by the doctor he knew.

There was nothing to worry about as the diagnosis was a simple accumulation of fatigue, but Taekyung’s overprotection began then.

Taekyung expressed his intention to stay until the beginning of the year.

Thanks to tight schedule management, the project was completed until the final report, and as a result, there was only a small amount of workload left to work from home in New York.

In addition, as it was the end of the year, the overall atmosphere of the office was also relaxed.

In So-young’s opinion, Tae-kyung, the team leader, could not have had no problem leaving for a month.

However, as he said, it was the end of the year and the project was over, so she thought it would be okay to monopolize him this time.

The first thing Taekyung did after returning from the hospital was to buy a huge amount of food that she could eat for about a month.

Then he nagged So-young.

Taekyung did not hesitate to criticize Soyoung, saying that he did not understand how she had been living so long that her physical health was damaged like this.

It is true that she has become a little thinner in pain these past few days, but she has never been so criticized.

So-young felt that it was a little unfair, but she had no choice but to endure his criticism in silence because she did not want to provoke Taekyung for no reason.

“Are you here”

After going out for a while, Taekyung grinned and entered the bedroom.

As soon as So-young, who was reading a major book leaning against the bedhead, raised her head, their lips overlapped.

“Here you go.”

Taekyung gently licked So-young’s lips and held out a paper bag and coffee.

“It’s a cafe I used to visit every time I came to New York, and it tastes good.”

“Wow, it looks delicious.”

So-young, who took a bite of the croissant, gave a small exclamation.

The bread was cold, but it tasted pretty good.

Tae-kyung, who looked at her, ate well, bent his lips with a soft curve as if satisfied.

His fingers become cold due to exposure to the winter air.

“Please eat a lot and gain some weight.”

“I think I’ve gained some weight.

My stomach is very big, too.”

In So-young’s defense, Taekyung wrapped her stomach with a look of uncertainty.

Then he narrowed his forehead by groping for the ribs he felt faintly with his fingers.

“I don’t think you’re getting any results compared to your efforts.

I don’t know where all the fat you’ve gained so far has disappeared.”

“It tickles.”

“You’ll have to put up with this,”

When So-young smiled, Tae-kyung bowed again and kissed her.

The crumbs on her lips had moved to the tip of his tongue when their entangled lips fell off.

Licking his lips, he laughed.

“It’s delicious.”

So-young blushed at the remarkable double meaning.

It’s been almost a week since Taekyung came to New York.

He actively volunteered to take care of So-young’s health and took care of her meals too strictly.

Thanks to this, there was a solemn atmosphere between the two, like caregivers and patients rather than newlyweds.

But anyway, So-young became completely fine thanks to Taekyung’s care.

So-young couldn’t shake off her loneliness even at this moment when she was intrigued by the extraordinary excitement of the City of New York.

However, just because Taekyung was with her, she forgot her troubles and solitude and was captivated by peaceful happiness.

So-young became honest with Tae-kyung to her heart’s content.

And he couldn’t hide his rejoicing look whenever she squealed weakly as he scolded her.

Apart from comfortable happiness, So-young felt a familiar heat that tickled the inside of her body little by little as her condition recovered.

If one thinks about it, it was natural.

She was with the man he loved all day.

Tae-kyung did not touch So-young too much, as if he was considerate of her physical condition.

He kissed and hugged her countless times, and even when he fell asleep, he hugged her tightly.

But that was all she could say about their physical contact.

So-young was a little dissatisfied with Taekyung’s patience, which was unnecessarily gentlemanly, but it was true that no matter how much he put her first, she didn’t want to be considered a patient.

“If it suits your taste, I will buy it again.

I’ll pack up some stuff and come back, so rest up.”

The same was true today.

In the past, a man who could not have endured without reaching out to So-young first left the bedroom in a clean manner.

So-young, who was left alone, narrowed her eyes with the leftover croissant in one hand.

It was the same now.

The man who wouldn’t do much, left the bedroom with a supremely clean attitude.

Soyoung, who was left alone, narrowed her eyes while holding the leftover croissant in one hand.

…I’m sure I’ve seen his erection.

Until when will Taekyung be patient

So-young’s straight forehead narrowed a little.

The time to be together is gradually decreasing, but when she imagined that the vacation would end after being around like this, her dissatisfaction grew in size.

But… He’s doing it for her, so she has to put up with it.

So-young thought so and ate the croissant.

Until just now, the bread was so delicious.

The book she had been reading was no longer visible.

The scent of Taekyung’s skin seemed to remain in the air, so So-young breathed deeply for no reason.


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