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Yin Rong shouted, “Attack!”

Upon hearing the order, the ten student representatives immediately descended from the sky and surrounded the new students.

They released their beast forms at the same time.

In an instant, ten dazzling beastly lights shot into the sky.

That powerful and overbearing beastly pressure directly forced a portion of the newborn blood in their bodies, whose cultivation was still shallow, to churn.

They felt like vomiting blood.

After being oppressed and stimulated by the beast nature of the outside world, the beast nature of the phoenix within Yu Huangs body started to become irritable, and she wanted to rush out of her body to fight at any time.

This was the beastly pressure of a powerful Beast Tamer!

Feng Sis face was pale.

He leaned against Yu Huang and said, “My older brother and the others said that among the ten representatives chosen by the academy, the lowest is an early-stage Master.

They must be Masters who have dominated the Divine Realm Academys top 50 rankings all year round!”

“Not to mention that we only have 600 people, even if we have 1,000 people, we will only suffer a crushing defeat!”

Yu Huangs heart instantly sank.

These people were all Masters It seemed like the Divine Realm Academy was indeed a gathering of geniuses.

Yu Huang suddenly realized that the talent she was proud of was actually nothing in front of these true geniuses.

Liuli Feng was currently at the peak of the intermediate-stage.

He relied on his exceptional talent and the fact that he was a core disciple of the Liuli Clan, which was why he had taken the initiative to provoke Yin Rong and the others.

At this moment, Yin Rong and the others had just summoned their beast forms when the powerful beast pressure pressed down on his head like a golden bell, causing him to feel as if his hands and feet were restrained and his movements were restricted.

At this moment, Liuli Feng suddenly felt extremely clearly how deep and wide the chasm between a Master Beast Tamer and a Scholar Beast Tamer was!

Although the Master was only one cultivation level higher than them, their beast spiritual power was hundreds or even a thousand times more powerful than these new students!

Only then did Liuli Feng realize how arrogant he had been.

Liuli Feng grabbed his scissors and turned around to say to the new students behind him, “Students, we can only fight with all our might!”

Before Liuli Feng could finish speaking, some impatient students had already rushed towards the student delegation.

The scene instantly became chaotic and murderous.

The world was filled with the roars and shouts of the young Beast Tamers.

Yu Huang was infected by the vigor of this group of brats, and she also planned to summon her beast form to join their battle.

At that moment, Feng Si suddenly grabbed Yu Huangs arm and pulled her behind him to hide.

He said, “This is a battle between Beast Tamers.

Youre only a small Purifying Spirit Master.

Swords have no eyes.

Dont hurt yourself!”

After saying that, Feng Si summoned his butterfly beast form and roared, “Little Yu, hide properly.

Ill protect you!”

After shouting, he wrapped his wings around Yu Huang and carried her into the battle unarmed.

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Yu Huang was speechless.

She stared at the colorful wings that wrapped her up and a warm feeling flowed through her heart.

This guy was a little stupid, but he was a loyal person.

In the distant sky, Sheng Xiao, who had sharp hearing, suddenly heard “Little Yu.” He frowned and looked at the chaotic battlefield.

However, he discovered that Yu Huang had disappeared.

Where was she

Sheng Xiao was feeling confused when he saw the young man in the butterfly beast form spreading his wings and revealing Yu Huang, who was hidden under his wings.

After only revealing it for two to three seconds, it completely wrapped around Yu Huang.

Sheng Xiao narrowed his eyes.

That brat actually fought with Yu Huang on his back and even hid her completely.

What was their relationship

Sheng Xiao, who originally did not care about the progress of the battle, sat on a tree lazily and stared at Feng Si.

Feng Si rushed towards a senior with his bare hands.

When the senior saw that his butterfly was really beautiful and gorgeous, and that he was also handsome, she smiled at Feng Si and said, “Dont worry, I wont hit your face!”

With that, the senior kicked Feng Si in the stomach.


Feng Si was sent flying by the seniors kick.

He flew out of the battlefield and fell onto the beach.

When he fell, he even pressed Yu Huang under him.

Yu Huang became the meat cushion behind Feng Si.

She was face down on the beach.

She was confused.

Who was she

Where was she

Why did she have to suffer this

Feng Si quickly put away his beast form and climbed up in a hurry.

As he apologized, he reached out to pull Yu Huang.

“Im sorry, Little Yu.

I really didnt do it on purpose!”

Yu Huang slapped Feng Sis hand away.

“Please, dont touch me!”

She was afraid.

Yu Huang spat out the sand in her mouth and looked at Feng Si with a complicated expression.

She wanted to scold him, but she didnt know where to start.

Who asked him to be so kind

In the end, Yu Huang shook her head and said to Feng Si solemnly, “Next, lets act separately.”

“… Okay.”

The new students took turns attacking the ten representatives.

One wave fell, and another wave rushed forward.

Facing such a tag-team battle, the ten student representatives were still at ease.

There was no panic or fatigue on their faces.

Their indifference and the new students distress made this group of new students realize how deep the disparity was between them and the true geniuses of the academy.

Yu Huang was ascholar.

No one was willing to form a team with her.

She stood quietly behind the freshman team and carefully observed the attacking characteristics of the ten student representatives.

Soon, she figured out something.

Yin Rongs beast form was an extremely rare three-Eyed unicorn.

All of the unicorns spiritual energy was gathered on the beast horn.

However, Yu Huang noticed that when the unicorn opened its third eye, all the new students attacking her would simultaneously slow down their attacks.

It was as if time had frozen, and their attacks became slow.

This entire process only took about two to three seconds, but it was enough for Yin Rong to find the freshmans weakness and defeat them in one strike!

Yu Huang guessed that Yin Rong probably had a cultivating a cultivation technique that could freeze time.

Such a cultivation technique had to be a Witch-level cultivation technique.

This was a Beast Tamer with a powerful cultivation technique and a high-level beast form.

Yu Huang believed that she was not Yin Rongs match.

Apart from Yin Rong, the red-haired youth was also very powerful.

His beast form was that of a Qilin Beast.

The Qilin Beasts four feet stepped on the void, and as it roared, the earth shook and the mountains shook.

Many of the new students coughed up blood and lost consciousness.

Yu Huang guessed that this red-furred youth practiced a kind of sonic technique.

This was also someone Yu Huang could not defeat.

Yu Huang observed the 10 representative students thoroughly before turning her attention to a tall and sturdy male.

The male seniors physique was as big as a small mountain.

The uniform of Divine Realm Academy looked somewhat comical on him, as if he was a King Kong who was wearing a girls dress.

This seniors beast form was a King Kong Beast.

He was a Strength Battle Beast Tamer.

His attacks were fast, fierce, and explosive.

However, he also had a fatal weakness: his endurance was poor.

Yu Huang carefully observed the seniors every move and secretly formulated a battle strategy against him.

In next to no time, most of the new students had been eliminated, and for a time, only 60 to 70 new students could still fight.

The others had more or less suffered some injuries, leaving only those scholars standing in the middle of the battlefield.

Yu Huang was surrounded by the nine students.

Just like in the previous years, the Divine Realm Academy had only recruited 10 students this year, and there was only one female student, Yu Huang.

As men, the other nine naturally had to protect Yu Huang.


Another wave of new students were beaten to the ground by the student representative and could not move.

Once they fell, there were only 30 plus Beast Tamers and 10 students left on the battlefield.

Liuli Feng was still holding on in battle, but he was also riddled with wounds.

His handsome face had already been beaten swollen, and it seemed like he wouldnt be able to hold on for much longer.

Liuli Feng turned around and saw that their freshman camp only had 40 people left, with 10 of them being students.

He was instantly enraged.

Liuli Fengfeng stared at the tenfragile students in the field with disdain and said angrily, “Its fine if you scholars cant participate in the battle, but you can still help take care of the injured, right!”

After being reprimanded, the nine students surrounding Yu Huang ran off to take care of the injured new students.

Actually, they couldnt be blamed for being heartless.

It was just that these proud and arrogant Beast Tamers looked down on them from the bottom of their hearts.

If they took the initiative to run over and take care of them, they might even be mocked by the other party for fawning on them.

Seeing that Yu Huang was still standing there without moving, Liuli Feng pursed his lips and said, “Sis, you should stand further away lest you get injured by accident.”

Before Yu Huang could reply, a girl in a white shirt and black leather shorts suddenly said to Yu Huang, “Yu Huang, come over.

Ill be your partner.”

When she heard this, Yu Huang tilted her head and looked at the girl who spoke.

It was Sheng Yang.

Long ago, during the Beast Tamer Selection Competition, Sheng Yang had seen Yu Huang.

She naturally knew that Yu Huang was still alive.

However, this was the first time Yu Huang had seen Sheng Yang since she left the Ancient Pavilion.

Sheng Yang was also a freshman this year

A thought suddenly appeared in Yu Huangs mind.

If Sheng Yang became the top three freshman, would Sheng Xiao go easy on his only sister

Seeing that Yu Huang did not react, Sheng Yang gritted her teeth and urged her, “Come over quickly!”

As a core disciple of the Liuli Clan, Liuli Feng naturally knew Sheng Yang.

When he saw that Sheng Yang actually wanted to be partners with a scholar, he thought that Sheng Yang did not know Yu Huangs identity, so he kindly reminded Sheng Yang, “Miss Sheng Yang, shes a scholar.

Isnt asking her to be your partner forcing her to do something beyond her power”

“Scholar” Sheng Yang smiled mockingly and asked Liuli Feng, “Are you looking down on scholars”

Liuli Feng knew that Sheng Yang had a bad temper, but he did not dare to offend her.

After all, this girls elder brother was Sheng Xiao.

One should not offend Sheng Xiao in the Divine Realm Academy.

“…Its not that I look down on them,” said Liuli Feng good-naturedly.

“Scholars are all nerds… literary people..

They cant shoulder anything.

If we let them fight, thats sending them to their deaths!”


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