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Chapter 139: The Jealous Mr.


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Sheng Yang and Na Luo carried their plates to the dining table.

Yu Huang picked up two steamed buns with her plate and was walking towards Sheng Yang when she saw Sheng Xiao and Xiao Shu.

Xiao Shus red hair was not tied up today and was draped behind his head in an unruly manner, making him look like an angry red lion.

Compared to Xiao Shu, Sheng Xiao, who was standing beside him, looked more like a noble young master.

Yu Huang was in a hurry to the Mission Hall and was in no mood to tease Sheng Xiao.

She quickly took the plate to Sheng Yangs table.

Sheng Yang saw Sheng Xiao too.

She saw that her brother was eating a luxurious meal.

She felt a lump in her throat and wanted to cry.

At home, Sheng Yang was also a pampered princess.

When had she ever been so miserable

Sheng Yang took a sip of the papaya porridge sadly.

She looked up and saw Sheng Xiao and Xiao Shu walking towards them.

Sheng Xiao sat beside Sheng Yang and placed a demon beast egg and a meat roll on her plate.

Sheng Xiao reprimanded her.

“Youre still growing.

How can you be full on a bowl of porridge”

When Na Luo saw this scene, she choked on her noodles.

The students in the canteen also looked at them in surprise.

Who was the girl sitting next to Mr.

Sheng He doted on her so much.

Yu Huang felt jealous when she saw that Sheng Yang was favored by Sheng Xiao.

She wanted to be Sheng Xiaos sister too.

Sheng Yang looked at the egg and meat roll and tears suddenly fell into the papaya porridge.

Xiao Shu was shocked.

“Hey, Sheng Yang, stop crying!” Xiao Shu rummaged in his pocket but couldnt find a handkerchief.

Xiao Shu only found out that Sheng Yang was Sheng Xiaos biological sister when he heard Sheng Xiao call his family last night.

Upon hearing Xiao Shus words, the students were enlightened.

So, that was Mr.

Shengs sister.

She was so beautiful.

‘When Na Luo learned about Sheng Yang and Sheng Xiaos real relationship by accident, her eyes rolled and she lowered her head to eat.

Sheng Yang quickly wiped his tears and whispered to Sheng Xiao, “Youre here too.”

Sheng Xiao hummed and talked to her in a low voice.

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Xiao Shu noticed that Yu Huang was also there.

He stared at the mask on Yu Huangs face a few more times.

He didnt know Yu Huang or Xuanyuan Jing, so he naturally didnt know that Yu Huang had her engagement broken off by Xuanyuan Jing because of her disfigurement.

‘When he saw that Yu Huangs breakfast was two white steamed buns, Xiao Shu, immediately felt his heart ache.

He hurriedly picked up the beef roll on his plate and placed it in Yu Huangs bowl.

He said to her, “Yu Huang, steamed buns arent delicious.

Here, Ill treat you to beef rolls.”

Sheng Xiao, who was talking to Sheng Yang, suddenly fell silent.

He looked up at Yu Huang.

Yu Huang stared at the beef roll and her eyes flickered.

She reached out to pick up the beef roll and looked up at Xiao Shu.

She blinked at him and thanked him sweetly, “Thank you, Mr.


I love beef the most.”

With that said, Yu Huang opened her rosy lips and took a bite of the beef roll.

A satisfied expression appeared on her face as she praised Xiao Shu even more sincerely.

“Youre so nice!”

Staring at Yu Huangs mirthful eyes, Xiao Shus heart raced.

He took a sip of the porridge in a panic and stammered, “Youre… youre welcome.”

Sheng Xiao suddenly put down his chopsticks.

Xiao Shu was so frightened that his hands trembled.

He quickly put down the porridge and tured to ask Sheng Xiao, “Whats wrong, Brother Xiao”

Sheng Xiao said to Xiao Shu, “Im going to do a high-level mission today.

I think youre quite free.

You can be my partner today.”

Xiao Shus expression changed abruptly.

“‘m not free.

I have an appointment with the professor.

Ill take my leave first!” Xiao Shu stood up and ran off.

Before leaving, he even gave the demon beast egg that he had yet to eat to Na Luo.

Na Luo held the egg and found that Senior Sheng suddenly looked at the egg in her hand.

Then, he said to Sheng Yang, “New students who just entered the academy are the most naive and gullible.

Some seniors like to tease innocent girls like you.

Yang Yang, you have to choose your friends wisely.”

Sheng Xiao paused and continued, “Dont eat just anyones food.

You smile at everyone.

Your grateful smile is a form of seduction in the eyes of those who are interested.”

Sheng Xiao took a sip of water and left.

From the time he sat down to the time he left, he had never touched the plate of beef fried rice.

Once Sheng Xiao left, Yu Huang put down the beef roll and took Sheng Xiaos plate.

She said in a low voice, “A plate of beef fried rice costs three points.

Its shameful to waste food.

He hasnt touched it yet, so Ill eat it.”

With that, she ate the plate of beef fried rice in big mouthfuls under the disdainful gazes of Na Luo and the other students.

The intelligent Sheng Yang stared at the beef roll beside Yu Huangs hand, and when he thought about how her elder brother had scolded her indirectly, and she suddenly smiled.

Her brother and sister-in-law were really close.

Even when he was jealous, he was so cute.

After breakfast, the three of them went to the Mission Hall.

The Mission Hall was very spacious.

There were many mission distributors placed around the hall.

The machines looked like dolls in an arcade.

The different-colored machines contained different difficulty mission cards.

The white machines contained entry-level missions, the yellow machines contained low-level missions, the red machines contained intermediate-level missions, and the black machines contained high-level missions.

Completing an entry-level mission would earn one 10 points, and the points saved would be enough for one to eat for a day.

Completing a low-level mission would earn one 20 points, an intermediate mission would earn one 30 points, and an advanced mission would earn one 50 points.

Generally, the students who dared to accept high-rank missions were all seniors above the tenth grade.

The intermediate missions were also done by seniors above the third grade.

Most of the new students were squeezed in front of the entrance-level mission machine and fighting for a mission.

Sheng Yang told Yu Huang, “The entry-level mission is very easy to complete.

Low-level missions are somewhat difficult for us.

Yu Huang, what mission should we do”

Seeing that the entrance mission was filled with freshmen, Yu Huang felt a slight headache.

She did not hesitate before making a decision.

“Low-level mission.”

Yu Huang asked Na Luo, “What do you think, Na Luo”

Na Luo said, “Low-level.” The merfolk had no fear!


The machine started again and spat out many mission cards at the sky of the hall.

Instantly, many students flew into the sky and reached out to grab the mission cards.

Yu Huang spread her wings and flew to the top.

She quickly snatched two low-level mission cards from a golden-haired woman.

“got it!” Yu Huang was just about to hand the mission card to Sheng Yang and Na Luo when she saw the blond upperclassman who she had snatched away from earlier charging over aggressively.

The golden-haired upperclassman extended her hand towards Yu Huang and said arrogantly, “Its a waste of resources for you freshmen to occupy the low-level missions.

Do the entry-level missions and give us the low-level mission card.”

Yu Huang felt as if she had seen a retard.

She shook the mission card in her hand and smiled.

“You want it Use points to exchange for it.

Give me five points and Ill sell it to you.”

Knowing that Yu Huang was deliberately provoking her, the girls face flushed with anger.

“Dont be brazen!”

“We are brazen” Sheng Yang sneered.

“You cant even snatch the mission card from a freshman, so what right do you have to judge us freshmen here What a disgrace!”

After being repeatedly humiliated by Yu Huang and Sheng Yang, that upperclassman was angered to the point of releasing her beast form on the spot.

Just as she was about to issue a challenge to Yu Huang and the others, she heard a pleasant male voice coming from afar, “Yin Ya, what happened”

Hearing the mans voice, the girls expression suddenly changed, and the anger on her face turned to shyness.

She put away her beast form and turned around to explain to the man walking towards her, “Xuanyuan, these new students are snatching the mission card from us!”

The crowd automatically opened up a path and Xuanyuan Jing walked in from the back.

‘When he saw Yu Huang, who was standing between Sheng Yang and Na Luo, Xuanyuan Jings breathing suddenly stopped.

After a year and a month, this once loving couple finally met at the Divine Realm Academy…


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