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Chapter 142: Successfully Attacking a Level Three Demonic Beast

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‘The speaker made an offhand remark, but the listener took it to heart.

Yu Huang immediately had the urge to give it a try.

“Soul communication” Yu Huang had only communicated with the lowest level tree before, and she had never seen a demon beast before.

Let alone a level-three demon beast.

She wasnt sure if she could succeed, so she didnt dare say it aloud.

She said, “Then Ill give it a try!” As she spoke, Yu Huang jumped down from the tree and walked towards the direction of the four-horned elephant.

‘When Sheng Yang saw Yu Huang suddenly charging towards the four-horned elephant, she hurriedly jumped down as well.

She pressed down on Yu Huangs shoulder and asked her, “What are you going to do Arent you digging your own grave by dealing with the four-horned elephant alone”

Yu Huang explained, “I want to try and communicate with it.”

“Are you stupid I said that only Purifying Spirit Masters…” Before Sheng Yang finished speaking, she saw Yu Huang extend her right hand, as if she was summoning something.

Sheng Yang, wanting to see what she was up to, subconsciously shut her mouth and stared at Yu Huangs palm.

She saw a red Psychic Sphere suddenly appear in Yu Huangs palm.

It was the Psychic Sphere that only Purifying Spirit Masters possessed!

Seeing this, Sheng Yangs eyes widened as she exclaimed, “Psychic Sphere! Youre a Purifying Spirit Master!”

Na Luo was no less shocked than Sheng Yang.

She stared at the Psychic Sphere in surprise and muttered in a daze, “Arent you a Beast Tamer How can you condense a Psychic Sphere”

Yu Huang blinked at the two of them and smiled mysteriously.

“Sorry, I forgot to tell you that Im not only a Beast Tamer, but also a Purifying Spirit Master.”

Sheng Yang looked at Yu Huang as if she was looking at a monster.

She only felt that this matter was extremely ridiculous.

“How is this possible! Youre a Beast Tamer, so how can you become a Purifying Spirit Master! This has never happened in the Holy Spirit Continent!”

However, Yu Huang was able to condense a Psychic Pearl.

This meant that she was indeed a Purifying Spirit Master.

Yu Huang shrugged her shoulders innocently and said, “As you can see, Im indeed a Purifying Spirit Master.”

Sheng Yang pinched her thigh and felt the pain before realizing that it was real.

“…Such a thing actually exists.

Its incredible.”

At this moment, Sheng Yang realized that she had overlooked something.

She said, “Your mentor is Supremacy Lin.

Isnt he a Level 8 Purifying Spirit Master The disciple of a Purifying Spirit Master is naturally a Purifying Spirit Master too! Why didnt I think of that before”

Seeing that Sheng Yang had finally come around, Yu Huang patted her shoulder and said to her and Na Luo, “Ill go and see if I can communicate with the four-horned elephant.

You guys hide in the dark and act according to the situation.

If it doesnt succeed, we can only think of another way.”


Na Luo and Sheng Yang hid behind a tree and watched helplessly as Yu Huang steadily walked towards the four-horned elephant.

The two of them, afraid that their existence would disturb the four-horned elephant, subconsciously held their breaths.

Sensing the dense human aura, the four-horned elephant, which was resting on the ground, suddenly stood up and charged towards Yu Huang.

For a moment, the ground shook and the trees swayed.

Its power was terrifying.

Yu Huang stood calmly on the spot.

She didnt dodge, nor did she intend to counterattack.

After the four-horned elephant ran in front of her, Yu Huang spread her wings and flew into the sky.

She quickly circulated the psychic energy in her Spiritual Abode.

The red psychic energy instantly turned into a huge spiderweb that wrapped around the four-horned elephant.

The psychic spiderweb also separated into countless tentacles that silently entered the four-horned elephants body through its pores.

‘The four-horned elephant felt a wave of fiery power entering its body.

It began to struggle frantically.

Boundless demonic power poured out from the four big horns on its head and towards Yu Huang.

Yu Huang couldnt hurt the four-horned elephant.

She could only summon Xuan Yu and let it transform into a protective shield to protect her.

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Glutinous rice ball roared and knelt beside her.

She rubbed her head against her.

‘The two adult elephants rubbed against each other lovingly, making Yu Huang, Sheng Yang, and the others somewhat envious.

They did not expect that they would have to see PDA of demon beasts just for a mission.

‘The two elephants hummed and communicated.

Only then did the elephants wife allow Yu Huang and the others to approach the small elephant.

The three of them worked together to bring the two hundred pound elephant baby to the pool and gave it a shower.

Before leaving, Sheng Yang gave the female elephant a Blood Gathering Grass as promised.

When the three of them returned to school exhausted, the sky was almost dark.

They had earned a total of 40 points today.

When they were calculating the points, Yu Huang said to Sheng Yang, “We still have a lot of points in our points card, but Na Luo doesnt have any.

Today, we each get 13 points and 14 points for Na Luo.

Do you agree”

Sheng Yang had no objections.


“Thank you!” Na Luo knew that she was the poorest among them.

She could only silently remember their kindness after being taken care of.

Na Luo had previously borrowed three points from Yu Huang.

Now, she had earned 14 points.

After returning the debt, she still had 11 points.

The three of them went to the charging window to line up and charge their points before heading straight to the canteen.

There were dozens of delicious dishes on the dining table, and none of them were the same.

Yu Huang had been eating steamed buns for the entire day.

Now, when she saw meat, she looked as if she had seen a treasure.

Her eyes were shining.

She endured the pain and spent 7 points on three meat dishes and vegetables.

Yu Huang thought that she was extravagant enough.

When she looked at Na Luo again, she saw that the food on Na Luos plate had blocked her face.

“Na Luo, can you finish all this” Na Luo was petite and her waist was outrageously thin.

She did not look like she could eat much.

Na Luo explained with a blushing face, “We merfolk can only rely on our spiritual force to move after we go ashore.

Ive been running for an entire day, and I have to eat enough food to recover my vitality.” And this meal of hers cost nine points, so she would have to eat another day of steamed buns


“I see.” Sheng Yang shared the chicken leg in his bowl with Na Luo.

She said, “Eat quickly.

Dont miss the combat lecture tonight.”

Combat lecture was a course from the Divine Realm Academy.

It only began on Monday night.

The ones in charge of the lecture were usually the academys professors, as well as the academys top 50 seniors and honored lecturers specially invited by the academy.

What the new students lacked the most was combat experience.

If they could, they should not miss it.

After dinner, the three of them hurriedly rushed to the battleground.

The battleground was built into a ring-shaped arena.

More than 7,000 seats were available for the entire school to listen to the class.

Tonight, the battleground was packed with people.

There was no empty seat.

Even Sheng Xiao was there.

It seemed like a powerful professor was coming to give a lecture.

When Yu Huang and the others arrived, the front row was already full.

There were only six to seven empty seats beside Sheng Xiao.

As a disciplinary officer of Divine Realm Academy, Sheng Xiao had a high and mighty image in the hearts of the students.

At the same time, he was also heartless.

He sat alone in a row.


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