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Chapter 163: Yu Huangs Idiot Fans Everywhere

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This sudden change caught the attention of many people.

Who would have thought that Yu Huang would actually be so unreasonable and attack just like that And it just so happened that these two were once a couple, so it was really not appropriate for others to stand out and criticize Yu Huang.

Sheng Yang and Na Luo were both shocked by Yu Huangs actions.

During the non-combat competition, students would be punished by the Disciplinary Hall if they hurt each other.

Sheng Yang was afraid that this matter would spread to the Disciplinary Hall, and was worried that Yu Huang would also be put into confinement.

She hurriedly grabbed Yu Huangs hand and whispered to her, “Yu Huang, dont implicate yourself in confinement because of a piece of trash and miss the

group arena competition.”

Yu Huang naturally knew the boundaries.

She pulled out her fork and threw it into the rubbish bin in a parabola while telling Xuanyuan Jing, “Among all the teachers and students in the school, the one who has the least right to criticize me is you! Who do you think you are to be so controlling when you dont have the ability!”

Xuanyuan Jing laughed from extreme anger.

“Yu Huang, you are really stubborn!”

“Lets go.

Theres a piece of trash here that makes me nauseous just by smelling it.” Yu Huang couldnt be bothered with Xuanyuan Jing anymore.

She called out and Sheng Yang and Na Luo hurriedly got up to leave with her.

Xuanyuan Jing, anger and confusion flashing across his eyes, stared at the trash bin in the distance.

‘When did Yu Huang become like this

Although she was arrogant in the past, she was not so unscrupulous.

Could it be that she had been pretending in the past

Xuanyuan Jing was not in the mood to eat anymore.

He carried his plate and was about to go to the recycling area when he turned around and found Zhong Luoxue standing behind him.

Xuanyuan Jing was stunned and wasnt sure how long Zhong Luoxue had been standing there.

Realizing that Zhong Luoxue might have witnessed the entanglement between him and Yu Huang, Xuanyuan Jing couldnt help feeling embarrassed.

A bitter smile appeared on his face as he said to Zhong Luoxue, “Zhong Luoxue, Ive made a joke out of myself.”

Zhong Luoxue looked at the backs of Yu Huang and the rest leaving and suddenly asked Xuanyuan Jing, “Is that Yu Huang Your ex-fiancée”

It was no secret that Xuanyuan Jing liked Zhong Luoxue.

When Zhong Luoxue asked about Yu Huang, Xuanyuan Jing was worried that Zhong Luoxue would misunderstand that he was still connected to Yu Huang, He hurriedly explained, “Yu Huang and I have already broken off our engagement.”


Nodding her head, Zhong Luoxue said, “Since you broke off the engagement a long time ago, you are a stranger to Yu Huang now.

What right do you have to ask her to forgive Yin Ya for what she did”

Xuanyuan Jing didnt expect Zhong Luoxue to say such words.

He instinctively opened his mouth to defend himself.

“Zhong Luoxue, its not that Im forcing her, its just that she was too overbearing today.

Yin Ya has already knelt down to apologize to her, but her heart is as hard as iron and she has no


Before she finished listening to Xuanyuan Jings explanation, Zhong Luoxue frowned and interrupted Xuanyuan Jings words.

“The one who was hurt by the rumors wasnt you, so you can put yourself on a high pedastal and ask Yu Huang to forgive Yin Ya.”


She gave a mocking smile and asked Xuanyuan Jing, “What if you are the one affected by the rumors Can you easily forgive a slanderer who ruined your innocence”

Xuanyuan Jing was at a loss for words, but he refused to admit that his actions just now were too harsh on Yu Huang, He said stubbornly, “Yin Ya admitted her mistake in front of everyone and her attitude was also very good.

Shouldnt Yu Huang be more magnanimous”

Zhong Luoxue felt that Xuanyuan Jing was unreasonable and looked at him expression as if she was looking at a terminally ill lunatic.


She suddenly said, “Back then, you were the one who pursued Yu Huang with great passion.

You were also the one who despised Yu Huangs ugly appearance and broke off the engagement with her.

Now, you are the one who asked Yu Huang to forgive Yin Ya generously… If the Virgin Mary was still alive,

she would have to give up her seat for you.”

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“You cant ask everyone in the world to tolerate people like you just because you are the same kind of person as Yin Ya.

Thats unreasonable, Xuanyuan.”


Zhong Luoxue felt that her eyes would get dirty if she looked at Xuanyuan Jing one more time.

She carried her tray and walked towards the food recovery area.

Xuanyuan Xu was agitated by Zhong Luoxues gaze before she left.

He could not understand why Zhong Luoxue would have such strong feelings of disgust towards him because of Yu Huang.

He had been pursuing Zhong Luoxue for more than a year.

Even though Zhong Luoxue had always ignored him in the beginning, she had finally become a little more friendly with him after months of him ingratiating her.

Xuanyuan Jing had originally thought that he was about to succeed, but Zhong Luo Xues disgusted and cold gaze before she left gave him a sense of defeat.

‘What did he do wrong What should he do to change Luoxues opinion of him, recognize his strengths, and accept his pursuit

Why did Zhong Luoxue suddenly hate Xuanyuan Jing because of Yu Huang

It was because she was a fan of Yu Huangs for eight whole years.

Yu Huang was the light of Zhong Luoxues youth.

Zhong Luoxue could memorize every line in every movie that Yu Huang had filmed.

‘When Yu Huang was disfigured last year, Zhong Luoxue happened to be cultivating in seclusion.

‘When she came out of seclusion, she took her phone and opened Weibo as usual.

She entered Yu Huangs Weibo page and saw the exit announcement that Yu Huang had posted.

Only then did she know that so many terrible things had happened to Yu Huang during the short summer break.

Disfigurement, annulment, voluntarily retirement from the entertainment industry

Everything that happened to Yu Huang was a huge blow to Zhong Luoxue, her fan.

Zhong Luoxue went to the forums and posts to dig deeper.

Only then did she know that Yu Huang had not been discharged from the hospital when Xuanyuan Jing broke off the engagement.


During the summer break last year, Zhong Luoxue still didnt know Xuanyuan Jing, but she hated him to the core.

She kept cursing him behind his back.

It was only until last autumn when they met in the martial arts hall that Xuanyuan Jing fell in love with her at first sight and continuously tried to curry favor with her.

Only then did they become familiar with each other.

‘When Zhong Luoxue saw Xuanyuan Jing being refined, graceful, and gentlemanly, she thought that she had misunderstood him.

However, today, when she witnessed the scene of Xuanyuan Jing patronizing Yu Huang, she realized that Xuanyuan Jing was a complete jerk!



He should have been killed by a bolt of lightning!

As the group arena was going to be held in the next few days, Yu Huang did not stay up late to cultivate.

She slept early and woke up early.

She was especially energetic.

This morning, there would be a match between Sheng Yang and Na Luo.

During breakfast, Na Luo bought two plates of meat and said that she wanted to defeat Sheng Yang in the arena.

Sheng Yang shook her fist at Na Luo and said, “Im a polar bear.

I can beat your mermaid to the ground with one punch.”

Na Luo didnt argue.

She just gave Sheng Yang a mysterious smile.

“Well see.”

‘When Sheng Yang saw Na Luos pretentious smile, her heart thumped wildly.

She had a bad feeling.

‘Was this fella hiding some dirty trick

After eating, the three of them rushed to the central plaza and sat down at their usual seats.

When it was almost ten oclock, the referee whistled and shouted, “Please wait for the two contestants with number 99 on the stage!”

Hearing this, Na Luo and Sheng Yang stood up together.

It was no secret among the new students that Na Luo and Sheng Yang had a good relationship.

The new students were thrilled to find out that they had drawn the same match.

The good friends were going to become enemies.

“Wow! Besties fighting!”

“all the best, Sheng Yang!”

“Come on, Na Luo, beat up Sheng Yang!”

Everyone was cheering for the contestant they admired.

Only Yu Huang, not daring to utter a word, sat quietly in her seat like a biscuit.

No matter who she cheered for, it would be like stepping on a landmine.

On the stage, Sheng Yang and Na Luo each took one side.

After cupping her fists to the other party, Sheng Yang was the first to speak.

“Na Luo, there is no friendship in the arena.

I wont show you any mercy.

Please use your full strength!”

Na Luo nodded solemnly.

“I will!”

The judge whistled a second time.


Sheng Yang and Na Luo released their beast forms at the same time.

‘When the charmingly naive polar bear appeared by Sheng Yangs side, Sheng Yangs pupils had turned into a milky white color.

Her battle uniform fluttered in the wind, and her entire person became imposing.

At the same time, Na Luo released her beast form.

Na Luos beast form was similar to her.

She was an adult mermaid.

The mermaids appearance was very similar to Na Luos, and only her eyes were dark purple.

Na Luo looked at the mermaid with longing eyes.

She told Sheng Yang, “Yang Yang, Ive never told you that my beast form is actually the soul my mother sacrificed before she died.

My mother and I have great chemistry.

It wont be easy for you to defeat me.”

Sheng Yang was a little surprised to learn that Na Luos beast form was actually her mothers soul.

She had long heard that merfolk awakened their beast forms in a different way from humans, and she had finally experienced it today.

Sheng Yang hesitated for a moment before bowing to Na Luos mothers spiritual beast form.

“Aunty, excuse me!”

‘With that said, Sheng Yang and the polar bear ran toward Na Luo at the same time.

The two-hundred-kilogram polar bear started to run, and the entire arena shook.

The person and bear raced on, each step larger than the last.

As they ran, Sheng Yangs arms were wreathed in a milky glow filled with power.

When it ran to the center of the ring, the polar bear suddenly jumped up into the air and jumped 30 feet high!

Sheng Yang flew up as well.

She crossed her legs over the polar bears back and raised her right fist to attack Na Luo below—

“The third form of the Thousand Mountains, Heaven Pit Earth Shattering Fist!”

The Heaven Pit Earth Shattering Fist and Mountain Pushing Palm were both moves from the fifth-grade Witch-level cultivation technique,Thousand Mountains.

In the future, when Sheng Yang broke through to the Grand Master level, she would be able to create a huge destructive force on the ground when she used the Heaven Pit Earth Shattering Fist.

It would form a crack in the ground, like an earthquake.

When she completely mastered all the moves in “Thousand Mountains”, she could even destroy the Thousand Mountains with her bare hands!

‘The Heaven Pit Earth Shattering Fist was the strongest move Sheng Yang could currently use.

Like Lie Gang, she was also a Beast Tamer who had strong explosive power but was unsuited for long battles.

Knowing her weakness, Sheng Yang used her strongest move right from the start while hoping to end the battle quickly..


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