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Chapter 212 Embarrassing

When she heard this, Yu Huang suddenly realized that there was a selfless Prime Master in everyones hearts.

Their hearts were tied to all the living beings in the world, and if necessary, they would sacrifice their lives for righteousness.

It had already become the faith of cultivators.

And she was not as broad-minded as the Grand State Master and her mentor.

She always treated herself as an outsider from another world, but she forgot that from the moment she decided to embark on the path of cultivation, she had already become one with this world.

When a birds nest was overturned, no egg would remain intact.

With the world in chaos, no one could stay out of it.

She was the one who was feeling timid.

“Mentor, I understand what to do.”

After returning to the Prosperous Capital from the spatial teleportation station, Yu Huang followed Lin Jiansheng back to the Purifying Spirit Academy.

She had her own break room in the Purifying Spirit Academy.

Yu Huang placed Yu Huang on the carpet beside the bed and covered it with a thin blanket.

Yu Huang quickly fell asleep.

Only then did Yu Huang walk to the desk and sit down.

She twisted open the pen and wrote something on a piece of pale yellow paper.

Yu Huang folded the piece of paper into a heart shape and threw it out the window.

The piece of paper transformed into a red light and flew towards the Divination Tower in the Imperial City.

In a short while, the light beam arrived at the Imperial City.

In the night, a tall figure stood under the eaves of the top floor of the Divination Tower.

When he saw the red light beam flying towards the capital, the Grand State Master reached out his right hand and held the ball of light

The light landed on his palm before transforming into a heart-shaped letter.

The Grand State Master opened the letter and saw the words,

[Everyone has responsibility for the rise and fall of the world.

Although I am weak, I am willing to save the Holy Spirit Continent with the Grand State Master.

When the Cong Lang Mystic Realm competition is over, I will definitely head to the capital personally to pay my respects to the Grand State Master.]

After receiving the reply, the Grand State Master finally smiled.

A dark light flashed in his eyes, and the letter in his hand instantly turned to ashes.

“Yu Huang, Ill wait for you.”

After finishing the letter, Yu Huang took out the red elm tree and used her Spiritual Force to expedite its birth.

Only then did she sit down and focus on cultivating.

The spiritual energy in the Purifying Spirit Academy was denser than anywhere else.

Yu Huang was unwilling to sleep every time she came to the Purifying Spirit Academy.


In the middle of the night, Yu Huang woke up once.

She was awakened by hunger.

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Yu Huang had no teeth, and Yu Huang could only feed him minced meat and mashed vegetables.

Yu Huang ate some food and its condition improved, but it still could not muster up any energy.

Yu Huang remembered that two years ago, when she went to the Lou Lan Ancient Pavilion, she had once set up a stall with her mentor to sell homemade pots.

At that time, an elf girl brought two drops of holy water from the Light Sea and exchanged it with her for a homemade pot.

Yu Huang took out all the small items in the necklaces storage and finally found a small pale golden bottle.

The small bottle contained two pearls, and each pearl contained a drop of holy water.

This thing was very precious, but Yu Huang didnt care.

She took out a pearl and poked it open with a sharp needle, then squeezed all the holy water inside the pearl into Yu Huangs mouth.

As soon as Yu Huang tasted the sweetness, it quickly stuck out its tongue and sucked the pearl shell in Yu Huangs hand into its mouth before swallowing it.

Yu Huang was only relieved when she saw that Yu Huang didnt choke.

After drinking a drop of holy water, Yu Huangs energy clearly improved.

When she saw that this holy water was really effective for Yu Huang, Yu Huang instantly felt at ease.

Later on, when Yu Huang cultivated, Yu Huang obediently laid on Yu Huangs legs and stared at her with its round eyes.

The next day, Lin Jiansheng held a class in the cultivation hall and sent someone to call Yu Huang to attend the class.

Yu Huang was very clingy to Yu Huang.

When it saw that Yu Huang was about to leave, it grabbed Yu Huangs skirt and insisted on going with her.

Yu Huang could not resist its charm, so she carried Yu Huang to the Cultivation Hall.

Lin Jiansheng personally taught and all the disciples of the Purifying Spirit Academy came to the Cultivation Hall.

Lin Jiansheng saw that Yu Huang had come with her.

He raised his eyebrows slightly and was about to reprimand Yu Huang when Yu Huang suddenly jumped out of Yu Huangs arms and landed in Lin Jianshengs arms.

It even grabbed Lin Jianshengs long robe tightly with its two claws.

Lin Jiansheng was speechless.

“Waah…” Yu Huang climbed onto Lin Jianshengs shoulder and licked his cheeks.

Under everyones gazes, Lin Jiansheng blushed from being licked.

“Ahem!” Lin Jiansheng coughed but did not chase Yu Huang away.

He said, “Sit tight and get ready for class!”

Yu Huang and the other disciples sat on the ground.

In front of Lin Jiansheng was a deformed level 2 demon beast.

From the looks of it, it should be a lop rabbit, but it only had one ear.

“This is a lop rabbit.

What we need to do is cleanse it and improve its purity.”

Lin Jiansheng opened the cage and released the lop rabbit.

As soon as the lop rabbit walked out of the cage, Yu Huang jumped off Lin Jianshengs shoulder.

It pressed its buttocks on the waist of the lop rabbit and quickly reached out his claws to press on the head of the lop rabbit.

It even swaggered towards Lin Jiansheng while letting out cries of praise.

Yu Huang thought that Lin Jiansheng was going to play the rabbit-catching game with him.

Lin Jiansheng was speechless.

The disciples could not help but snicker.

the lop rabbit in the cage.

Yu Huang climbed onto Lin Jianshengs shoulder again and refused to leave.

Spirit pets all had a favorable impression of people with pure hearts.

Lin Jiansheng was a Level 8 Purifying Spirit Master.

Although he was mischevious, he was actually very pure-hearted.

Yu Huang loved this burly man with a rough appearance but a sensitive heart.

Lin Jiansheng could not refuse Yu Huangs adorableness.

Thus, throughout the class, Yu Huang and Lin Jiansheng were inseparable.

“The Purifying Spirit Incantation is eternal, but the effects of the Purifying Spirit Technique are related to the cultivation level and temperament of the Purifying Spirit Master.

Everyone needs to remember one thing.

When you purify living beings, you need to have a pious heart.”

“Because every bit of energy we receive comes from nature.

Only by reveling in nature can we receive natures gift.”

Everyone nodded.

“Next, Ill demonstrate the key to the use of the Purifying Spirit Technique for everyone.” After saying that, Lin Jiansheng used his telekinesis to hold the moving earlobe in place.

The lop rabbit raised its head obediently and its two red eyes met Lin Jianshengs.

At this moment, the two of them established Soul Guide.

The next second, Lin Jianshengs expression became solemn.

He began to chant the Spirit Purification Incantation softly.

As the incantation sounded, Yu Huang saw wisps of natural power come to the Cultivation Hall from the natural world.

They tunneled into Lin Jianshengs scepter and transformed into silvery-white telekinesis that were sent into the lop rabbits body.

Soon, everyone noticed a change in the rabbits body.

The single ear on its head slowly moved to the right of its head.

Then, the fur on the left head moved slightly, and a furry ear grew out.

This was the power of a Purifying Spirit Master.

Everyone applauded and showed Lin Jiansheng plenty of respect.

Lin Jiansheng stroked Yu Huangs back and called Yu Huangs name.

“Yu Huang, come and try.”

Yu Huang hurriedly stood up from the crowd and walked to Lin Jianshengs side.

The attendant brought over a glass cage, and inside, there was a three-legged lizard.

Lin Jiansheng said, “This is just an ordinary lizard.

It lost a leg due to a congenital malformation.

Come and give it a try.”

Yu Huang chuckled.

She stared at the scepter in Lin Jianshengs right hand and couldnt help but ask, “Mentor, can you lend me your scepter”

She had been coveting Lin Jianshengs scepter for a long time.

Lin Jiansheng snorted.

“What do you think”

Yu Huang instantly became obedient.

Lin Jiansheng told her, “Close your eyes and think about the lizards original form in your heart.

With a pious heart, please pray that nature will bestow you strength.” “Okay.”

Yu Huang closed her eyes and summoned her telekinesis ball.

She then used her telekinesis to link up with the lizard before chanting the Purifying Spirit Incantation with a pious mind.

After she chanted for a moment, some weak natural force really appeared in the Cultivation Hall.

They entered the Psychic Ball and, under the effects of the Purifying Spirit Incantation, turned into pure psychic force that was sent into the lizards body.

Yu Huang thought about the appearance of a lizard.

But for some reason, she thought about Sheng Xiaos Black Qing Sky Dragon.

Ten minutes later, the lizards body started to change.


The lizards fourth leg didnt grow out, but a pair of horns grew out of its head.

It looked like a dragon horn.

Lin Jiansheng frowned.

When Yu Huang opened her eyes, he picked up the lizards horn and handed it to Yu Huang.

She scolded her angrily, “What are you thinking about! I told you to meditate on the lizards appearance, not Sheng Xiaos little black dragon!” She was thinking about men in class.

This child was hopeless.

Yu Huangs face blushed from the scolding.

She also knew that she had done something wrong.

She buried her head deep and said softly, “I wont dare to do it again.”

Lin Jiansheng threw the lizard into Yu Huangs arms angrily.

“Get lost, youre embarrassing yourself!”


This was the first time he had seen a creature change its breed with a spirit cleansing technique.


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