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224 Who Doesnt Want Yu Huang, Who Is Drop Dead Gorgeous

Feng Tangs heart skipped a beat.

Feng Tang did not know that Sheng Xiao was in a relationship and he was not aware of the girls identity.

But, the girl that Sheng Xiao liked must be very outstanding.

Thinking that his brother was bold enough to snatch Sheng Xiaos woman, Feng Tang immediately said sternly, “This guy doesnt know the rules at all.

Ill call him later and reprimand him.”

He could not let his fourth brothers foolish actions bring endless trouble to the family.

Sheng Xiao took a sip of his tea and nodded.

“Cultivation is the most important thing for students in school.” So, he should restrain himself when it came to making friends.

He should stop hanging around in front of Yu Huang all day.

Feng Tang smiled teasingly when he heard Sheng Xiaos words.

“Junior Sheng, you have double standards, havent you Youre both students in school.

You can date but he cant”

Sheng Xiao was delighted.

Sheng Xiao put down his teacup and tilted his head to look at Feng Tang.

He said proudly, “Shes my girlfriend.

Shes a Beast Tamer with the potential to fight in the Super Beast State.

Shes also a Purifying Spirit Master.

Shes very outstanding.

Its okay for her to get into a relationship while shes busy.

As for your brother…”

Sheng Xiao looked like he was at a loss for words.

He said bluntly, “Your brother is slow-witted.

He should train harder.”

Feng Tang was stunned.

Feng Tang was not angry when someone said that his younger brother was slow-witted.

This was the truth.

Feng Tangs attention was on Sheng Xiaos other sentence.

She was a Beast Tamer in the Super Beast State with S-class battle potential.

She was also a Purifying Spirit Master.

Feng Tangs heart rate slowed down.

He asked tentatively, “Is your girlfriend that Dual Cultivator Yu Huang”

News of a Dual Cultivator appearing in the Divine Realm Academy had spread throughout the Holy Spirit Continent.

However, Feng Tang did not expect Yu Huang to be Sheng Xiaos girlfriend.

Sheng Xiao was shocked.

He asked in surprise, “So, you know about Yu Huang too”

Feng Tang shook his head and laughed.

He pointed at the crowd of Beast Tamers and said with a smile, “Ask these friends.

Who in the Holy Spirit Continent doesnt know about Yu Huang” Everyone nodded in agreement.

“We all know this lady.”

“News of a Dual Cultivator appearing in the Divine Realm Academy has spread throughout the entire Holy Spirit Continent.” When they thought about what the young master of the Xuanyuan family had done to Yu Huang, everyone looked at Sheng Xiao with admiration and envy.

“Young Master Sheng, youre really discerning.”

Sheng Xiao smiled.

He could not hide the pride in his eyes.

“Shes so outstanding and dazzling.

I think its difficult for anyone not to notice her.

I was lucky to get to know her early.”

Otherwise, he would really not necessarily be able to win Yu Huangs heart.

Feng Tang could not help but pout when he saw Sheng Xiaos reaction.

The little guy who used to be obsessed with cultivation now knew how to show off PDA.

Tsk tsk.

When Sheng Xiao mentioned Yu Huang, there was love in his eyes.

The human beast tamers at the same table as them and the beast tamers at the other tables had mixed feelings.

Damn it.

The Sheng family was already invincible enough on their own.

Now, Sheng Xiao was in love with Yu Huang, a dual-cultivator.

If they became a couple in the future, wouldnt the Sheng family be more omnipotent

Donor stared at Sheng Xiao with admiration and jealousy.

He could almost see himself being stepped on by Sheng Xiao forever and doing whatever he wanted.

Donor took a sip of his wine and thought to himself,Yu Huang is so beautiful.

I want Yu Huang too.

After the PDA, Sheng Xiao did not say much.

He came to have a meal just to say a few ambiguous words to Feng Tang.

After dinner, everyone returned to their rooms.

There were still competitors who had not arrived.

They would continue to stay in the Bliss Hotel for a day tomorrow.

The day after tomorrow, when everyone had gathered, the mayor would open a spatial passageway and send them to the far north.

That night, Madam Sheng called Sheng Xiao.

Master Sheng was sitting beside her.

Madam Sheng asked him, “The Central Pagoda Breakthrough Ceremony is imminent.

Xiaoer, hows your preparation going”

Sheng Xiao held Yin Mingjues metal pen in his hand.

He replied, “Ill do my best.”

Mrs Sheng nodded.

Master Sheng said, “I heard that the energy in the Time Gate on the top floor of the Central Pagoda has been a little chaotic recently.

Im afraid that something will happen.

Remember, no matter what happens, you have to protect yourself.”

Sheng Xiao was shocked.

“The energy in the Time Gate is in chaos”


“Isnt there the Prime Master suppressing it” Why would the Time Gate suddenly become chaotic

Sheng Lingfeng shook his head and said, “Were not sure about the details.

In order to prevent any accidents, a few vice presidents of the Beast Tamer Alliance will accompany me to the northernmost region.

Professor Jin from your academy will also be with us.

If any accident occurs, we will definitely not just stand by and watch.”

“Thats good.”

“By the way,” Madam Sheng suddenly interrupted.

“Didnt Yu Huang come with you”

Sheng Xiaos expression softened when he heard Yu Huangs name.

He shook his head and told Madam Sheng, “Theres only one month left until the competition.

Yu Huang is in seclusion.”

Madam Sheng nodded and said, “She said that she wants to enter the top 100 of the expert rankings and go to the Cong Lang Mystic Realm.”

“Yes.” Sheng Xiao said, “Ill accompany her when Im done.” “Then our family will give you a spot.”

“Yeah, okay.”

Mrs Sheng reminded him again to be careful and to protect himself if anything happened.

Sheng Xiao listened to Madam Shengs nagging patiently and hung up.

That night, almost all the beast tamers in the hotel did not rest.

They were all cultivating calmly and preparing for the challenge in the Central Pagoda.

After dawn, the hotel staff sent breakfast to the rooms of the beast tamers on time.

They did not dare to disturb their cultivation and left after delivering breakfast.

It was the same at noon and at night.

In the blink of an eye, it was the third morning

Sheng Xiao woke up from his cultivation state.

He took a shower and changed into his tribe uniform.

The navy blue gown made him look more dignified, cold, and handsome when he wore it.

He looked more and more like his father, Sheng Lingfeng Sheng Xiao packed up his things and opened the door to leave.

There was breakfast on the dining table in the hall.

Sheng Xiao sat down and drank a glass of milk, then he ate some bread and an egg before he walked out of the hotel and went to the lobby on the first floor.

In the hall, more than a hundred Beast Tamers who had participated in the battle were already prepared.

Today, all the Beast Tamers had changed into their respective family uniforms.

Even the Elven Prince, Donor, had changed into the Elven Royal familys attire.

Everyone stood together with an imposing aura, making the hotel manager and staffs blood boil.

When eight oclock arrived, everyone left the hotel under the hotel bosss lead and got into a private car before heading to the space-time transfer station.

The teleportation station that led to the far north was built on a lake five kilometers northeast of the hotel.

When everyone got out of the car, they saw a group of people standing beside the lake.

They had been waiting for them for a long time.

Seeing that the beast tamers had arrived, Tanzan Citys mayor, Bai Yuchen, quickly walked forward and bowed to them from afar.

“Welcome, Supreme Masters! I hope that you will all return in glory.”

Among the Beast Tamers, the Elven Prince, Donor, was the most respected.

He stood at the front of the Beast Tamer camp.

Donor quickly walked up to the mayor and helped him up.

“City Lord, theres no need to be so polite.

I have to trouble you to open the space-time tunnel and send us to the far north.”

“This is what I should do.”

The spatial tunnel was managed and repaired by Tanzan City.

The mayor was not a Beast Tamer, but the old man standing behind him was a Grand Master-level expert.

The old man took a step forward and injected all his spiritual energy into the spatial tunnel.

The spatial tunnel finally awakened under the old mans energy summon.


A circular energy tunnel appeared on the lake.

The mayor said to Sheng Xiao and the others, “My lords, the space-time tunnel is open.

Please enter quickly!”

Seeing that, everyone thanked the mayor and the Grand Master before quickly entering the space-time tunnel.

After entering the tunnel, everyone released energy barriers to resist the invasion of the space-time tunnel.

The tunnel was pitch black.

They walked in the tunnel for about two hours before they saw light.

When they saw the ball of light, everyone gathered together and were teleported out of the tunnel.

When they opened their eyes again, they had already arrived at the far north.


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