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Chapter 239 I Am a Scumbag Did I Abandon You

Under the effects of the Truth Serum, even a Beast Tamer could not lie.

So every answer Feng Si gave was absolutely real.

In other words, he really felt that he was the most beautiful person in the world.

In her decades of life, this was the first time she had seen such a narcissistic man.

Beatrices expression was complicated.

Beside her, the two female attendants also had strange looks on their faces.

One of them said, “Isnt he too f*cking narcissistic How did he manage to answer so calmly”

Beatrice slowly came to her senses.

She remembered that she had something important to do and asked Feng Si, “Where are you from”

Feng Si said, “Ice Domain Continent, the Feng familys family heads fourth young master, Feng Yuncheng.”

It seemed that the identity information was not wrong.

Beatrice asked, “A student from the Divine Realm Academy”


Seeing that Feng Si was already an adult, Beatrice said, “The students of the Divine Realm Academy are usually teenagers.

Why did you only enter the college in your twenties” Could he be a scholar student

If he was already 23 years old when he took the college entrance examination, he was too old.

Feng Si, his gaze blank, said, “Im stupid.

My parents spent money to put me in.”

Beatrice looked at him with even more disdain.

“Huh! So youre a backdoor person.” Beatrice was also a graduate of the Divine Realm Academy.

She was two years older than Sheng Xiao and was thirty years old this year.

When Beatrice was in school, there were a few students with powerful backgrounds who used their connections to get into the school.

Those who tried hard to enter the Divine Realm Academy looked down on these people the most.

Even after she graduated, when Beatrice met someone like Feng Si again, she would mock him.

Beatrice asked Feng Si, “What are you going to do after you join the Iron Thunder Army”

Feng Si told the truth.

He said, “My first year examination mission is to put the safety buckle on the princess sword.” After a pause, Feng Si said, “I suspect that the dean wants me to woo the princess.”

The dean was very naughty.

Beatrice was stunned.

What kind of assessment mission was this

The person who would think of such an assessment mission must be that wicked old man, the dean.

From Feng Sis tone, it seemed like he was very unhappy.

Beatrice asked, “What Do you think the Princess is unworthy of you”

Feng Si thought about it seriously and said, “Barely.” After all, he was the most beautiful person in the world.

Beatrice was amused by Feng Si.

“Idiot.” She waved her hand at her entourage.

“Remove the Truth Machine.”

Hearing that, the two female attendants quickly released the cuffs on Feng Sis neck and feet.

They helped the dazed Feng Si to a chair and sat down before moving the truth machine.

Feng Si laid on the sofa for more than an hour before the effects of the medicine completely disappeared.

After Feng Si sobered up, he stared at the crystal lamp above his head for a while before noticing a charming beauty sitting on the sofa opposite him.

Realizing what had happened to him, Feng Si suddenly sat up from his chair.

Feng Si glared at her and his face turned red.

Feng Si reprimanded Beatrice.

“Your Highness! As a commander, you actually a use a machine of truth on your soldiers at will.

Forgive me for being blunt, but you wont win anyones heart!”

Beatrice sneered.

“I just want you guys to work for the country.

Who cares about your hearts”

“You!” Feng Si glared at her for a moment before cursing.


Beatrice smiled enigmatically.

“Im a scumbag Have I abandoned you”

Beatrice stood up.

“I investigated you,” she said.

Feng Si subconsciously asked, “What”

The princess continued, “Feng Yuncheng, the fourth young master of the Feng family of the Ice Domain Continent, awakened his beast form at the age of three.

His beast form was a butterfly.

When you were three, in front of everyone at the celebration your parents held for you, you became a naked…”

Before she could say the word “woman”,

Feng Si suddenly ran over and covered Beatrices mouth.

He blushed and stamped his feet.

“Your Highness! Stop talking!”

Beatrice was ashamed and angry.

She punched Feng Si in the stomach and threw him against the wall of the living room.

Feng Si hit the wall and shattered the frame of an oil painting hanging on the wall.

Feng Si and the frame clattered to the ground.

He clutched his almost crushed abdomen and stared in horror at the beautiful woman in the distance, who gave off a cold aura.

He groaned inwardly.

This woman was so rough and cruel.

How was he going to get close to her and tie the safety clasp to her sword!

Feng Si wanted to give up on this mission.

If worst came to worst, he would just get held back.

But the Divine Realm Academy was very strict.

If Feng Si could not complete this mission this year, he would have to return it next year.

If he could not complete it next year, he would have to return again!

If they could not complete it in the year after, he would get expelled!

His parents had spent so much money to send him to the Divine Realm Academy.

How could he lose to this bastard, Beatrice

Feng Si propped himself up against the wall and stood up.

He wiped the blood off the corner of his lips with the back of his hand and apologized weakly, “Im sorry, Your Highness.

I was rude.”

Beatrices expression was cold.

She said to Feng Si from a distance, “Dont come near me.

If you dare to come near me again, Ill chase you out of the camp!”

“… Okay.”

After meeting the Princess once, he had been injected with a syringe of truth serum and been punched.

At this point, Feng Si was really afraid of the Princess.

For the next two weeks, Feng Si did not see the Princess again.

He participated in training every day according to the schedule of the military camp and tried to adapt to life in the military camp.

After half a month, his orginally fair facce became tanned.

This day, the military camp took half a day off.

Feng Si wrote a letter of greeting for the Sheng family in Yufu City.

Madam Sheng had seen the invitation and knew that Feng Si knew her daughter, Sheng Yang.

She sent someone to fetch Feng Si to Yufu City.

Feng Si brought gifts along with him.

As the fourth young master of the Feng family from the Ice Domain Continent, he had met Madam Sheng and Patriarch Sheng before.

He planned to look for Sheng Yang.

At this time, Sheng Yang and Na Luo had yet to return to the Divine Realm Academy, but they were prepared to return to school.

Mrs Sheng told him, “Yang Yang and Na Luo are at the hot spring at the back of the mountain.

Ill get the villagers to take you to the back of the mountain to see them.”

“Thank you, Mrs.

Sheng.” Sheng Yang and Na Luo were sitting in the hot spring at the back of the mountain while taking baths in suspenders.

From afar, Sheng Yang saw a tribe member bringing Feng Si over.

They had only been apart for half a month, but Feng Si looked much more muscular and his handsome face had tanned.

Guessing what Feng Si had experienced in the past half month, Sheng Yang laid on the cobblestones beside the hot spring and teased Feng Si, “Yo, its only been half a month since we last met.

Youve become so much tanner.

It seems like the sun in the military camp wont show mercy to handsome men.”

Feng Si smiled bitterly.

He walked over, took off his shoes, and sat on a large rock while soaking his feet in the hot spring.

Feng Si asked Sheng Yang, “How did you know I went to the military camp”

“Military men walk a different way too.” Feng Si did not even notice that he had walked in a military posture just now.

Feng Si felt a little awkward.

Na Luo came to Feng Sis side with a shake of her tail.

She laid on the cobblestones and looked up at Feng Si.

“Fourth, have you seen Her Highness”

“I saw her once.”

Sheng Yang winked at him and said, “Shes very beautiful, isnt she”

Feng Si didnt say anything and even revealed a resentful gaze.

Clearly, he had quite an opinion of that princess.

Seeing this, Sheng Yang suppressed her laughter and said, “What Did she hit you”

Feng Sis lips moved, as if he wanted to hide it, but in the end, he nodded.

“Yes, I went close to her and was punched to the wall.”

“That isnt strange.” Sheng Yang acted like she was used to it, causing Feng Si to feel puzzled.

Feng Si asked her, “Why does Her Highness hate men”

This was also the reason Feng Si came to see Sheng Yang.

If Feng Si wanted to complete the mission, he had to understand the Princess first.

Sheng Yang pursed her lips and revealed a look of pity in her eyes.

She did not want to talk about those things about the Princess.

Feng Si pulled Sheng Yangs arm and said, “On the account of the fact that my parents spent so much money for me to earn the right to enter the Divine Realm Academy, tell me about her.

Otherwise, I wont be able to complete this mission!”

Sheng Yang felt pity.

Sheng Yang sighed and said, “Her Highness is actually not the biological sister of the Emperor and the Prince.

She is the child of the Eldest Princess after she married into the merman race.”

“But twenty years ago, there was a riot in the royal family of the Merman Race.

The Caro Dynasty was overthrown and the new Drew Dynasty was established.

As a survivor of the Caro Dynasty, naturally, the Princess did not have a good end.”

Hearing this, Na Luo blinked her long eyelashes and said, “I know about this! I heard from my elders in the family that in the royal riot 20 years ago, the Caro Dynasty was completely wiped out.

Only the 10-year-old little princess survived because she was beautiful and young.”

“Escaped” Sheng Yang sneered.

“How is that escaping She was pushed into another fire


Na Luo said, “Huh Then what is the truth”

Sheng Yang gritted her teeth and said, “Emperor Drew secretly announced that Her Highness had escaped.

Actually, Her Highness had long been secretly sold to the Beast Clan as a slave by him!”


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