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Chapter 251 True Paradise

“Lord of the Night Hunt” The other party smiled ambiguously and said, “No, I just happened to have heard the story of the head harvester.” The other party reached out his right hand to Yu Huang.

“Hello, Yu Huang.”

Yu Huang stared at that hand.

It was an especially youthful looking hand.

It was extremely smooth, not like a mans, but more like a womans.

Yu Huang was shocked.

She held the hand and heard the other party say, “Do you want to accompany me to see the real Peacock Feast”

The real Peacock Feast

Yu Huang narrowed her eyes.

She had come to the Peacock Feast on the spur of the moment, but the other party had deliberately waited for her here, so it was obvious that he had come prepared.

She seemed to be unable to find a reason to refuse his invitation.

“Im extremely willing.

However, please allow me to make a call.” Yu Huang said shamelessly, “When Im outside with a stranger, I should at least call the elders in my family, right”

Yu Huang took out her phone and sent the same message to Lin Jiansheng, the dean, Professor Mu, Madam Sheng, and Sheng Xiao.

After doing all of this, Yu Huang put away her phone in front of him.

The person opposite her was clearly shocked by Yu Huangs blatantly suspicious attitude.

“Youre really an interesting person.”

Yu Huang smiled and instructed Yin Rong and the others before following them to the elevator lobby.

After they entered the elevator, Yu Huangs shoulder was suddenly grabbed tightly by a hand

Yu Huang was dragged into a dark spatial teleportation station.

This person actually tore open a spatial rift with his bare hands! This was an ability that only Prime Masters possessed!

After a rush of dizziness, the two of them finally stopped.

Yu Huang stabilized her body and looked up to see a gorgeous crystal lamp hanging above her head.

A thick red carpet covered the entire hall.

Even if there was a river of blood on it, it would still be the same color.

Yu Huang, in her high heels, followed behind the big shot in black and walked towards a closed door.

The door opened automatically and the female attendant standing inside bowed respectfully.

“Welcome.” The female attendant was wearing a short red dress with a low collar.

She walked in a charming manner as she brought them to a long and seemingly endless narrow path.

Yu Huangs heels stepped on the soft and thick carpet without making a sound.

The entire world fell silent, as if they were in hell.

Beside her, the black-clothed persons hoarse voice sounded again.

He said, “Jingdu might be the most prosperous place in the Divine Realm Continent, but this is the darkest place in the Divine Realm Continent.

Welcome to the Paradise World.”

The two women in front finally stopped.

In front of them, there was darkness.

It was supposed to be darkness, but the woman stretched out her hand and pushed forward.

Only then did Yu Huang realize that it was a huge door that had fused with the darkness.

The huge door was pushed open, and what appeared in front of Yu Huang was an abyssal arena!

The entire Bestial Battle Arena was about 300 meters high and was extremely wide.

The ceiling above their heads was decorated with man-made moons and stars.

The female attendant bowed and said gently, “Guest, your private room is upstairs.

Please follow me.”

Yu Huang and the black-clothed person walked up the stairs together.

They were brought to the door of a private room with the number “6.”

“Honorable guest, please come in.”

The female attendant pushed open the door.

The black clothed man glanced at Yu Huang and was the first to stride in.

Yu Huang stood outside the door and pondered for a moment before entering.

Although the private room was small, it was beautifully decorated.

There were tea cups and chairs, and everything was beautiful and luxurious.

Between the private room and the Bestial Battle Arena, there was a wall of energy light that isolated them.

This wall could block the prying eyes of outsiders, but the people in the private room could still watch the changes outside.

Yu Huang sat on the empty chair beside the man in black.

As soon as she sat down, there was a tray in the female attendants hand, , as if she was performing a magic trick, and on it were many exquisite desserts and rare fruits from the Holy Spirit Continent.

“Guest, please enjoy your rest time.

Well wait outside the door for your orders.” After saying that, the female attendants left, and only Yu Huang and the black-clothed person were left in the entire private room.

Yu Huang saw a fruit that looked like a fire dragon fruit.

This type of fruit was especially rare in the Holy Spirit Continent.

In the post-apocalyptic era that Yu Huang lived in, fruits were also extremely scarce.

She picked up a piece of dragon fruit and ate it.

The fruit juice stained her cherry-red lips.

The black-clothed person stared at Yu Huang for a moment, then pointed at the Bestial Battle Arena below and asked her, “Are you curious about what the real Peacock Feast is like”

Yu Huang wiped her hands with a soft handkerchief, then stood up and walked to the back of the wall of light before looking down at the Bestial Battle Arena.

Previously, when she was standing below, Yu Huang was unable to clearly see the layout of the Bestial Battle Arena.

Now, as she stood on high ground, she was finally able to clearly see the Bestial Battle Arena.

It was a peacock platform made of white jade.

It looked very clean and beautiful.

However, Yu Huang could smell a rich and lingering bloody aura from the peacock arena.

The man in black told her, “In a moment, you will see the Peacock Feast.”

Yu Huang nodded and was about to turn around and return to her seat when a snake woman in a blood red dress suddenly appeared in the void with a microphone in her hand.

She floated in the air above the Bestial Battle Arena, at the same height as all the private rooms.

Her long black tail hung down from the Bestial Battle Arena below.

Yu Huang didnt like creatures like snakes.

“Dear guests, the Peacock Feast is about to begin.

Gamers who wish to participate in the game, please offer your chips.”

With that said, Yu Huang saw movement in several private rooms.

After a series of Spiritual Energy fluctuations, there were some additional stakes on the small trays outside each private room.

On the tray in front of Yu Huang, there was also a silver-gray medicinal pill.

Snake Girl looked at all the private rooms and said, “Congratulations to the guests in booth three, five, six, ten, and 12 for becoming todays players.”

The chips given by these five private rooms were the most valuable.

Yu Huang glanced at the medicinal pill and walked back to her seat before sitting down.

“Then, lets begin distributing cards.” With that, the Snake Girl waved her right hand, and a pile of strange-looking cards appeared in front of her.

Snake Girl put down the microphone and washed the cards with her slender fingers.

After washing the cards, she dealt them one by one.

When she sent it to Yu Huangs private room, the Snake Girl asked the guest inside the wall of light, “May I ask which lady should I send the cards for room 6 to”

She askedwhich lady, which meant that the two people in the room were ladies.

Yu Huang glanced at the black-clothed person.

The black-clothed persons lips curled up slightly.

She said, “Give it to me.”

The Snake Girl then continued passing out the cards.

The card passed through the energy light wall and landed on the coffee table between the two small tables in the private room.

After quickly handing out the cards, Snake Girl flew to the top and her body was almost touching the ceiling.

She pressed her right hand into the void and Yu Huang saw that on the peacock-shaped arena, there were many small rooms that were like a maze.

There was a passageway between the cubicle and the cubicle that could accommodate a person.

Snake Girl looked down at the players private room and chuckled with pursed lips.

She said charmingly, “Next, players, please show your cards!”

All the players in the room picked up their cards at the same time.

Soon, someone threw the first card out

“Civilian, teacher!”

The Snake Girl slapped the button at the corner of the Bestial Battle Arena with her right hand when she heard this, and then a man in a black suit was teleported to a cubicle in the Bestial Battle Arena.

The man wore a mask with the words “Civilian Teacher” on it.

At this moment, another person threw out a card

“Civilian, thug!”

Snake Girl hit that button again.

Following that, another man in black appeared in another small cubicle in the Bestial Battle Arena.

This man was also wearing a mask, and the words on the mask were “Civilian Thug.”

The players stopped playing.

Below, the two people in the small cubicle moved at the same time.

They explored in silence in the maze of the Bestial Battle Arena.

Soon, they met each other in a small cubicle.

Without any warning, the two of them started punching each other.

A few minutes later, the teacher was beaten to the ground.

Blood came out of his mouth.

As it flowed in the small cubicle, one of the peacocks feathers was lit.

The so-called Peacock Feast was to use the blood of the figures on the poker cards to dye every peacocks feather red.

After the teacher died, his corpse was quickly dragged away by a group of hyenas.

Then, someone threw out another card

“Civilian police!”

A man in a police mask appeared in the Bestial Battle Arena.

He started a fight with the thug, but in the end, the police was defeated by the burly thug.

Then, someone else played

“Beast Tamer, early-stage Scholar!”

The moment the Scholar appeared, the thug died.

“Beast Tamer, early-stage Master!”

Then, the Scholar was killed.

“Beast Tamer, Sheng Xiao!”

Yu Huangs pupils dilated.

She saw a player with the word “Sheng Xiao” on his mask being teleported to the beast fighting state.

The player called Sheng Xiao looked very similar to him in terms of figure and hairstyle.

He should be a Beast Tamer too.

His body was filled with spiritual waves.

“Sheng Xiao” appeared and killed the early-stage Master.

Then, someone threw out another card”Mayor, Lu Yubei!”

‘Lu Yubei andSheng Xiao met in the cubicle.

The two of them quickly released their beast forms and entered a new round of battle.

No one wanted to die.

Everyone wanted to live a few more minutes.


In the end,Lu Yubei fell under Sheng Xiaos sword.

Another card flew out

“Elven Prince, Donor!”

The two of them started another fierce battle.

This time, it ended with Donor being killed by Sheng Xiao.

Suddenly, someone said in a hoarse voice, “Sheng Xiao, as expected of the only person who successfully broke through the Central Pagoda.” His hoarse voice sounded very similar to the man in black beside Yu Huang.

It seemed like these people had used voice changers.

Another guest in the private room said in a similarly hoarse voice, “Hes probably number one in the kingdom.”

The guest in private room 4 next door also spoke.

His voice was as hoarse as the two people before.

“If he breaks through to the Grand Master level, Im afraid he will be even more invincible.”

“… So,” someone mused before finally tossing out a Grand Master card.

The Grand Master card was tossed out, andSheng Xiao was killed!

The person finished the second half of his sentence.

“… Wouldnt it be better to kill him before he grows up”


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