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After sending Li Nu to her destination and watching her leave, Yu Huang and Sheng Xiao got into the car and returned the way they came.

On the way, Sheng Xiao asked Yu Huang, “How do you know about the relationship between Li Nu and Cong Lang”

Yu Huang said, “On the day of the lightning tribulation, I absorbed too many spiritual bodies from the Spirit Gathering Tree, and I sensed Cong Langs obsession.”

The Spirit Gathering Tree naturally had its own spiritual awareness.

After discovering that Li Nu had embarked on an evil path, Cong Lang was extremely sad.

“He made a deal with me.

He was willing to give me his Beast Heart, in hopes that I could resolve Li Nus grievance and help her escape from her predicament.”

Sheng Xiao asked again, “What are your plans about the Beast Heart”

Sheng Xiao thought that Yu Huang wanted to absorb the Beast Heart to improve her cultivation.

He warned Yu Huang, “The Beast Heart energy of a Prime Emperor is very powerful.

Although some of the energy of the Prime Emperor Cong Lang has been absorbed by other beast tamers, it is still not to be underestimated.

If you forcefully absorb it, you will probably go down the deep end.”

Absorbing the Beast Heart of others was the same as forcefully absorbing demon cores to increase ones strength.

Ultimately, it was not a proper cultivation method.

Yu Huang said, “I plan to bury it deep under the academys Cultivation Hall.”

Sheng Xiao was shocked.

“You want to give it to the school You dont want it”

Yu Huang shook her head.

She said, “If you eat too much at once, youll become fat.

Youll choke to death very easily.” Having lived to her age, she was able to withstand the temptation and understand that there was nothing in this world that came without effort.

“If I bury Cong Langs Beast Heart and Prime Master Goldfeathers Spirit Gathering Bone together, the spiritual energy in the Cultivation Hall will definitely become even denser.

At that time, the students will definitely be able to cultivate twice as fast with half the effort.”

Yu Huang sighed and said, “I only hope that before the calamity arrives, the academy will produce a few experts.”

It was better to reap the fruits of success together.

So what if she became a powerhouse alone What the Holy Spirit Continent needed was even more powerhouses.

Sheng Xiao glanced at Yu Huang.

“Stop the car.”

Yu Huang thought that it would be convenient for Sheng Xiao to get off the car and stopped the car at the side.

“You can go.” After saying that, Yu Huang took out her phone and wanted to send the photos taken in Cong Lang Mystic Realm to her father and Lin Jiansheng.

Just as she unlocked her phone, her head was suddenly held by a pair of large hands.

Yu Huang turned her head according to that force and saw Sheng Xiaos handsome face enlarging in her vision.

Without giving her a heads up, Sheng Xiao kissed her boldly.

Yu Huang never multitasked when they kissed.

She put down her phone and placed her arms on Sheng Xiaos shoulders while she kissed him back attentively.

Without the mask in the way, the kiss became relaxed and enjoyable.

There was passion burning in Sheng Xiaos heart.

Yu Huangs enthusiastic response added fuel to the flames.

His emotions were getting more and more intense.

He kissed her lips and her eyes, sometimes gentle and sometimes roughly.

Their breathing became labored and they were deeply immersed in the kiss.

Sheng Xiao only let go of Yu Huang after a while and leaned back in his chair.

He narrowed his eyes to calm his breathing.

His eyes were red.

Sheng Xiao looked at the winding mountain road in front of him lazily.

He looked satisfied but also unsatisfied.

When Yu Huang saw Sheng Xiaos lustful look, she looked at herself through the rearview mirror.

She felt a little embarrassed when she saw her teary eyes, flushed face, and swollen lips.

She placed her hands on the steering wheel and turned to ask Sheng Xiao, “Why did you kiss me suddenly”

Sheng Xiaos posture did not change.

He only glanced at her from the corner of his eyes.

He licked his lips and said helplessly, “You looked especially charming just now.”

Yu Huang was unmoved by all the temptations.

Her clear-headed and calm demeanor was really very charming.

Sheng Xiao loved Yu Huang more and more.

Although Yu Huang did not understand Sheng Xiaos aesthetics and hobbies, she was still happy that Sheng Xiao was so obsessed with her.

She picked up a piece of paper and handed it to him.

“Wipe it.

Theres saliva at the corner of your lips.”

Sheng Xiao was speechless.

His eyes flickered and his ears turned red.

Now, he felt shy.

Yu Huang started the car again and stepped on the accelerator.

For some reason, she suddenly pulled the hand brake up.

Sheng Xiao asked her in confusion, “Why arent you leaving”

Yu Huang said, “No, my legs are weak from your kiss.

You drive.”

Sheng Xiao said, “…Okay.”

After getting out of the car, Sheng Xiao hunched his back as he walked to hide the change in his body.

Yu Huang jumped down from the drivers seat and easily noticed the change in Sheng Xiaos body.

She whistled frivolously.

“Wow, not bad.”

Sheng Xiao glared at her and pulled her away from the drivers seat.

He got into the car.

Yu Huang smiled at him and ran to the front passengers seat.

On the way back to the Rakshasa Empire, they passed through the Black Dome and the Purgatory Sea.

The Black Dome had already been cut into two by Sheng Xiaos sword.

Two years had passed, but the Black Dome was still barren.

However, the hilltop of the Purgatory Sea was covered in green grass.

Yu Huang stared at the Purgatory Sea and sighed endlessly with emotion in her heart.

At that time, she was just a little girl who was struggling to condense a Psychic Pearl.

In the blink of an eye, she had already become a Master.


Yu Huang pointed at the plain in front of her and said, “The first time I met the Fourth Brother was at the foot of the Black Dome Mountain.

That night, we sat beside the bonfire and chatted.

At that time, we were on guard against each other.

Now, we have become good friends.”

Sheng Xiao knew who Yu Huang was referring to.

It was Feng Yuncheng, the handsome student.

He had a good relationship with Yu Huang and they were even combat partners.

In the academy, the two of them often hung out together.

Sheng Xiao was upset when he heard Yu Huang reminisce about how she met Feng Yuncheng.

Sheng Xiao did not want to hear Yu Huang talk about other men.

He wanted to distract Yu Huang.

He asked her, “What about us Where was our first meeting”

Yu Huang fell silent.

Sheng Xiao found it strange.

“Why arent you talking Was our first meeting terrible”

“A little.”

Sheng Xiao cared a lot about his and Yu Huangs past.

He wanted to know how they fell in love.

Yu Huang rarely talked about their past.

Now that the opportunity had presented itself, Sheng Xiao could not bear to give up.

Sheng Xiao said, “I want to know.

Tell me.”

Yu Huang touched her nose and said guiltily, “The process of our acquaintance is definitely related to my ex-fiancé.”

“Xuanyuan Jing” Although he had lost his memory, Sheng Xiao had investigated Yu Huangs past and naturally knew that she and Xuanyuan Jing were engaged.

Sheng Xiao was even more puzzled.

“Why is it related to Xuanyuan Jing”

“Mmm… After I was disfigured, Xuanyuan Jing ran to the hospital to break the engagement with me.

Coincidentally, you went to the hospital to investigate a young Beast Tamers strange death and happened to see the scene of me being dumped by Xuanyuan Jing…”

Sheng Xiaos focus was curious.

He said, “Does that mean that Xuanyuan Jing has become our matchmaker”

Yu Huang was stunned.

After thinking about it, she realized that it was true.

“Yes, you can say that.”

Sheng Xiaos mood suddenly became better.

He said, “When we get married, send an invitation to Xuanyuan Jing to thank him for setting us up.”

Yu Huang didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

“Are you trying to snub him Im Xuanyuan Jings ex-fiancée and I even defeated him twice in a row.

Do you think he will attend our wedding”

Sheng Xiao said, “How would he dare not to attend Young Master Shengs wedding” Sheng Xiao looked proud when he said that.


Although in the Divine Moon Empire, the Xuanyuan Clan and the Sheng Clan were both among the six major clans, the Sheng Clan had always been ranked in the top three on the Holy Spirit Continents list of one hundred major cultivation clans, while the Xuanyuan Clan was ranked below the top forty.

In front of the Sheng family, the Xuanyuan family was just a sidekick.

Who would dare not to attend Young Master Shengs wedding No matter how indignant he was, he had to suppress his anger and attend the wedding.

When Yu Huang thought of that scene, she felt inexplicably satisfied.

“Then… lets give it a try”


The two of them chatted and laughed as they returned to the capital of Rakshasa Empire.

They stopped the car in front of a hotel.

Sheng Xiao told Yu Huang, “At the end of October, Rakshasa Empire will hold a grand auction.

Do you want to take a look”

Yu Huang had been in the Holy Spirit Continent for so long and had yet to participate in an auction.

She was naturally interested.

“Okay, then.

Well stay in this hotel tonight.”



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