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Yu Donghai stared blankly at Yu Huang while tears glistened in his eyes.

The girl in front of him appeared so fragile, but her eyes were filled with unyielding determination.

Perhaps she could really bring him back to the Yin Clan and expose Yin Mingchongs crimes!

Yu Donghai was suddenly filled with anticipation.

He slammed the table and was unable to conceal his excitement as he said, “Good! I will wait for that day to come!”

Yu Donghai held onto the table as he stood up.

He walked towards Yu Huangs room with his walking stick.

Yu Donghai opened the wardrobe and took out a bronze badge from a secret drawer.

The badge had a pair of wings and a double snake scepter displayed on it.

It was shaped like a shield.

On the top of the badge, there were three small words engraved with bronze—

Divine Realm Academy!

Yu Donghai stared at the badge with a nostalgic gaze for a long time before using his finger to brush away the dust on it.

He then took the badge and walked out.

“Reach your hand out.”

Yu Huang obediently stretched out her hands and received the badge from Yu Donghai.

She lowered her eyes.

When she saw the design of the badge, she exclaimed, “This is the school badge of the Divine Realm Academy” Today, Sheng Xiao had the same school badge on his chest.

Yu Huang had a deep impression of it.

Yu Huang flipped the school badge over and saw the words “Yin Donghai” written on its back.

These words appeared especially bright after the badge was rubbed.

Clearly, its owner took good care of it.

“Yin Donghai… this is your real name You were also a student of Divine Realm Academy”

Yu Donghai nodded his head with some pride.

He said, “I was originally a poor citizen of a small country.

Because of the war, when I was five years old, I escaped to the Divine Moon Empire with my family.

During the process, my mother fell seriously ill.

In order to raise money to treat my mothers illness, my father could only sell me to human traffickers at a low price of 20,000.

I was brought to the slave camp by human traffickers for auction.

Young Master used 100,000 to buy me and gave me the name Dongzi.

From then on, I became the Young Masters personal servant.”

Although the Holy Spirit Continent had far more technological power than Earth, this world was still in the era of imperial power.

150 years ago, it was very normal for rich people to buy a few slaves for them to order around.

Because slavery was so inhumane, the Divine Moon Empire officially decided 50 years ago to abolish slavery, but there are still some countries that can legally traffick slaves.

“At that time, slaves had no human rights and were not qualified to take the beast master awakening test.

Even if a very small number of slaves awakened to their beast form, their masters would not send them to a formal beast master academy to receive learning, and there were even tragic cases of slaves being killed by their masters for awakening to their beast form.”

Upon hearing this, Yu Huang frowned and pointed out the truth mercilessly.

“Because once a slave becomes powerful, the master will suffer.”

“Yes.” Very few masters would treat their slaves kindly.

When they realized that their slaves had awakened their beast form, their masters would naturally think of ways to kill their own slaves.

Yu Huang asked Yu Donghai, “When did you awaken your beast form”

Yu Donghai said, “13 years old.”

That was something that happened a very long time ago, yet Yu Donghai clearly remembered what happened during that period of time.

He said, “At some point in time, I awakened my beast form.

After discovering that I had awakened my beast form, I was worried that if my abilities were too strong, it would bring about a fatal disaster, so I had been hiding my strength.

But the Young Master was very smart, so he quickly discovered my abnormality.”

“After the Young Master found out the truth, not only did he not punish me, he even gathered all the servants in his courtyard and publicly erased the slave imprint on my body.

He even bestowed my surname to Yin and named me Yin Donghai.”

From that day onwards, Yu Donghai removed the label of a slave from his body and became a free man.

He originally thought that meeting Yin Mingjue would be the start of his descent into hell.

He never expected that Yin Mingjue was not his hell, but heaven.

“Not only did the Young Master restore my freedom, but he also personally wrote a letter of recommendation for me, allowing me to participate in the Beast Tamer Competition and successfully enter the Divine Realm Academy!”

To Yu Donghai, Yin Mingjue was no longer just ayoung master.

He was Yu Donghais second parent, and Yu Donghai regarded him as a god.

“I see.” After hearing Yu Donghais explanation, Yu Huang finally understood why Yu Donghai was so loyal to Yin Mingjue.

However, Yu Huang didnt understand Yu Donghais intention in giving this item to her.

She said, “Since this item has a deep meaning to you, you should keep it well.

I cant accept it.”

Yu Donghai said, “I gave it to you because I hope you can bring it to meet someone.”

Yu Huang subconsciously asked, “Who”

Yu Donghai said, “Lin Jiansheng!”

Yu Huang felt that this name was particularly familiar, but she couldnt remember where she had heard it before.

Seeing that Yu Huang did not have any impression of Lin Jiansheng, Yu Donghai could not help but clench his right hand into a fist and knock Yu Huang on the head.

He said in an unpleasant tone, “The President of the Purifying Spirit Academys branch is called Lin Jiansheng.

Dont you know”

Yu Huang widened her eyes.

“Dean Lin” That old man actually had such a nice name

“Yes, its him.

Back then, Lin Jiansheng was accepted by Divine Realm Academy as the second place in the national college entrance examination.

He also had a school badge like this.

This thing cannot be duplicated and is unique.

It represents our identity.

If you want to be a Purifying Spirit Master, you can take this thing and look for him.”

All these years, because he was worried that Yin Mingchong would notice his tracks and expose the truth that Yu Huang was still alive, Yu Donghai had been hiding his identity.

He had asked Yu Huang to bring the school badge to meet Lin Jiansheng, which meant that both of their lives were in Lin Jianshengs hands.

From this, it could be seen that Lin Jiansheng was someone Yu Donghai trusted greatly.

Yu Huang asked Yu Donghai, “Father, do you have a deep friendship with Dean Lin”

Yu Donghai sneered.

“Hes just a scrooge! Who has a deep friendship with him!”

Yu Huang was speechless.

Yu Huang stared at Yu Donghais proud expression, and understood that these two people were indeed very close.

However, a person like Lin Jiansheng would not easily trust Yu Huang with just a school badge.

Yu Huang told Yu Donghai her concerns.

She said, “What if Dean Lin doesnt recognize the school badge and only recognizes people This thing is just an object.

He might suspect that I stole it.”

Yu Donghai snorted coldly, and said with extreme disdain, “Then ask him, when is he going to return the twenty thousand dollars he borrowed from me when he bought the doll” After saying this, Yu Donghai limped towards the bathroom.

Yu Huang was pondering over Yu Donghais words.

When Dean Lin was young, he borrowed money from her father to buy dolls

What doll A Barbie doll or a sex doll



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