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Precisely because Su Tingxue was the only one among the youths who had failed to awaken her beast form, she became the most useless and humiliated person among her peers.

Upon hearing this, Lin Jiansheng had his own judgment.

“Among the 86 youths, 85 youths had successfully awakened their beast form.

This is not because the youths of the Su family are geniuses, but because they have all eaten the flesh of a divine demon.”

“That might be the truth.” At that time, Su Tingxue felt inferior.

In addition, she was young and did not think about how many shady things were hidden behind the glory.

Now that she thought about it again, she realized the truth.

Su Tingxue said, “For the past hundreds of years, Ive been thinking about a question.

Why did Xuan Ye plant the Spirit Restraining Parasite on the entire Su family Why did he frame me Today, I might have guessed the truth.”

Lin Jiansheng had also guessed it.

He said, “Because Xuan Ye discovered the truth about his mothers death.

He was filled with hatred for his father, grandfather, and even the entire Su family.

He did all of this to avenge his mother.”

“…Yes!” Su Tingxue confirmed Lin Jianshengs guess.

“I thought of the same thing as you.

You didnt live in that era and didnt know Xuan Ye, but I did.

Xuan Ye was a few years younger than me.

In my impression, Xuan Ye had a very intimate relationship with his parents.

However, when I left the Su family and saw Xuan Ye again, Xuan Ye was already 19 years old.

At that time, he had already been chased out of the Su family.”

“At that time, I couldnt figure out why the Patriarch was so cruel to Xuan Ye.

Was it because he couldnt awaken his beast form Now that I think about it, its probably because the father and sons relationship soured because of Madam Sus death.

The Patriarch couldnt kill his son to silence him, so he exiled him.”

Thus, the mystery that had puzzled Su Tingxue for more than six hundred years was finally explained.

“Xuan Ye, that bastard! He wants revenge but is afraid of death.” Su Tingxue cursed angrily.

“What a jerk.

Hes both despicable and upright! When Im reborn, the first thing I will do is kill him!”

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Su Tingxue cursed Xuan Ye and lost control of her emotions.

She, who had lost her rationality, was no different from an ordinary ghost.

Lin Jiansheng despised her noisiness and hurriedly blocked his hearing.

When they returned to the cave, Lin Jiansheng turned on his hearing again, and Su Tingxue had already fallen asleep.

He exhaled and hurriedly poured a pot of lime wine to warm himself by the bonfire.

Staring at the little remaining Green Plum Wine in the bottle, he smacked his lips and sighed.


Sheng is so good at brewing.

Ive finish drinking the Green Plum Wine.

Were going back soon.”

Spring had already arrived outside the Broken Cliff, but the dark energy in the Broken Cliff was heavy, and it was still cold and damp.

Yu Feng covered Lin Jianshengs legs with a thin blanket and said, “Then next time I go to the Sheng family, Ill ask Auntie for more.”

Lin Jiansheng chuckled and said, “You should call her Mom next time.”

Yu Feng blushed and did not refute Lin Jianshengs words.

Suddenly, Lin Jiansheng handed a brocade bag to Yu Feng.

“Take this.”

Yu Feng took the brocade bag and opened it.

She discovered that there were four mini bombs inside.

She asked in confusion, “Mentor, what are these”


Lin Jiansheng said, “This is a Rank 8 spiritual artifact space bomb.

If you throw the bomb into the void, the void will automatically open a spatial passageway for you to escape.”

A Level 8 Spirit Tool was priceless.

Lin Jiansheng gave Yu Feng four at once.

To a stingy person like him, this was painful.

Lin Jiansheng placed his feet on the bonfire and roasted it.

His socks gave off a faint stench.

He shook his big feet and said to Yu Huang, “Someone is secretly killing people with Divine Master power.

Ah Huang, I cant be by your side to protect you all the time.

Remember, if you encounter an absolute expert, run if you cant win.”

Yu Feng stared at the small bomb in the brocade bag, and her eyes welled up with tears.

Yu Feng hugged Lin Jianshengs shoulder.

“Mentor! Thank you, Mentor.”

Lin Jiansheng pushed her head away and said in disdain, “Get lost.

Dont be mushy.

I lent this to you.

When you become rich in the future, you have to return it double.”


Yu Feng smelled the stench of his foot and hurriedly let go of Lin Jiansheng.

She asked Lin Jiansheng, “Mentor, how many days has it been since you changed your socks”

Lin Jiansheng said, “Ill change if its worn out.”

Yu Huang was speechless.

As expected of a bachelor.

“Go and cultivate.

Try to break through to a Level 4 Purifying Spirit Master during the remaining time.”


Just as Yu Feng was about to leave, Lin Jiansheng stopped her.


Yu Huang looked at him.

“Whats wrong, Mentor”

“Xuan Yes mother is indeed a divine demon.

His mother is very likely to have been eaten by his father and his clansmen.

Because he wanted to take revenge against the Su family, he stole the method to make the Spirit Restraining Parasite from Senior Su and planted the Spirit Restraining Parasite in the entire Su Clan.”

“I even suspect…” Lin Jiansheng thought of Yu Huangs Spirit Restraining Parasite and said,” The person who secretly planted the Spirit Restraining Parasite all around the world is most likely him.

Yu Fengs expression changed slightly.

“Mentor, are you sure”

“These are all the conclusions that Senior Su and I came to after careful analysis.

Ah Huang, youre right.

Xuan Ye is a person with deep secrets.

In the future, we have to be careful when we face him.”

Yu Huang nodded and asked, “Then, Mentor, do you think that the boss behind the Blood Peacock Organization might be him I heard from my adoptive father that the Blood Peacock was born five hundred years ago.

Xuan Yes age and motives match it.”

However, Lin Jiansheng shook his head and said, “Ah Huang, lets not jump to conclusions.

This is prejudice in itself.

We have to collect evidence first before finding the mastermind according to the evidence.”

“I understand, Mentor.”

Yu Huang left the cave with her sword.

Due to the resentment aura spreading to the north, the resentment aura barrier in the Broken Cliff had become thinner.

In the past, Yu Huang could not see her legs when she walked in the resentment aura barrier, but now, she could see her legs and shoes.

In the end, she arrived at an ancient battlefield ruin.

This was also the place where Lin Jiansheng had broken through to become a Level 9 Purifying Spirit Master.

Yu Huang found a monster the size of a small truck.

She first used her psychic power to cage the monster before sitting down to slowly purify it.

During the process of purifying the spirit, Yu Huang had to calm her mind and focus.

Furthermore, her heart had to be filled with everything beautiful.

She started to think about some wonderful things.

She thought about her adoptive parents in her previous life, her mentor, Anna, and Sheng Yang.

In the end, she could not help but think of Sheng Xiao.

When she thought of Sheng Xiao, Yu Huangs heart was filled with endless wonderful emotions.

She thought about everything that had happened since she met Sheng Xiao.

The monster slowly let go of its anger.

The resentment in its body began to dissipate, and the psychic power returned to Yu Huangs body.

By the time Yu Huang completely purified the monster, a day and night had passed.

Yu Feng stood up and moved her somewhat stiff legs.

When she turned around, she saw a tall man standing behind her.

The man was wearing a black shirt and a white cashmere coat.

The side of his hair seemed to have grown a little longer, and it lazily and casually stuck to his handsome and deep face.

Those starry black eyes were smiling as they focused on Yu Huang.

This was not Sheng Xiao.

Sheng Xiao said that he would only be here a few days later.

Yu Huang muttered, “The monsters here are indeed powerful.” The monster that transformed into Sheng Xiao was much more powerful than the one before.

His face and gaze were extremely similar to Sheng Xiaos.

It was not an exaggeration to say that they were exactly the same.

Yu Huang stared at themonster and said, “Youre very powerful.

You know how to transform into my man to charm me, but I dont buy it.”

Yu Huang released her psychic cage and enveloped the other party without a word.

Then, she sat down and began Spirit Purifying.

Sheng Xiao was speechless.

He had come all the way here to see his girlfriend, but she only wanted to send him to hell.


Themonster sat quietly in her psychic cage.

Yu Huang chanted the Purifying Spirit Incantation a few times, but she did not hear anything.

She opened her eyes and glanced at the psychic cage.

The monster was sitting safely in the psychic cage with a smile on its face.

Yu Huang was speechless.

Sheng Xiao suddenly raised his right hand and placed it on the button of his shirt.

He unbuttoned his shirt one by one, revealing his muscular and attractive chest.

Yu Huang stared at Sheng Xiao, who was in the psychic cage.

She understood that she had made a mistake.


Sheng Xiaos shirt was half open.

He hooked his finger at Yu Feng and said, “Come and touch me.

Lets see if my skin is like a real persons.”



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