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The Divine Realm Academy had long been aware of the situation that Lin Jiansheng had revealed today.

They had even specially investigated this matter.

Similar to Lin Jiansheng, the academy was also worried about the future of the Beast Tamers on the Holy Spirit Continent.

“Dean Lin, the academy has also noticed what you said.

But this is not the worst thing.

Whats worse is that there is still a group of people hiding in the dark, secretly killing young Beast Tamers all over the world! In the recent year, there have been no less than ten cases of young Beast Tamers being assassinated in the Divine Moon Empire.”

“This is also why the academy specially sent me to Prosperous Capital to be a monitor.”

This was the first time that Lin Jiansheng learned of this matter, and he was shocked once again.

“There are actually people who specifically chose young Beast Tamers to assassinate Are they trying to kill the future of the Holy Spirit Continent!”

The more Lin Jiansheng thought about it, the more afraid he became.

In the end, his expression changed slightly.

He suddenly put the hat on his head and said anxiously, “I have to go to the capital to meet the Grand State Master!”

Since the Grand State Master was able to pry into the fate of the nation, he must be able to see the future of the Divine Moon Empires Beast Tamers.

Lin Jiansheng had to seek confirmation from him.

Sheng Xiao suddenly stopped Lin Jiansheng.

“Dean Lin, wait! I have something to ask you.”

Lin Jiansheng stopped in his tracks.

He looked at Sheng Xiao and urged him.

“Ask away!”

Sheng Xiao then walked to Lin Jiansheng and asked, “I want to know what kind of situation would it be for a person with a strong beast nature to be unable to awaken her beast form”

Hearing this question, Dean Lin immediately thought of Yu Huang.

He narrowed his eyes and looked at Sheng Xiao playfully.

He teased, “You seem to care a lot about that girl called Yu Huang.”

Sheng Xiao touched the pen on his chest and explained righteously, “That child is in a special condition.

If we can find the problem and help her awaken her beast form, it will be a good thing for our country.”

Lin Jiansheng waved his hand and interrupted his official explanation.

He said impatiently, “Stop explaining.

The more you explain, the more you are just trying to cover it up.”

Sheng Xiao shut his mouth.

Lin Jiansheng felt that Sheng Xiao was too boring and lost the mood to tease him.

He told Sheng Xiao, “This is the first time Ive seen what happened to Yu Huang.

I went to check some information and found something.”

At this point, Lin Jianshengs face revealed a look of hesitation, as if he had something that he couldnt say.

Sheng Xiao could tell that he was worried.

He quickly said, “Dean Lin, please speak your mind.”

“Since you areasking, I might as well be frank.” Dean Lin stroked his beard and said with a complicated expression, “Although her situation is strange, it has happened before in history.

I wonder if you know about Spirit Restraining Parasites”

Spirit Restraining Parasite!

Sheng Xiaos expression changed when he heard the words “Spirit Restraining Parasite”.

As the young master of the Sheng family and the future successor of the Sheng family, Sheng Xiao knew what Spirit Restraining Parasites were.

“A Spirit Restraining Parasite is a forbidden technique, but didnt the six families burn it down six hundred years ago”

Lin Jiansheng nodded and told him, “Its precisely because that thing has been destroyed that I didnt dare to come to a conclusion.” He saidI didnt dare and notI couldnt.

Sheng Xiao could tell what Lin Jiansheng was implying.

He asked anxiously, “Do you really think that Yu Huang was planted with a Spirit Restraining Parasite”

Lin Jiansheng coughed and quickly waved his hand in denial while saying, “You cant misinterpret my meaning.

What I mean is, the situation that appeared on Yu Huangs body is very similar to the Spirit Restraining Parasite.”

“But the Spirit Restraining Parasite has already been burned through the combined efforts of the six families.

This does not exist in the world, so why would it appear on Yu Huang”

If Lin Jiansheng insisted that Yu Huang had been poisoned by the Spirit Restraining Parasite, that would be publicly humiliating the six families.

The smart and slick old man would never say something that offended others.

Sheng Xiao understood Lin Jianshengs hint.

If someone had really planted the Spirit Restraining Parasite in Yu Huangs body, then back then when the six families were burning the Spirit Restraining Parasite, someone must have secretly done something to it and secretly kept it.

He had to investigate this matter!

Sheng Xiao bowed to Dean Lin again.

“Thank you for your advice, Dean Lin.

Since you still have something to do, I will not disturb you any further.”

“Take care!”

Yu Huang arrived at the entrance of the Purifying Spirit Academy at night.

She raised her head and looked at the towering walls that reached into the clouds.

She felt troubled.

Lin Jiansheng was a distinguished Level 8 Purifying Spirit Master who usually lived in the Purifying Spirit Academys Courtyard.

Ordinary people did not have the chance to meet him.

How should she meet him

Just as Yu Huang was feeling vexed, she saw a black car drive out from the Purifying Spirit Academy.

She noticed that the guards at the entrance of the academy had uniformly bowed towards the car and respectfully said, “Goodbye, Dean!”


Dean Lin

Yu Huang hurriedly walked out from the darkness and waited on the path that the car had to pass through.

Lin Jianshengs chauffeur saw Yu Feng and hurriedly stopped the car.

He turned around and said to Lin Jiansheng, “A girl stopped our car.”


Lin Jiansheng was rushing to the capital to meet the Grand State Master.

Upon hearing this, he said without thinking, “Chase her away.”

The driver could only get out of the car and shout to the guards at the back, “Hurry up and chase this girl away!”

The guard quickly ran over and acted as if he was going to grab Yu Fengs arm.

“Quickly get out of the way.

Dont block the Deans path!”

Just as their hands were about to touch Yu Huangs arm, Yu Huang bent down like a cat and successfully escaped their grasp.

At the same time, her legs moved swiftly like a shadow.

Everyone only saw a black shadow flash before their eyes.

In the next second, she appeared behind the driver and stood beside the car.

She was only a distance away from Lin Jiansheng through the car window.

They did not expect Yu Feng to know kung fu.

Both the driver and the guard were stunned.

After regaining his senses, the driver urged the guards.

“Quick, catch her!”

Seeing that the guard was charging towards her again, Yu Huang hurriedly shouted at the black glass, “Dean Lin, an elder asked me to pass a message to you.

He asked me to ask you if you still remember that you borrowed 20,000 yuan from him to buy an inflatable doll!”



It suddenly become quiet.


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