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[I like you very much.]

Sheng Xiaos unhappiness instantly disappeared.

His lips curled up into a smirk, but he quickly suppressed it.

The four of them arrived at the military port in silence.

Even though Sheng Xiao and Yu Huang were brought in by the prince, they still had to go through the registration process.

After the registration, Mo Yuelou brought Sheng Xiao and his wife to the harbor.

They arrived at a medium-sized submarine.

Yu Huang recognized it immediately.

She had designed it.

Mo Yuelou said, “The submarine designed by Professor Night Owl has a good evaluation.

Now, all the naval military bases in the Divine Moon Empire have used the Phantom.”

Yu Huang stroked the submarines body and said, “You call it the Phantom”

“Yes.” Mo Yuelou stared at the Phantom and said, “After entering the sea, it will automatically become invisible according to the environment in the sea.

Isnt it like a phantom”

After knowing that the submarine could adjust its appearance according to the environment and achieve invisibility, Sheng Xiao looked at Yu Huang differently.

He was like a fan who had seen a big shot.

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The four of them boarded Phantom and walked towards the abyss trench.

The Divine Sea was vast.

They sailed in the sea for half the night before arriving near the abyss trench.

The water flow around the abyss trench was changing.

The submarine was not suitable for approaching.

After parking the submarine in the deep sea five kilometers away from the abyss trench, Mo Yuelou handed the oxygen tube and diving suit that he had prepared to Yu Huang and Sheng Xiao.

“There are many changes in the water around the abyss.

The protective shield wont be able to hold on for long.

Lets use diving equipment.”


After entering the deep sea, Beatrice was like a bird that had been released from a cage.

She felt very comfortable.

Beatrices tail was cut into human legs, but she did not need to wear diving equipment to swim quickly and freely in the sea.

The four of them swam towards the abyss trench.

They were all wearing waterproof conversation machines.

Yu Huang recalled that Na Luo had once said that there were many sea demon beasts living in the abyssal trench.

She asked, “Are there demon beasts in this trench”

“Of course.” Beatrice told Yu Huang, “Legend has it that there is a level 9 whale monster living in the abyss trench.

Our diving camera captured its existence a few years ago, so its all true.”

Sheng Xiao asked, “The trench is 30,000 meters deep.

Where did you capture the humpback whale”

Mo Yuelou replied, “18,000 meters underwater.”

Sheng Xiao nodded and continued, “Perhaps there are more dangerous demon beasts hidden deep under the sea.

Its just that our detectors cant work deeper, so we cant capture their existence.”

“Could there be a level 10 demon beast” Mo Yuelou thought of this possibility and instantly felt his scalp tingle.

He said, “I heard that once a level 10 demon beast activates its intelligence, it can become a divine demon and transform into a human form.

If there really is a level 10 demon beast at the bottom of the deep sea, it might have already transformed into a human form.”

“Who knows”

As they chatted, the four of them finally approached the abyss trench.

The water near the trench formed a vortex.

The water of the entire Divine Sea was flowing towards the trench.

Beatrice stopped.

She shielded the three of them behind her.

“We cant get any closer,” she said.

“The closer we get to the depths of the trench, the more dangerous it will be.”

When Mo Yuelou was injured, in order to avoid Lujin Nations pursuit, he took the risk to jump into the abyss trench.

Beatrice risked her life to save her brother and almost failed to return.

“Dont approach the abyss trench.” This was a common rule for every soldier and fisherman who lived in the Divine Sea.

Mo Yuelou said to Yu Huang, “Professor Night Owl, take a closer look.

Doesnt this place look like the place you saw”

Yu Huang stared at the bottomless abyss trench in front of her for a moment before saying, “Thats right, its here.”

Sheng Xiao asked Yu Huang, “Did you see anything else besides the abyss trench”

Yu Huang shook her head.

“Since its confirmed, lets go back.”

“We might as well do so.”

The four of them swam in the direction of the submarine.

After swimming for a while, Yu Huang seemed to have sensed something.

She suddenly turned around and stared in the direction of the sea hook.

Two dark golden lights silently flashed in her brown eyes.

The Eternal Eye had awakened!

Through the Eternal Eye, Yu Huang saw a strange scene—

12 mermen with rich spiritual energy swam over from different directions.

They were all holding weapons and surrounded the abyss trench.

It seemed like they were going to surround a person or a demon beast.

These people were wearing ancient robes of different colors.

Their gorgeous and huge tails swept up waves of seawater.

Judging by their clothing, they probably lived hundreds of years ago.

Among the 12 people, there were eight men and four women.

One of the male merfolk had smooth dark golden hair and deep purple eyes.

His hair reached his waist and swayed with the dark purple fishtail beneath him.

He looked gorgeous and dreamy.

Yu Huang recognized him.

This person was Prime Emperor Dino!

“Cinnabar, are you sure theres an ancient merman hidden under the trench” The one who asked was a male merman standing beside Dino.

He was not as handsome as Dino, but he was taller than Dino.

The female merman called Cinnabar wagged her tail and said, “Its true.

I was injured in the battle with the elves that day and fell into the abyss trench with the waves.

I was saved by that ancient merman.”

Upon hearing this, Dino asked, “What did she look like”

“She has blue curly hair, dark purple pupils, and her tail is… dark golden!”

After confirming that the merman had a dark golden tail, Dino and the others expressions changed.

Dino said, “Only ancient merfolk can have a dark golden fishtail.

If youre not wrong, the merman hidden under this abyss trench should be an ancient merman.”

Licking his lips, Dino said, “Everyone, I dont need to say much about how precious the ancient merman is, right Since theres an ancient merman hidden here, we must capture her alive.”

The 12 of them looked at each other with greed in their eyes.

The male merman beside Dino narrowed his eyes and looked at the abyssal crack below him.

He said, “I heard that the ancient merfolk have bloodlines left behind by Divine Masters in their beast forms.

If you obtain their Monster Core, you can comprehend the power of the Divine Master.

Although I dont know why this ancient merman fell into the Holy Spirit Continent, but…”

The person smiled maliciously and said, “The merman race has been bullied by the elves for thousands of years.

If we can subdue this ancient merman, seize her Monster Core, and consume it, then successfully comprehend the power of the Divine Master, then the elves wont dare to be so presumptuous as they are now!”

Upon hearing the words “power of the Divine Master,”, the eyes of the 12 people revealed a crazed expression.

“Everyone, lets work together!”

The 12 of them attacked the abyss trench at the same time.

Only then did Yu Huang realize that there were 2 Prime Masters and 10 Grand Masters among them!

It seemed that in order to capture that ancient merman, the merfolk had gathered all the powerhouses of their race here.

Under the simultaneous attack of 12 majestic forces, a shrill roar was quickly transmitted from the abyss trench.

Soon, a beautiful female merman flew out from the abyss trench.

As Cinnabar had said, this merman had a pair of dark purple eyes, light blue curly hair, and a gorgeous dark golden tail!

The ancient merman was naked, and her chest was covered by two large seashells.

Her waist was fair and slender, and every scale on her tail emitted a golden light.

“Its really an ancient merman!”

Staring at the mermans dark golden tail, Dino and the others were a little frenzied.

The ancient merman recognized Cinnabar and guessed that these people were attracted by Cinnabar.

She immediately laughed mockingly.

“I saved you out of kindness, but you actually repaid kindness with ingratitude!”

Cinnabar did not dare to look into the ancient mermans eyes.

She lowered her head, but the spiritual power released from her body did not weaken at all.

Seeing that Cinnabar had actually brought twelve top-notch powerhouses to surround and kill her, the ancient merman knew that it would be difficult for her to escape even if she had wings.

She smiled sinisterly.

“Very good, you low-grade merfolk are simply shameless!”

After saying so, the ancient merman attacked them.

The ancient merman slowly raised her right hand, and her slender index finger gently pressed against the seawater.

A terrifying energy was suddenly mobilized by her.

“Heaven Extermination Finger!”

Heaven Extermination Finger!

Upon hearing these three words, Yu Huangs pupils suddenly dilated.

She stared at the other partys movements and realized that the technique she used was the same as Na Luos.

She felt shocked.

How could that be!

A massive battle unfolded in the deep sea.

During their battle, the seawater churned, and the fishing boat was submerged.

It even caused an earthquake and tsunami.

That battle lasted for a long time.

In the end, the ancient merfolk killed one Prime Master and eight Grand Masters.

At this moment, the ancient merman was covered in injuries, she was like a duckweed floating in the sea, and her tail could no longer move.

Dino and the remaining two Grand Masters stood in a row and stared at the ancient merman warily.

For a moment, they did not dare to act rashly.

After a long while, the ancient merman slowly closed her eyes and her tail gradually became stiff.

Dino heaved a sigh of relief.

“Shes dead.”

Staring at the nine dead clansmen, Dino couldnt help but shake his head.

He sighed and said, “The destructive power of the ancient merfolk is too strong.”

The other two living clansmen also shook their heads in pity.

They said, “Our clan has lost one Prime Master and eight Grand Masters.

The price is too great.”

Staring at the dead ancient merman in the distance, the clansmen gritted their teeth and roared angrily, “Dig out her Monster Core to avenge Cinnabar and the others!”

The three of them quickly swam towards the ancient merman.

Just as their hands were about to reach the mermans chest, the dead merman suddenly opened his eyes.

Seeing this, Dino quickly retreated.

He watched helplessly as the ancient mermans hands mercilessly passed through the chests of the two merfolk and pulled their hearts out.

Before the two merfolk could react, they died with their eyes wide open.

The ancient merman floated up.

She held a heart in each hand and gave Dino a demonic smile.


She crushed the two hearts!

The bloody water surrounded her body, making the ancient merman look even more beautiful and dangerous.

The ancient merman stared at Dino.

She smiled evilly at Dino and said, “You want my Monster Core”

Dino clenched the sword in his hand tightly and looked at the ancient merman warily without daring to answer.

“How can you lowly merfolk be worthy of my Monster Core! Even if I self-destruct my Monster Core, I wont give it to you!”

After saying that, the ancient merman suddenly spread her arms and released her spirit energy.

Powerful spirit energy spread out from her body.

Realizing that the ancient merman was going to self-destruct her Monster Core, Dino instantly broke down.

Almost all the powerhouses of their clan had died here, but in the end, they were unable to capture the ancient merman, so how could Dino be willing to accept this!

“No!” Dino quickly swam towards the ancient merman to stop her from self-destructing.

But before he got close to the ancient merman, she self-destructed.

The self-destruction of the ancient merman was comparable to the explosion of a super-human weapon.

Dino was shaken out of the deep sea.

At the same time, the entire Divine Sea experienced a powerful earthquake.

Earthquakes and tsunamis erupted simultaneously and swallowed the villages and cities near the Divine Sea!

When Dino saw this scene, his eyes finally turned red.

His body fell into the deep sea, and Dino swam towards the abyss trench with all his might.

When he returned to the trench, there was no longer any ancient merman!

The seawater washed away the flesh and blood of the ancient merman.

The sea was clean, without a trace of blood, as if nothing had happened.

Dino knelt beside the abyss trench and cried bitterly.

Dinos anguished figure disappeared from her eyes.

Yu Huang looked again.

There was no longer any tsunami or earthquake in front of her.

The Eternal Eye fell asleep again.

Yu Huang turned to look at Sheng Xiao and shook her head to show that she was fine.

Sheng Xiao nodded.

“You didnt move just now.

Did you see something again”

“Yes, Ill tell you in detail later.” Yu Huang turned around and looked at Mo Yuelou and Beatrice.

She asked, “When was the last time a tsunami and earthquake erupted on the Divine Sea”

Mo Yuelou said, “The Divine Sea is an inland sea that doesnt easily erupt with tsunamis.

In the historical records, it only erupted with a powerful earthquake and tsunami once 800 years ago.

At that time, the villages and cities near the Divine Sea were all swallowed up.

There were countless deaths and injuries, and it was especially tragic.”

Eight hundred years ago…

Yu Huang nodded.

“Got it.”

“Your Highness, Your Majesty, you guys can go back to the submarine first.

I have something to do.” Then, she grabbed Sheng Xiaos hand.

“Stay with me.”


Mo Yuelou and Beatrice were worried about them staying here alone.

“Shall we stay and accompany you”

Sheng Xiao shook his head and rejected their kindness.

“No need.

If theres danger, we will retreat quickly.”

“Alright then.”

After Beatrice and Mo Yuelou left, Sheng Xiao turned to Yu Huang.

“What are you doing”

Yu Huang said, “I want to find out something.”

Yu Huang suddenly took out a huge conch from her interspatial ring.

Sheng Xiao saw Yu Huang blowing on it.

The conch could not make a sound in the water.

Sheng Xiao only saw bubbles coming out of the conch.

Yu Huang stared at the abyss trench and continued blowing.

After she blowed for about two minutes, a ripple suddenly appeared in the abyss trench in front of them.

Then, Na Luo, who was only wearing a bra, swam out of the trench.

Her blue curly hair was like soft seaweed that swayed behind her.

Na Luo quickly discovered Yu Huang and Sheng Xiao.

She waved at them and swam towards Yu Huang.

Na Luo stood in front of Yu Huang and said with a smile, “Yu Huang, Professor Sheng, why have you come to the Divine Sea”

Yu Huang held the conch in her palm.

She said, “We came to the vicinity to do something.

I remembered that you were training here and came to see you.”

Na Luo hugged Yu Huangs shoulder.

“Youre so kind!”

“Lets find an island to chat.”


The three of them swam for a while and found an island.

Sheng Xiao sat on the reef of the island while Yu Huang and Na Luo strolled along the beach.

This island was not developed, and the sand on the sea was a little uncomfortable to walk on.

Yu Huang stepped on the sand barefooted while Na Luo swayed her tail and strolled with her.

When she saw the sparkling little shells in the sand emitting a lustrous glow under the moonlight, Na Luo hurriedly bent down and picked up a shell.

She raised the light blue seashell and said to Yu Huang, “Yang Yang likes blue sea shells very much.

Should I make this sea shell into earrings and give them to Yang Yang”

Yu Huang looked at the blue shell carefully and realized that the patterns on the shell were clear and beautiful.

It was indeed suitable for making earrings.

“Yes, she likes these little things.”

“Then Ill find a few more and choose the two most beautiful ones.” Na Luo bent down and picked up the shells seriously.

Yu Huang stared at her and thought of the past she had seen through the Eternal Eye.

Her emotions were extremely complicated.

Yu Huang said to Na Luo, “I heard that there are Level 9 demon beasts hidden in the abyss trench.

Na Luo, you should train in a different place.

If you encounter a Level 9 demon beast, you probably wont be able to defeat it.”

Na Luo lowered her head and replied without thinking, “How can a demon beast be as terrifying as humans”

This was originally an extremely ordinary sentence, but Yu Huang could not help but ponder about it when she heard it.

Thinking of the scenes she had seen earlier, Yu Huang really wanted to ask Na Luo, “Na Luo, are you an ancient merman”

But when she saw Na Luos innocent smile, she held back.

In the end, Na Luo found eight beautiful seashells.

She put them in a cloth bag and gave them to Yu Huang.

“You and Yang Yang will each have four.

Im very fair, right”

“Thank you.”

Yu Huang took the cloth bag and looked at the boundless sea.

She suddenly said, “The Divine Sea looks so beautiful.”

Na Luo looked up at the starry sky and sighed with emotion.

“Yes, the moon isnt round enough tonight, and there arent enough stars.

When its midsummer, the Divine Sea will be even more beautiful.”

Na Luo raised her right hand and opened her fingers.

She looked at the stars shining on her fingertips and said, “When the weather is good and visibility is high, you can reach out and hold the stars in the sky.”

Yu Huang raised her hand and grabbed the stars.

She clearly couldnt catch anything, but she felt as if all the stars were in her hand.

After placing her hands in her pockets, Yu Huang stared at the boundless sea.

She said, “Among the few major sea areas, the Divine Sea is the most gentle and kind.

There are a few tsunami accidents every year in the other sea areas, but up to now, the Divine Sea has only experienced a huge earthquake and tsunami 800 years ago.”

“I heard that the disaster was caused by the merfolk.

Its said that the merfolk suddenly ran from the Xixia Sea to the Divine Sea that day.

I dont know what they did in the Divine Sea, but it actually caused a tsunami and an earthquake.

However, the merfolk also lost ten Grand Masters and one Prime Master overnight.”

Upon hearing this, the smile on Na Luos face immediately disappeared.

Yu Huang analyzed, “I suspect that there must be something terrifying and precious hidden in this abyss trench.

Thats why the merman race was lured here.

But that thing was too powerful, causing all the merman race powerhouses to die inside.”

“Na Luo, look, even the Prime Master and Grand Master powerhouses have died here.

You still dare to train in the abyss trench Listen to me, quickly change places.”

Na Luo suddenly turned around and stared at Yu Huang.

Her gaze was a little strange.

Yu Huang frowned and asked her, “Why are you looking at me like that”

Na Luo retracted her gaze and looked at the sea.

She swept the sand on the beach with her tail and suddenly said, “Then what do you think is hidden in this abyss trench”

Yu Huang thought for a moment and said, “There might be another Level 10 monster hiding.”

Na Luo laughed.

“Then do you think a level 10 monster can easily kill one Prime Master and ten Grand Masters”

Yu Huang shrugged and said, “I dont know whats in the trench.

Im just worried about you.”

Na Luo asked her in amusement, “You were worried that I might have an accident and came all the way to warn me”

Yu Huang did not retort.

Na Luo suddenly smiled.

“I understand.

Dont worry, I definitely wont go deep into the trench.

If I encounter danger, Ill definitely escape immediately.”

“Okay, as long as you know your limits.”

They chatted for a while longer before saying goodbye.

Na Luo returned to her abyss trench while Yu Huang and Sheng Xiao returned to the submarine to meet up with Mo Yuelou and the others.

Seeing that they had returned safely, Mo Yuelou and Beatrice relaxed.

When the four of them returned to the harbor, it was almost dawn.

Mo Yuelou asked Yu Huang and Sheng Xiao, “Young Master Sheng, Professor Night Owl, are you returning to the Sheng family or do you have other plans”

“We need to return to the Divination Tower.

Thank you for your help tonight, Your Majesty and Your Highness.”

“Its nothing.” After knowing that Yu Huang and the others were returning to the Divination Tower, Mo Yuelou said, “Then Ill get someone to send you there.”

“No need, we can drive there ourselves.”

“Alright then.”

After bidding farewell to Mo Yuelou, Yu Huang and Sheng Xiao went to the Divination Tower.

The Grand State Master was still awake.

He sat behind the tea table in his embroidered crane robe and waited for them, as if he had already known that they would come.

“Godfather.” Yu Huang and Sheng Xiao sat down on the futon opposite the Grand State Master.

The Grand State Master handed the tea to them and asked softly, “How was it”

Yu Huang nodded and said, “The place I saw was indeed the abyssal trench.

I obtained new gains during this trip to the deep sea.”

Yu Huang asked the Grand State Master, “Godfather, 800 years ago, the merfolk lost 10 Grand Masters and 1 Prime Master powerhouse in the Divine Sea overnight.

Do you know about this”

The Grand State Master nodded and said, “Of course I remember.

That was the darkest day in the history of the merfolk.

Anyone who knows anything about the history of the merfolk would remember.

However, no one knows what the merfolk encountered in the Divine Sea.”

“The only person who still remembers what happened that day is Prime Emperor Dino.” But no one dared to ask him about what happened eight hundred years ago.

“Did you see what happened in the past”

“Thats right,” Yu Huang said.

“I saw what happened eight hundred years ago in the abyss trench.”

Sheng Xiao quickly asked her, “What happened to the merfolk in the Divine Sea eight hundred years ago”

The Grand State Master also looked at Yu Huang.

Yu Huang told them, “Eight hundred years ago, twelve merman powerhouses gathered in the Divine Sea Abyss Trench to capture an ancient merman!”

Sheng Xiao was still confused when he heard about the ancient merman.

However, the Grand State Masters hand trembled.

“Ancient merman”

“Thats right.” Yu Huang told the Grand State Master and Sheng Xiao what she saw in detail.

After hearing this, the Grand State Master said, “You suspect that your friend Na Luo is an ancient merman”

Yu Huang nodded.

“Yes, Na Luo once said that her beast form was the soul her mother sacrificed.

Im thinking that Na Luo might be the daughter of that ancient merman that was captured and killed.”

Upon hearing Yu Huangs analysis, the Grand State Master slowly shook his head.

“Thats not right.”

Yu Huang and Sheng Xiao asked at the same time, “Whats wrong”

The Grand State Master glanced at the two of them and said, “According to the records of the merfolk, the merfolk who live in the Holy Spirit Continent are actually only considered fish people.

Only the ancient merfolk species are merfolk.

These merfolk have dark golden tails.

It is said that they have the bloodline of the Divine Master in the beast form.”

The so-called Divine Master Beast Form referred to the beast form of the Beast Tamer host, which had broken through to the Divine Master Realm.

“Youre saying that the remaining ancient merfolk in this world are all descendants of Divine Master beast forms”

“Thats right.” The Grand State Master said thoughtfully, “According to the records of merfolk, ancient merfolk are immortal and indestructible.

Their deaths are also rebirths.”

Death was also a new life.

Yu Huang understood the meaning of these words and instantly felt her blood run cold.

“Are you suspecting that Na Luo is actually not the daughter of that ancient merman, but… but the reincarnation of that ancient merman”

The Grand State Master nodded with a serious expression.

“Most likely.”

Yu Huang and Sheng Xiao were shocked.


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