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Su Xuanye stepped on the invisible camera and shattered it.

Then, he looked up at the dignified pixie in the sky.

He deliberately gave Sheng Lingfeng a provocative smile and continued to provoke him.

“Sheng Lingfeng, if you see the woman you love being eaten by the Beast Tamers one day, you will know what I want to do!”

What was he trying to do

He wanted to slaughter all the Beast Tamers in the world!

Sheng Lingfeng and the pixie fused into one and roared, “Demon Suppression Blade, Demon Slayer!”

In the sky, the Demon Suppression Blade formed from stars suddenly erupted with dazzling starlight.

The starlight covered the sky and pressed down on Su Xuanye!

The terrifying pressure made ones hair stand on end!

Just as the Demon Suppression Blade fell into the air and was about to hurt Su Xuanye, Su Xuanye finally moved.

He slowly opened his arms.

His purple Purifying Spirit Master robe fluttered without any wind.

His snow-white hair fluttered with the corner of his clothes.

The scene looked beautiful and dangerous.

Blood-red flames burned under Su Xuanyes feet.

In that instant, the moonlight that sprinkled on the ground turned into a blood red color.

The air on Kui Mountain seemed to be filled with horror.

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Accompanied by a loud peacock birds cry, Xuan Yes entire body turned into a bloody mist.

The mist rolled and gathered before transforming into a blood peacock with gorgeous feathers!

Seeing this, Lin Jiansheng was shocked and cried out, “Blood peacock! Su Xuanye is indeed a blood peacock! Ive seen his beast form once in the Rakshasa Empire!”

The Grand State Master and the others frowned as they watched this scene.

Although they had long guessed that Su Xuanye was a blood peacock, they still felt that it was ridiculous when their guess was confirmed.

He was really a Dual Cultivator!

Su Xuanye let out a long cry towards the sky and actually swooped down to collide with the descending Demon Suppression Blade.

In the sky, the peacock and the divine knife collided violently.

The entire night sky seemed to have instantly frozen.

The wind stopped.

The river was still.

Lin Jiansheng and the others looked up at the changes in the sky and held their breath for a moment.


The divine blade formed from star radiance was suddenly shattered by the blood peacock and continuously exploded.

“Ah!” Sheng Lingfeng suffered the energy backlash and quickly retreated.

The old dean waved his sleeve and transformed into an ancient alligator to catch Sheng Lingfeng.

The four of them stood on the mountain and looked up at the giant blood peacock in the sky.

The commotion from the explosion finally subsided.

The blood peacock stood there proudly and looked at the world with a pitiful expression.

There were five blood-red energy rings above the blood peacocks head.

After Mo Xiao saw the number of energy rings clearly, he finally cried out, “Prime Master!”

As a Purifying Spirit Master, Su Xuanye was at the peak of the ninth level.

As a Beast Tamer, he was also at the Prime Master level!

No matter how one looked at it, this person was invincible!

After so many years, he really hid it well.

Sheng Lingfeng looked at the five energy rings above Su Xuanyes head and shouted in shock, “We cant let him go! This person is too dangerous!” If a powerhouse of his level successfully escaped, it wouldnt be easy to capture him in the future.

Mo Xiao nodded and looked at the old dean.

He said, “We have to kill him at all costs!” This persons obsession was too deep.

He wanted to go against all the Beast Tamers in the world.

They had to kill him.

At this point, the old dean no longer respected Su Xuanye in the slightest.

He nodded and said, “Kill him!”

“You want to kill me” Su Xuanye sensed their intentions.

He returned to his human form and stood in the void while the blood peacock circled above his head.

Su Xuanye held the Purifying Spirit Scepter in his left hand while his right hand gently landed on the blood peacocks head.

He rubbed it intermittently.

The blood peacock rubbed its head affectionately and even let out a gentle cry.

Su Xuanye suddenly threw the Purifying Spirit Scepter into the night sky and continuously injected his psychic energy into the scepter.

At the same time, the blood peacock under his palm also raised its head and swooped down towards the Purifying Spirit Scepter.

A Purifying Spirit Master at the peak of the level-nine cultivation level had a storage capacity that far exceeded Lin Jianshengs.

Now that Su Xuanyes psychic power was spread out, it was as wide as a third of the Holy Spirit Continent.

Lin Jiansheng noticed this scene and guessed what Su Xuanye was going to do.

He immediately shouted, “Protect the nearby residents! He wants to merge all his psychic energy with his spiritual energy.

That will produce an unexpected terrifying destructive force!”

Psychic power and spiritual power combined could have a double effect.

Back then, Yu Huangs abilities were still weak.

When she used her psychic energy and spiritual energy to execute the Blazing Moon Art, she had once defeated Xuanyuan Jing despite the difference in cultivation level.

As a peak level-nine Purifying Spirit Master and a Prime Master, if Su Xuanyes psychic energy and spiritual energy fused together, it would be devastating!

Hearing Lin Jianshengs cry, the old dean immediately thought of Yu Huangs stunning performance in the quarterly group arena.

Realizing that Su Xuanye was about to use his ultimate move, the old dean immediately released an energy shield to protect the towns and villages around Kui Mountain.

“Quickly release the energy shield to protect the nearby residents!”

Mo Xiao also flew into the sky and released his energy into the distant Huayan City.

The injured Sheng Lingfeng also stood up shakily and released his energy shield.

Lin Jiansheng also released his psychic power at the first moment.

His psychic power was completely spread out, and more than half of the Divine Moon Empire was protected by him.

With the four of them working together, the few cities with Kui Mountain as the center were protected by their energy shields.

Su Xuanye smiled again when he saw this.

“Everyone, are you planning to sacrifice your lives for justice” They distributed the energy shields to the civilians, but they themselves lost the protection of the energy shields.

Lin Jiansheng raised the Purifying Spirit Scepter and scolded Su Xuanye angrily, “Su Xuanye, youre unworthy of being a Saint.

There are tens of millions of residents living in the nearby towns.

Youre endangering the common people!”

A hint of reluctance flashed across Su Xuanyes eyes, but it was quickly replaced by determination.

“Arent you the ones who love and protect the people of the world” Su Xuanye injected the last bit of psychic power into the Purifying Spirit Scepter.

He whistled loudly, and the blood peacock immediately charged at the Purifying Spirit Scepter.

At the same time, Su Xuanyes deep voice sounded slowly and elegantly.

“Divine Destruction!”

Divine Destruction.

It was a first-grade divine cultivation technique created by Su Xuanye!

Endless psychic energy and massive spiritual energy collided.

They first silently blended together, and soon, a deafening explosion sounded from the southwest of the Divine Moon Empire!

The explosion traveled very, very far.

It was so far that even the people in Prosperous Capital and Jingdu were awakened.

When the explosion sounded, the entire Kui Mountain was leveled.

Although the town and village near Kui Mountain were protected by the energy shields of four powerhouses, the ground still shook and the houses collapsed.

Fortunately, with the protection of the Grand State Master and the others, there were no casualties among the civilians.

Without the protection of the protective shield and being in the center of the explosion, the four Grand State Masters were affected by the energy of the explosion and were instantly sent flying.

The Grand State Master was sent flying dozens of kilometers away.

His body slammed heavily into a snow mountain, causing an avalanche in the largest area!

The old dean was sent flying into a sea in the neighboring country and fell into the deep sea!

Lin Jiansheng was thrown into a ball of black fog and carefully carried by Kong Qing.

“Daddy, Ill bring you home.” Kong Qing carried his father and ran towards home immediately.

Sheng Lingfeng, who was slightly weaker and had already been injured, was sent flying to the provincial capital city of the neighboring province and landed on a steeple in the city.

The steeple passed through his lower back and pierced through his abdomen, shattering his beast heart.


Sheng Lingfeng was like a meat skewer hanging on the top of the steeple.

Su Xuanye stood on the ruins of Kui Mountain, which had been razed to the ground.

He turned his head to stare at the devastated world and suddenly smiled.

Su Xuanye took out the Soul Nurturing Bottle and let Su Tingxue out.

Su Tingxue floated out and was stunned when she saw Kui Mountain, which had been razed to the ground.

“Su Xuanye, youre f*cking crazy.”

Su Xuanye shook his head and sat down on the wasteland.

He pointed into the distance and said, “Thats where the Su Corporation used to be.

Its gone now.” His tone revealed his joy.

Su Xuanye pointed in another direction and said, “That was where our little bamboo house used to be.

Mentor, after I finish everything, well come here to retire.

After we die, well be buried together in Kui Mountain, okay”


Su Tingxue thought, “Yeah right!”


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