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Fortunately, Sheng Xiao and the others arrival successfully distracted them.

Liuli Feng heaved a sigh of relief.

The hotel room was booked.

Sheng Xiao and Yu Huang got their room card.

They walked out of the elevator and met Liuli Luoluo.

Liuli Luoluo was wearing a sexy white high slit dress as she stood in the corridor and smoked.

Hearing the sound of footsteps, Liuli Luoluo glanced at the two of them lazily.

Her gaze swept past their smiling faces and finally landed on their tightly held hands.

Liuli Luoluo pretended to be disdainful.

Yu Huang knew how Liuli Luoluo felt about Sheng Xiao.

She didnt mind that Liuli Luoluo ignored them on purpose.

The two of them walked past Liuli Luoluo hand in hand.

When they were about to enter the room, Liuli Luoluo suddenly put out the cigarette and pressed it into the ashtray filled with pebbles.

Then, she looked up at Sheng Xiao and said, “Young Master Sheng, Im sorry about your mother.”

She deliberately stood there and smoked while pretending to ignore the couple to comfort Sheng Xiao.

Sheng Xiao stopped in his tracks and nodded at Liuli Luoluo politely.

He replied coldly, “Thank you for your concern.” Then, he pushed open the door and pulled Yu Huang into the room.

Liuli Luoluo recalled Sheng Xiaos doting and gentle expression when he lowered his head to talk to Yu Huang just now.

She felt sad.

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These bastards!

Liuli Luoluo turned around and went downstairs.

Just as she was about to return to her room, she met Xuanyuan Chen at the door of her room.

She raised her eyebrows and asked Xuanyuan Chen, “What are you doing I only kissed you once.

Dont tell me you came all the way here to fight me for revenge”

Liuli Luoluo deliberately patted Xuanyuan Chens chest and said boldly, “Is there a need to be so petty”

Xuanyuan Chen suddenly grabbed Liuli Luoluos wrist and pressed her against the wall.

He lowered his head and leaned towards her sexy red lips.

Liuli Luoluo was speechless.

This was the first time she had been kissed by a man.

She was caught off guard.

Xuanyuan Chens kissing skills were very bad, and he kissed Liuli Luoluo fiercely before letting go of her.

Xuanyuan Chen placed his hands on both sides of Liuli Luoluos shoulders.

He lowered his head and asked, “How much do you want for the dowry”

Liuli Luoluo was speechless.

“What” Did she hear wrongly

Xuanyuan Chen said with a straight face, “Ill be responsible for you.

You decide how much the dowry is and what you want.

Ill do my best to gather enough.”

Liuli Luoluo was shocked by Xuanyuan Chens words.

“Xuanyuan Chen, how long have we known each other Do you think Im the kind of person who wants to settle down after being kissed”

“I was just joking.

Dont take it seriously.” Liuli Luoluo pushed Xuanyuan Chens arm away and wanted to leave.

However, Xuanyuan Chen grabbed her wrist.

His attitude was firm.

He said, “You are the eldest disciple of the Liuli Clan.

If you dont marry out, I will marry into your family.

In short, you cant marry anyone other than me.”

Liuli Luoluo was so angry that she laughed.

“Just because I kissed you”


Liuli Luoluo pushed Xuanyuan Chen away and cursed, “Youre crazy.” She turned around and returned to the room.

She used her hand to fan her slightly flushed face.

When she recalled Xuanyuan Chens crazy behavior just now, she couldnt help but curse again, “Hes nuts!”

At night, Sheng Xiao and Yu Huang didnt go to the dining room downstairs for dinner.

Considering that they would act separately after entering the Saint Tomb, Sheng Xiao used the entire night to enjoy a lovemaking session in advance.

The next morning, Yu Huang felt sore.

She put on her clothes, washed her face, tied up her hair, and went downstairs with Sheng Xiao.

The square outside the hotel was packed with aristocratic children.

This was a collective training event, and everyone was wearing the uniforms of the various clans.

Liuli Feng was also forced to wear a dark pink suit in the beautiful pink dress of the Liuli Clan.

He stood in the group bashfully while looking out of place.

The Sheng Clans uniform was a navy blue color, while the Xuanyuan Clans uniform was white.

The Yin Clans uniform was red and black.

Both men and women had the same outfit.

Only the Caro Clan was wearing the most luxurious clothes.

They were all wearing white silk suits with a spider lily pierced by golden threads.

The Caro Clan had been in the limelight recently.

The Caro Clan disciples stood in line in the crowd with their heads held high and chests puffed out.

All of them had pride written on their faces.

When the Sheng family walked past the Caro family, for the first time, the Caro family didnt look at them directly.

After all the descendants of the aristocratic families arrived, the eight families in charge of guarding the Saint Tomb sent out a representative each and worked together to open the Saint Tomb.

These eight families were the top eight families in the Divine Realm Continent.

They were respectively the Sheng Clan of the Divine Moon Empire, the Yin Clan, the Liuli Clan, the Mo Empire, the Yu Clan of the Cang Lan Empire, the Gaoyang Clan of the Mo Kingdom, the An Clan of the Jin Empire, and the Fifth Clan in the southernmost area.

The representatives of the eight clans stood in eight directions around Saint Pond.

The representatives lit the Soul Returning Incense in their hands at the same time.

They raised the Soul Returning Incense high and worshiped Saint Pond three times.

Then, they respectfully asked, “Sheng Lingfeng, Yin Mingchong, Liuli Xiangsi, Mo Yunyan, Yu Yang, Gaoyang Clan, Gaoyang Clan, Gao Yang, Jiao Yue, An Clan, and the Fifth Clan, please open the Saint Tomb!”

The Soul Returning Incense burned faster and faster.

Wisps of green smoke rose into the sky and gathered into an eight trigram diagram.

Under the eight trigrams, ten souls appeared one after another.

Seeing the souls of their ancestors, all the descendants of the aristocratic families knelt down and kowtowed at the same time.

“Ancestor, please accept our bows!” Nearly two thousand core disciples knelt down towards their ancestor at the same time.

A loud and clear sound rang out from the riverside of the Divine Realm River.

The souls flew towards the eight trigrams without hesitation and fused with it.

The eight trigrams began to continuously revolve and change.

The rapid flow of the Saint Pond below gradually stopped.

A staircase constructed from river water appeared in the pool and extended into a dark space.

Sheng Lingfeng shouted, “The Saint Tomb has been opened.

Disciples of the various families, quickly enter the tomb!”

When they heard this, the disciples of the clans instantly moved.

They jumped into the Saint Pond in an orderly manner and walked along the water stairs to the depths of the Saint Pond.

It was an infinitely long staircase, and the further one walked, the darker it became.

Sheng Xiao and Yu Huang held hands and walked to an extremely dark place.

Yu Huang noticed that the family badge on Sheng Xiaos body suddenly lit up.

At the same time, the family badge on her body lit up.

Sheng Xiao told her, “There is an automatic sensor program in the Saint Tomb.

It will teleport us to different places according to our family badge.”

Yu Huang was just about to nod when her body was pulled into the chaotic space by a powerful suction force.

After a rush of dizziness, she appeared in a strange world.

In this world, trees towered into the sky, and weeds grew everywhere.

The butterflies here were as big as wild geese, and their leaves were round and huge.

Yu Huang stood under a leaf and felt that if that leaf fell, it would smash her to death.

“Sheng Xiao” Yu Huang called Sheng Xiaos name, but there was no response.

What the hell

They werent teleported to the same place

At the same time, Sheng Xiao was sent to the Saint Tomb.

He stabilized himself and looked up.

He saw Sheng Yang and the other disciples standing together and looking at this strange world.

Sheng Xiao looked around but didnt see Yu Huang.

Where was Yu Huang

Could it be that she had been teleported to the Yin Clan

Sheng Xiao looked down at his ring finger and saw that the marriage knot on it was still lit.

He was relieved after confirming that Yu Huang wasnt in danger.

Yu Huang carefully stepped on the dense weeds and walked forward for a while before arriving in front of a tall stone door.

The stone door was wrapped in vines, and the words on it were all blocked.

Yu Huang summoned her spirit sword and cut off the vines on the stone door.

The vines here were also a type of spirit herb, and they actually hurt.

After being cut, the vines shrank back in pain and instantly retracted into the soil.

Without the cover of the vines, Yu Huang saw ancient words on the top of the stone door—

Yin Clans Saint Tomb!

She had actually been directly teleported to the Yin Clans Saint Tomb.

Yu Huang was just about to enter the Yin Clan when she heard a conversation.

She turned around and looked behind her.

She saw Yin Rong and Yin Fu leading the Yin Clan disciples over.

Yu Huang had nowhere to hide, so she bumped into them.

Yin Fu recognized Yu Huang at a glance.

She immediately ran to the front and questioned Yu Huang with a dark expression.

“Yu Huang! Why did you come to the Yin Clans Saint Tomb!”


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