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“Lord Blood Peacock, save me! Save me!” Yin Mingchong, who was struggling on the ground, suddenly raised his burning right arm and cried out to Su Xuanye in despair.

Su Xuanye glanced at Yin Mingchong and said, “The phoenix flames are impossible to extinguish!” The phoenix flames were considered true fire, and unless the owner of the flames, Ji Linyuan, took the initiative to withdraw it, no one would be able to extinguish it.

Su Xuanyes peacock flames were also a type of true fire, but the power of his flames was far inferior to that of the phoenix flames.

Thus, Su Xuanye had no way to relieve Yin Mingchongs pain.

Yin Mingchong was already unable to speak.

His rolling speed became slower and slower, and in the end, he stopped moving and was unable to even shout.

The old dean was compassionate.

When he saw that Yin Mingchong was already on the verge of death, yet he was still enduring pain, he couldnt help but say to Ji Linyuan, “Lin Yuan, just give him a quick death.”

However, Ji Linyuan said, “This kind of beast who harmed his own niece and killed his own daughter should die in pain.”

Yin Rong hurriedly asked, “Yin Fu is dead”

When Yu Huang heard this, she looked around at the surrounding young cultivators and realized that Yin Fu wasnt in the crowd.

Noticing Yu Huangs actions, Yin Rong explained softly, “Earlier, when Yin Mingchong fell, Yin Fu jumped down with him.”

Yu Huang said, “Yin Fu is also a Beast Tamer close to the level of a Master.

Her injuries couldnt serious.

She wouldnt die if she jumped down from here.” Yu Huang asked Ji Linyuan, “How did Yin Fu die”

Ji Linyuan stared at the fireball coldly and said, “That child wanted to save Yin Mingchong, but she was thrown to the ground by that villain Yin Mingchong and became his cushion!”

Hearing this, all the cultivators frowned.

Harming his niece was completely different from killing his own daughter.

Yin Mingchong actually killed his own daughter in order to survive.

He was truly ruthless.

Originally, there was a small number of people who felt that Yin Mingchong was pitiful, but after they found out about his actions towards Yin Fu, they put away their pity.

He was a beast and didnt deserve sympathy.

Accompanied by a final miserable cry, Yin Mingchong finally died.

After he died, the Purifying Evil Phoenix Flame was still burning his body.

Yin Mingchong was already dead, and his eight trusted aides had also been killed by Yu Huang.

Su Xuanyes goal in coming to the Yin Clan today was to take Yin Mingchong away.

Now that Yin Mingchong and the others were dead, there was no need for Su Xuanye to stay.

He took a deep look at the battlefield below him.

Seeing that far more of his people had died than Yu Huangs, his expression instantly became gloomy.

Lin Jiansheng sensed Su Xuanyes intention to retreat and immediately shouted, “Su Xuanye wants to run! We have to keep him this time!”

Su Xuanyes cultivation level was high.

If he wanted to hide, who could find his hiding place

If they missed this chance, it would be difficult to catch Su Xuanye again.

Upon hearing this, the old dean handed the unconscious Anna to the Icy Night T-Rex and joined forces with Lin Jiansheng and the others to capture Su Xuanye.

Di Ruofeng, Lin Jiansheng, Sheng Lingfeng, and the Grand State Master had three Prime Masters and one Purifying Spirit Saint.

This battle formation could be said to be the most powerful one in the Holy Spirit Continent.

Seeing that they were working together to deal with him, Su Xuanyes gaze became even more sinister.

“You guys think highly of me to have so many people deal with me alone.”

“In that case, theres no need for me to hide my strength anymore…” After saying that, he suddenly closed his eyes, as if he was holding back a big move.

The old dean roared, “Attack!”

The Grand State Master and Sheng Lingfeng were about to take the opportunity to kill Su Xuanye when they heard Lin Jiansheng shout in horror, “Protect the cultivators below! Su Xuanye is going to activate the Eye of Destruction!”

Lin Jiansheng had once used the Eye of Destruction with Su Tingxues help.

He had a deep impression of the terrifying destructive power of the Eye of Destruction.

Under the Eye of Destruction, all living beings and souls had nowhere to escape!

Hearing this, the old dean and the others immediately flew down.

At the same time, they fused with their beast forms and transformed into various powerful beast forms to protect the young cultivators behind them.

Lin Jiansheng stood in front of everyone.

He also closed his eyes and raised the spiritual scepter in his hand.

He mobilized every trace of psychic power in his body.

At the same time, he closed his eyes.

He and Su Xuanye opened their eyes at almost the same time.

There was no longer any compassion or kindness in Su Xuanyes eyes.

His pupils had already turned as dark gray as ashes.

His gaze was indifferent and filled with the urge for destruction.

Lin Jianshengs eyes were the same, but the gray in his eyes was far less intense than Su Xuanyes.

The two of them used the same cultivation technique.

For a moment, the Eye of Destruction was unable to break into the other partys domain and attack.

The two of them started a silent competition.

Neither of them was willing to admit defeat.

However, Su Xuanye was a Purifying Spirit Master who had cultivated for more than 600 years.

He had broken through to Level 9 30 years ago.

His strength was far above Lin Jianshengs.

Under the attack of Su Xuanyes Eye of Destruction, the power of Lin Jianshengs Eye of Destruction became weaker and weaker.

He barely lasted for more than ten seconds before he was sent flying by Su Xuanyes Eye of Destruction!

Lin Jianshengs body flew backward and slammed heavily into an empty hill in the Eight Towers Mountain Range.

Lin Jiansheng got up with difficulty and looked up to see Su Xuanye destroying the entire Yin Clan.

“Eye of Destruction!” Wherever Su Xuanyes gaze landed, the mountains and rivers were collapsing.

The protective shield that the First Elder and the others had set up on the Eight Towers Mountain barely lasted for a few seconds before cracks appeared under the attack of the Eye of Destruction.

With a cracking sound, the supposedly indestructible protective shield instantly collapsed and dissipated!

Without the protective shield, the eight towers collapsed!

The mountain began to explode continuously, and the Yin clansmen living on the mountain began to flee.

Seeing that the mountain had collapsed and that all the Yin Clan members were about to be killed, Yu Huang, the elders, and all the disciples let out heart-wrenching cries!

There were 13,000 Yin clansmen!

Lin Jiansheng couldnt bear to see the Yin clansmen killed.

He gritted his teeth and flew into the Yin Clan again.

Lin Jiansheng used all his psychic power to form an incomparably huge psychic net to protect all the Yin clansmen.

He used his Saint body to turn his back to Su Xuanye and silently endured the destructive power of the Eye of Destruction.

When Yu Huang saw that Lin Jianshengs clothes were destroyed inch by inch and his newly grown black hair was falling off one by one, she knew that Lin Jiansheng had already reached the end of his rope!

As for the old dean and the others, they had to join forces to protect Yu Huang and the other young cultivators.

They were unable to protect Lin Jiansheng at all.

When Su Xuanye saw that Lin Jiansheng actually dared to resist the energy of the Eye of Destruction with his mere body, a disdainful smile appeared on his lips.

“Idiot!” Was it worth it for this group of selfish humans

“Do you think youre heroic Do you think these bull** cultivators will be grateful for your heroic sacrifice today Let me tell you, they wont.”

“Look, there are countless statues of Prime Master Yin Mingjue in this world, but how many people sincerely respect him”

“Lin Jiansheng, there is only one end result for a mighty figure, and that is to be forgotten!”

Lin Jiansheng gritted his teeth.

Even though the skin on his back was being destroyed inch by inch and his scarlet flesh was already exposed, his hands continued to enter his psychic network to block the Eye of Destructions attack on the Yin Clans commoners.

Under the psychic net, when the Yin clansmen saw this scene, their eyes turned red from crying.

“Saint Ling Xiao, remove this net.

We are just civilians.

In this world, there are billions of civilians.

There arent many of us, but there are only a few Purifying Spirit Saints on the Holy Spirit Continent!”

“Saint Ling Xiao, please remove the psychic net!”

The Yin Clans clansmen knelt down one after another.

At this moment, Yu Donghai, who had been staying with the Yin Clans commoners, suddenly stood up.

Seeing Yu Donghai stand up, Yu Huang immediately felt uneasy.

Yu Donghai looked at Su Xuanye and shouted loudly, “The Yin Clan has never been cowardly! Three thousand years ago, Prime Master Jing An dared to charge into the Demonic Mountain alone and successfully beheaded a great fiendish cultivator.

Twenty-one years ago, Prime Master Yin Mingjue was willing to sacrifice himself to save all the living beings in the world.

Today, all the living beings of our Yin Clan are willing to risk our lives!”

Yu Donghais gaze landed on Lin Jianshengs face.

He stared at his best friend, who was already at the end of his rope, and his eyes suddenly turned red.

Yu Donghai shouted, “Saint Ling Xiao, your life is more important than ours!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yu Donghai gave Yu Huang a deep look.

Suddenly, he turned around and ran out of the Psychic Net with large strides!

When she saw this, Yu Huangs eyes almost popped out.


Lin Jiansheng also let out an anguished roar.


The moment Yu Donghai ran out of the psychic net, his body instantly turned into gray ashes that floated in the world.

When Lin Jiansheng saw this scene, he slowly closed his eyes and shed two streams of tears.

Sheng Xiao covered Yu Huangs eyes and sobbed.

“Yu Huang, dont look.”

Yu Huang removed Sheng Xiaos fingers one by one.

She widened her eyes and looked at the ashes floating in the air without blinking.

She clenched her fists.

“Father, you will be remembered!”

Yu Donghai was only a servant of the Yin Clan.

If he was so righteous, how could the Yin Clan dare to show weakness!

A white-haired old man cupped his fists at Lin Jiansheng and said, “Saint Ling Xiao, the Young Master is still young.

Please supervise her! The Yin Clan will definitely prosper after today!”

With that, the old man also ran out of the psychic net!

Then, batch after batch of Yin Clan clansmen ran out of the psychic net.

The Eight Towers Mountain was instantly filled with gray powder…

Whether it was Beast Tamers who had awakened their beast forms or ordinary commoners, none of the Yin clansmen were cowards!

Their ashes were blown to every corner of the Eight Towers Mountain by the wind.

Then, green balls of light lit up in the sky above the Eight Towers Mountain.

It was the clean and pure soul bodies of the Yin Clans clansmen!

Those souls swayed as they flew into the sky.

However, just as they were about to enter reincarnation, they tacitly surged towards Lin Jianshengs body!

Su Xuanye was shocked when he saw this.

The dead were sacrificed, and the Saint became a god!

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