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“Take a rest.

Ill build a house for you.”

The Icy Night T-Rex clan loved to live in cold and spacious caves.

Their clan had existed for hundreds of thousands of years, but no dragon had ever personally built a house for humans.

However, Anna was a human.

The Icy Night T-Rex was unwilling to let Anna suffer.

With that said, the Icy Night T-Rex flew up and used its huge body to knock down the nearby thick trees.

Then, it placed its claw on the tree trunk and instantly slapped the round tree into two.

The Icy Night T-Rex only took a day to build a small wooden hut for Anna.

The room was very small, but it was complete.

There was a bed and a dining table.

Anna looked at the busy Tyrannosaurus and lowered her head to look at the dragon scales on her chest.

Her lips curled up unconsciously.

She picked up a small stone and drew a cartoon version of a Tyrannosaurus on a large stone board, along with a petite human girl.

She wrote beside the cartoon—

Anna and the little Tyrannosauruss home.

The Icy Night T-Rex was so tired that it laid on the ground to rest.

Seeing that Anna had placed the stone slab in front of the wooden house, he turned his head and glanced at the cartoon on the stone slab.

The cartoon was easy to understand.

The Icy Night T-Rex recognized that Anna was drawing him and Anna.

However, the Icy Night T-Rex couldnt understand the words on it.

After learning for more than a year, the Icy Night T-Rex was still illiterate.

“Anna, what are you writing”

Anna turned around and smiled sweetly at the Tyrannosaurus.

She said, “Anna and the Icy Night T-Rexs home.”

When the Icy Night T-Rex heard this, he was stunned.

There were tears in his eyes.

He suddenly reached out his claws and carried Anna up high while spinning in circles.

He said happily, “Thats great, I have a home again!” Ever since his mother passed away, the Icy Night T-Rex became an orphan and followed the old dean back to the Divine Realm Academy.

Therefore, home was a very sacred place for the Icy Night T-Rex.

The Icy Night T-Rex said excitedly, “In the future, I will embed the most beautiful gems and gold in the world on the wooden house and make it into a gem hut!” Every T-Rex liked shiny treasures, and the Icy Night T-Rex was no exception.

But he was also a maverick, because what he loved the most wasnt gold or gems, but the petite and cute human girl in his palm.

Anna felt dizzy from his spinning.

“Okay, put me down.

Im dizzy.”

Hearing this, the Icy Night T-Rex put Anna down.

At night, Anna took out a blanket from her interspatial ring and laid it on the hard wooden bed.

The newly built house was filled with the unique fragrance of wood.

Anna laid in the wooden house surrounded by demon beasts but still felt uneasy.

The Icy Night T-Rex was sleeping outside the wooden house.

When it heard Annas call, it shrank its body and walked into the wooden house.

Anna rolled into the bed.

She touched the other pillow and said to the Icy Night T-Rex, “Can you sleep with me Im afraid.”

At this moment, the Icy Night T-Rex hated himself for his low cultivation level and lack of talent that prevented him from transforming into a human.

Otherwise, he would have hugged Anna to sleep and patted her back when she was afraid.

The Icy Night T-Rex shrank its body as much as possible and laid on the wooden floor beside the bed.

It placed its huge head on the bed and pressed itself against Annas body.

Anna stroked the T-Rexs cold scales, but she felt extremely calm.

The two of them started living in the center of the forest.

Anna was trying her best to adapt to the world of demon beasts.

She didnt dare to go out too far since she was afraid that she would accidentally step into the territory of other demon beasts and be slapped to death by those demon beasts.

The Icy Night T-Rex also didnt dare to leave Anna.

It was afraid that Anna would lose control, but it was also worried that other demon beasts would bully Anna.

That night, Anna sat by the bonfire and roasted the fish that the Icy Night T-Rex had caught for her.

She didnt notice that the black pearl bracelet on her right wrist was emitting a faint glow.

Anna felt a little sleepy after eating the fish.

The Icy Night T-Rex extinguished the bonfire and went into the house to sleep with Anna as usual.

Anna slept soundly the first half of the night, but after midnight, Anna suddenly had a nightmare.

She was deep in a dream and didnt know that she was dreaming.

She thought that everything was real.

In her dream, Anna had become a demonic Prime Emperor with a high cultivation level.

With a light twist of her finger, she could make the people of the Holy Spirit Continent suffer.

She was slaughtering non-stop.

She first killed the Beast Tamers, then the demon beasts, and finally, she extended her demonic claws to the commoners.

Anna saw all the commoners lying in front of her.

Among them were her familiar neighbors, teachers she knew, and classmates close to her.

She even saw herself digging out the hearts of her high school friends, Jiang Shangfeng, Vivian, and the others.

At that time, Vivian was already pregnant and was about to give birth.

Anna saw herself sticking her hand into Vivians stomach and brutally killing her child.

She also saw Vivian cursing her with her eyes wide open.

“Anna, you will die a horrible death!”

Anna saw herself sticking her hand into Vivians stomach and brutally killing her child.

She also saw Vivian cursing her with her eyes wide open.

“Anna, you will die a horrible death!”

Anna was clearly conscious, but she was unable to regain control of her body.

Anna watched as she killed the humans around her one by one.

In the end, she even extended her demonic claws towards Yu Huang!

She was her most important friend in her life!

Anna watched helplessly as her palm passed through Yu Huangs chest, crushed Yu Huangs beast heart, and instantly absorbed all of Yu Huangs spiritual power and psychic power!

Before Yu Huang died, she said to her with hatred, “What I regret the most is going to the Broken Cliff to save you.”

“Anna, I should have killed you long ago.

Why didnt you die!”

Anna suddenly opened her eyes and shouted in horror, “No! I cant kill Yu Huang!”

Anna instantly sat up on the wooden bed and panted heavily into the night.

In the darkness, the Icy Night T-Rex rubbed its head against Annas neck and asked with concern, “Anna, did you have a nightmare”

Anna suddenly threw herself into the arms of the Icy Night T-Rex.

She cried and said, “I killed people, so many people.

the class monitor, Vivian, Sheng Yang, Sheng Xiao, and even you and Yu Huang were all killed by me…”

Anna gritted her teeth and said in pain, “Kill me.

Kill me!”

It was a dream, but not entirely a dream.

If she continued to live, the dream would become reality sooner or later.

Anna didnt want to become a murderous demon, let alone accept that she had killed the friend and lover she cared about the most.

“Theyre right.

Demonic cultivators are a cancer that harms the world.

Once demonic cultivators awaken their demonic nature, they cant control their consciousness at all.

T-Rex, please kill me!” Anna said sorrowfully.

“I want to leave with a clean conscience.

I dont want to be covered in sins.”

The Icy Night T-Rex was heartbroken.

Unless it was absolutely necessary, he wouldnt kill the girl he loved the most with his own hands.

“Anna, before I give up on you, please dont give up on yourself too.

Lets live our lives together.

If…” The Icy Night T-Rex hugged Anna tightly and said,” If you really lose control, I promise you that I will be the first to kill you.

I will let you leave cleanly.

Anna closed her eyes and leaned against the Icy Night T-Rex without saying anything for a long time.

Unknowingly, the sky lit up.

Seeing that Anna had fallen asleep, the Icy Night T-Rex placed her gently on the bed and went out to cultivate.

The morning was the time when the spiritual energy was most abundant in the deep forest.

Demonbeasts would wake up in the morning and head to the hinterland abyss in the center to cultivate.

It was rumored that there was an abyssal dragon living in the depths of the abyss.

That dragon would spit out a portion of its spiritual power every morning.

And these super demon beasts cherished that energy.

Therefore, every morning, a large number of super demon beasts would approach the abyss.

The reason why this primitive forest was called an abyss was because there was a bottomless crack in the center of it.

Thousands of years ago, someone had heard a dragons roar in the abyss crack, so everyone guessed that there was an abyss dragon living in the depths of the crack.

The Icy Night T-Rex was a junior who came later.

He wasnt qualified to approach the abyss rift.

He could only stand at the outermost area of the abyss and cultivate with the cubs of some super demon beasts.

The Icy Night T-Rex floated in the sky and could see a super big crack in the distance.

The big crack was filled with milky white mist.

The abyss was bottomless.

It was said that a small demon beast had accidentally fallen into the abyss, but no one had ever heard it land.

From this, it could be seen that the abyss crack was really deep.

When the first ray of sunlight shone on the primitive forest in the morning, a faint golden gas suddenly surged out of the abyss rift.

It was the super powerful spiritual power spat out by the legendary Abyssal Dragon.

Seeing this, all the demon beasts opened their pores and tried their best to absorb as much spiritual energy as possible.

The Icy Night T-Rex stood at the outermost area.

When the spiritual energy floated to his side, there wasnt much left.

However, the Icy Night T-Rex still opened every dragon scale on its body and tried its best to absorb spiritual energy.

Just as the demon beasts were gathering in the abyss to absorb spiritual power, Anna woke up.

When she woke up, she realized that the bracelet on her wrist was glowing.

Anna stared at the bracelet with a confused expression.

Why was this bracelet glowing

Anna wanted to pull out the bracelet, but she realized that it had grown with her skin!

“What the hell is this!”

Anna tugged hard and found that the bracelet had fused with the flesh on her wrist at a visible speed.

This made Anna feel extremely uneasy.

Anna realized that there was something wrong with this bracelet and that she had to remove it.

She gritted her teeth and immediately took out a dagger from her interspatial ring.

She raised the dagger and cut the skin of her wrist without hesitation.

She cut open the flesh, but the bracelet quickly fused with her bones.

Anna wanted to cry.

What the hell was this!

At this moment, a mans voice that sounded unfamiliar but made Annas scalp tingle sounded outside the wooden house.

“Its useless, child.

Even if you cut off this arm, the demonic nature you awakened still wont disappear.”

Anna suddenly raised her head and looked out of the wooden house.

She saw a man in a purple shirt and long white hair walking up the wooden stairs outside the door.

“Su Xuanye!” Anna never expected Su Xuanye to appear here!

This was the center of the abyss, where the super demon beasts lived.

How could Su Xuanye dare to appear here!

Su Xuanye bent down and entered the wooden house.

He nodded at Anna and introduced himself.

“Hello, Anna.

Im Su Xuanye.

We finally meet.”

Su Xuanye had noticed her long ago

These days, Annas naivety and kindness had long disappeared.

Anna glared at Su Xuanye warily and asked coldly, “Su Xuanye, what did you do to me”

Su Xuanye smiled, and his upraised eyebrows made him look even more sinister.

With his true colors revealed, Su Xuanye no longer needed to act in front of the world.

Now, when he raised his eyebrows and chuckled, there was an unconcealable evilness and viciousness.

The current him was worlds apart from the previously respected Saint Xuan Ye.

Su Xuanye said generously, “I helped you successfully awaken your demonic nature and gave you a chance to become an expert of your generation.

Shouldnt you thank me”

Su Xuanye slowly approached the simple wooden bed.

He looked down at Annas beautiful and exquisite face, and his gaze gradually became sympathetic.

“Poor Anna.

You were abandoned by your mother, abused by your father, bullied by your classmates, and even forced to fall off the Broken Cliff.

Dont you hate them for bullying you like this”

“Dont you want to become strong and trample on the trash who humiliated you in the past Anna, release your nature, devour, and conquer those who once looked down on you and hurt you.

Let them know how powerful you are!”

Su Xuanye slowly extended his right hand towards Anna and said, “And I am willing to fight side by side with you.

Soon, those who once looked down on you will submit to you!”

At this moment, Su Xuanye had once again put on his benevolent facade as a Purifying Spirit Saint.

From Annas angle, Su Xuanyes body seemed to be covered in a layer of light.

He looked radiant and worthy of her entrusting her life with!

She would release her nature, devour, conquer, and say no to those who had once looked down on her!

This was indeed a very tempting sentence, but…

Anna, however, shrank into the corner of the wooden bed and avoided Su Xuanyes outstretched hand.

“Im not as pathetic as you think, nor am I worthy of your pity, let alone proinge my strength by devouring the spiritual power and life of others.”

Anna was curled up in a corner.

She seemed as fragile as a little rabbit, but her gaze looked pure and tenacious.

Anna said, “I dont need to become strong, and I dont need to prove my strength to those who bullied me.

I just want to live my life and become a little girl that Mentor likes, Yu Huang trusts, and the little T-Rex dotes on.”

“As for those who have bullied me, they are just a group of cowards who bully the weak and fear the strong.”

“Besides, in my opinion, the fact that I, who have the demonic beast form, can resist the temptation of becoming a demonic cultivator and becoming a powerhouse in exchange for being an ordinary person is in itself is a form of power.”

Su Xuanye wouldnt be surprised to hear these words from an old man who had seen a lot.

However, the person who said these words was Anna, who had been abandoned by her mother, abused by her father, and bullied by her classmates since she was young.

This made Su Xuanye look at her in a different light.

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