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At this moment, Xuanyuan Shen arrived with his three sons.

The Mo Clan, Xuanyuan Clan, Yin Clan, Sheng Clan, and Liuli Clan, the five of the six great clans of the Divine Moon Empire, had already arrived.

Only the Caro Clan had yet to arrive.

Mo Yelou walked to Sheng Lingfeng and shouted, “Mr.

Sheng.” Mo Yelou looked at the empty sky behind them and said in an unpredictable tone, “The five families have already arrived.

The only one missing is the Caro Clan.


Sheng, do you think the Caro Clan will send people over”

Seeing that the little snake liked to play in the rain, Sheng Lingfeng took the little snake off his wrist and placed it on a small tree beside him.

The little snake immediately wrapped itself around the tree trunk and climbed up the tree branch.

It swayed in the rain and danced happily.

Sheng Lingfeng stared at the little snakes every move and said in a low voice, “The Imperial Dragon Mountain is the former residence of the Caro Clan, so they naturally wont be absent.

I think they must have been delayed by something.”

Just as Mo Yelou was about to speak, he heard Beatrice say, “The ancestral grave has exploded.

How can the descendants not come back”

Although Sheng Xiao didnt smile, his eyes were smiling.

Mo Yelou reprimanded Beatrice.

“How can you speak like that”

Beatrice turned around and returned to her army.

Liuli Xiangsi swayed to Sheng Lingfengs side.

She first looked up at the little snake on the branch, then deliberately reached out to poke the little snakes head.

She even mocked it.

“Look, this snake is so silly.

It likes to dance.”

When the little snake heard the worddumb, it suddenly stopped dancing and bit Liuli Xiangsi.

Liuli Xiangsi couldnt dodge in time and was bitten by the little snakes sharp teeth.

Liuli Xiangsi immediately turned around and complained to Sheng Lingfeng, “Prime Master Lingfeng, your snake bit me!”

Liuli Xiangsis eyes turned red.

Sheng Lingfeng looked at the little snake lovingly, but his words to Liuli Xiangsi were heartless.

“If you didnt cause trouble, would it have bitten you”

Liuli Xiangsi was speechless.

“Prime Master Lingfeng really doesnt know how to be a gentleman.”

When Liuli Luoluo heard what Sheng Lingfeng said to Liuli Xiangsi, she suddenly thought of what Sheng Xiao said to her a year ago at the graduation party.

When she asked Sheng Xiao why he was so sharp-tongued and gentle to Yu Huang, he answered her.

[Can it be the same Who is she to me Who are you to me]

Sheng Xiaos words were different from Prime Master Lingfengs, but they were similar in a way.

They were all cold and heartless.

Liuli Luoluo looked at her mentor sympathetically.

It was too painful for them to fall for the Sheng familys father and son.

Liuli Xiangsi casually shook her bleeding finger.

The blood in the wound immediately stopped flowing.

She crossed her arms and leaned against the tree behind her.

She said in a charming voice, “I heard that Prime Emperor Zhengyang hasnt been feeling well recently.

He hasnt been to the Alliance Meeting for a month.

Its said that some time ago, Caro Xiangfu even personally went to the Light Sea to invite the old princess of the Elven Royal Family to the Divine Sea to treat Prime Emperor Zhengyang.”

“Three days ago, Caro Xiangfu even went to Yufu City to ask Prime Master Lingfeng for the Ice Crystal Thread.

He said that he wanted to train some spirit weapon.” Liuli Xiangsi looked at Sheng Lingfeng with a smile and deliberately asked him, “Prime Master Lingfeng, do you know what illness Prime Emperor Zhengyang has If hes sick, why didnt he look for a Healer Instead, he went to look for a Purifying Spirit Master.”

“Purifying Spirit Masters arent good at treating illnesses.

They only know how to purify spirits and exorcise demons.

Could it be…” Liuli Xiangsi licked her cherry red lips and asked thoughtfully,” Could it be that Prime Emperor Zhengyang isnt sick, but possessed ”

On the side, Xuanyuan Shen and Mo Yelou stared at Sheng Lingfeng with bright eyes, hoping that Sheng Lingfeng would answer their questions.

Would Sheng Lingfeng be so stupid

“I dont know about that.

Grand Master Caro will definitely be here later.

Why dont everyone ask him personally”

Seeing that Sheng Lingfeng was stubborn and refused to reveal the truth, Liuli Xiangsi felt bored.

“How boring!” Liuli Xiangsi flicked her sleeve, and a fragrance flew past Sheng Lingfengs face.

Sheng Lingfeng frowned and quickly glanced at the little snake guiltily.

Seeing that the little snake had been dancing and didnt notice this scene at all, he thought to himself, “Honey, I didnt cheat on you.”

When Mo Yelou saw that Caro Xiangfu and Caro Zhengyang had yet to come, he said, “After the cave-in, a large number of skeletons floated up from the ground.

They are piled up in a mess, and the common point is that none of them have heads.

Our soldiers have already packed a portion of the skeletons and brought them to the canopy area.

Its boring to wait here.

Why dont we go over and see the situation there”

“We might as well do so.”

After receiving the news of the landslide on Imperial Dragon Mountain last night, the troops stationed nearby were the first to come over.

They set up a canopy area overnight.

This rain shed area was originally the command center.

When dawn broke, some soldiers discovered a large number of corpses, and this temporary command center became a pile of corpses.

After two to three hours of moving, the rain shed area was already filled with various kinds of corpses.

Many forensic doctors in white work clothes were squatting beside the pile of corpses and sorting the bones with gloves.

The leg bones were placed together with the leg bones, the metacarpal bones were placed together, and the ribs were placed together.

The way they placed the bones seriously reminded Yu Huang of children playing with building blocks.

Mo Yelou walked to one of the piles of bones and asked the forensic doctor leading the team, “Whats the situation now”

“Your Highness.” The female forensic doctor quickly stood up and replied, “Just as we guessed earlier, there are men and women, old and young among these bones.

Before they died, their heads were all chopped off.

Among all the corpses found so far, not a single skull has been found.

In addition…”

The forensic doctor was wearing a mask, but Mo Yelou still noticed that the doctor was frowning.

His expression seemed to be hesitant.

Mo Yelou said, “Tell me all your guesses.

Theres no need to have any scruples.”

Hearing this, the forensic doctor said hesitantly, “We discovered that there was some lustrous powder hidden in many broken bones.

Such powder isnt found in the bones of ordinary civilians.

So far, we have only found it in the corpses of some Beast Tamers who have died many years ago.

So… so we boldly suspect that these victims were Beast Tamers when they were alive!”

“What did you say!” Mo Yelous eyes widened in anger.

Yu Huang and the others couldnt hide their shock.

The female forensic doctor smiled bitterly when she saw Mo Yelous reaction.

“Your Highness, this is the result of our analysis based on our professional experience.

Im not lying.”

Mo Yelou took a deep breath and stared at the bones on the ground.

He couldnt help but feel his scalp tingle.

These bones were all the remains of Beast Tamers

Mo Yelou turned back to look at Sheng Lingfeng and the others and saw that their eyes were also filled with shock.

Liuli Xiangsi no longer had a smile on her face.

She realized that they were about to unveil a huge conspiracy, and her mood instantly darkened.

“What has the Caro Clan done behind our backs all these years!” The corpses were found under the Caro Clans former residence.

They didnt believe that all of this had nothing to do with the Caro Clan.

Sheng Lingfeng and Sheng Xiao looked at each other.

They thought of the information they had found.

A long time ago, Sheng Lingfeng had discovered that many itinerant cultivators and beast tamers who had made mistakes had disappeared for no reason after coming into contact with the Caro Clan disciples.

However, the world was huge.

Just because those people had disappeared from the Divine Moon Empire didnt mean that they were really dead.

Therefore, although Sheng Lingfeng suspected this, he didnt dare to hastily make a conclusion.

Now, with these piles of bones in front of him, he was certain that he was not overthinking.

The medical examiner continued, “Moreover, from the degree of decay of these corpses, the time of death isnt consistent.

For example, that pile of bones over there.” The medical examiner turned sideways and pointed at the pile of bones behind her.

She said, “From the degree of decay of that pile of bones, they shouldnt have been dead for long.

At most, it should be between fifty to sixty years.”

“As for the pile of bones in front of me, its two hundred years old.

The pile on my right is three hundred years old.” Then, the forensic doctor concluded, “According to my empirical analysis, the number of years of death of the bones dug out later might be longer.”

“In other words, these Beast Tamers were killed in batches over the hundreds of years.” With that said, the forensic doctor squatted down and continued working.

Sheng Lingfeng and the others, who had heard the forensic analysis, were horrified.

Who was the person who killed these Beast Tamers!

At this moment, Beatrice walked into the canopy area from outside and said to Mo Yelou, “Brother! The Caro Clans aircraft is approaching!”

When Sheng Lingfeng and the others arrived at the exit of the rain shelter area, they saw the Caro Clans aircraft stopping in the sky.

A long staircase extended down from inside.

Caro Xiangfu put on his cloak and walked out of the aircraft with his two sons.

Caro Xiangfu and Caro Xianle walking in front.

The two of them were short and fat.

They wore black cloaks of the same color and looked like two simple and cute tumblers.

Behind them was Caro Xianyang.

He looked like his mother.

He was tall and handsome.

He wore a black suit and held an umbrella.

He looked like the young idols Yu Huang had seen in the entertainment industry.

“Prime Emperor Zhengyang didnt come” Sheng Lingfeng narrowed his eyes when he didnt see Caro Zhengyang.

Mo Yelou was about to go forward and ask Caro Xiangfu when he saw another person walk out of the aircraft.

That person was very tall.

He wore a rainproof coat that was very loose and completely covered his butt and stomach.

Yu Huang, Sheng Xiao, and Sheng Lingfeng subconsciously looked at Caro Zhengyangs stomach.

They felt disappointed when they saw that his stomach was completely covered by the cloak.

Caro Zhengyang led Caro Xiangfu towards the rain shelter area.

His face was exposed under the rain hat, and he looked a little pale.

His lips were pale, and he indeed looked sickly.

When he was about to reach the canopy, Caro Zhengyang suddenly felt nauseous.

He wanted to suppress this urge to vomit, but the Demon Fetus was causing trouble.

How could he suppress it just because he wanted to

Caro Zhengyang couldnt hold it in anymore.

He pressed down on Caro Xiangfus shoulder and turned around to retch.

Caro Xiangfu smelled the smell and his lips and throat moved.

He looked like he wanted to vomit but didnt dare to.

Sheng Lingfeng felt pained for him.

When Liuli Xiangsi saw Caro Zhengyangs weak appearance, she suddenly covered her mouth and chuckled.

“Prime Emperor Zhengyang, your eyes have dark circles, and your face is weak and nauseous.

It reminds me of when I was pregnant.

At that time, I couldnt sleep all day and threw up.

In a few days, I lost more than ten pounds.”

She had to say that Mrs.

Liuli was telling the truth.

After Caro Zhengyang finished vomiting, Caro Xiangfu immediately handed him a handkerchief.

Caro Zhengyang wiped the corner of his mouth and snorted at Liuli Xiangsi.

“Youre a woman, and Im a man.

Theres a limit to jokes.

Dont think that just because you have breasts, you can play with peoples hearts with your looks.”

Liuli Xiangsis expression darkened.

She let go of her arms and pointed at the corpses in the rain shed behind her.

She asked Caro Zhengyang, “May I ask Prime Emperor Zhengyang, do you recognize all the corpses behind me”

Sheng Lingfeng and the others also looked at Caro Zhengyang suspiciously.

Caro Zhengyangs gaze was as sharp as a hawks.

He looked at the collapsed Imperial Dragon Mountain in front of him and then stared at the corpses all over the ground.

He suddenly sighed.

“How can I recognize them”

Yu Huang thought that Caro Zhengyang was planning to quibble, but she heard him say, “Countless trash have died in my hands.

How can I remember everyones name clearly”

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