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Su Qianqian listened silently with tears streaming down her face.

“Dad…” Su Qianqian bit her red lips with her teeth and said sadly,” If you can live, Ill leave the entertainment industry! In the future, Ill open a mahjong shop, a restaurant, a bookstore, and any shop to earn some money! ”

In the face of death, Su Qianqian suddenly felt that nothing was important.

The fame and fortune that she had pursued in the past werent important!

When Mr.

Su heard his daughters words, a look of satisfaction appeared on his face.

“Qianqian, with your words, Im satisfied! Alright, go to the docks quickly.

Dont waste time.

When you leave the Prosperous Capital safely, call me again.

Dont worry, I wont commit suicide.

Ill hold on until the last moment.”

With that, Mr.

Su hung up decisively.

Realizing that her father had really hung up, Su Qianqian immediately threw down her phone and covered her face while crying.

The manager and assistant also heard the call.

Seeing that Su Qianqian was crying, the manager hesitated for a moment before reaching out to hug her.

“Alright, Qianqian.


Su cant leave, but we have to leave Prosperous Capital.”

The Three Waters Pier and the Shicheng Pier were the two largest docks in the Prosperous Capital.

One was the passenger terminal and the other was the freight terminal.

However, at this critical moment, the cargo terminal was temporarily used as a passenger terminal.

The passenger ships from the nearby cities entered the Prosperous Capital along the Grand Canal and docked at the Three Waters Pier and the Shicheng Pier while waiting for orders.

Beatrice was the commander-in-chief of the Three Waters Pier and the Shicheng Pier.

Her sexy figure was wrapped in her military uniform.

Her long golden curly hair was tied into a high ponytail with a black ribbon.

There were two female warriors standing on both sides of her.

The three of them stood on the roof of the ticketing building at the docks with gas masks on their faces.

Beatrice stood on a high ground and looked down at the chaotic crowd of citizens below.

In order to pass the military test as soon as possible, some of the strong citizens didnt queue and rushed to the front to cut the line.

The front of the team was in chaos.

Beatrice suddenly pulled out the gun at her waist, raised the gun, and aimed it at the right leg of a burly man.

She suddenly pressed the trigger!

Gunshots rang out as bullets pierced through the air and shot towards the crowd.

They accurately hit the mans feet.

They were only three centimeters away from hitting his instep.

This wasnt because Beatrices marksmanship wasnt accurate, but because she had done it on purpose.

The man was frightened that he almost got shot by Beatrice.

The burly people who were cutting the line were also shocked by Beatrices way of doing things.

They rubbed their noses in embarrassment and silently took a few steps back.

Beatrice raised the loudspeaker in her hand and said coldly, “Whoever dares to cut the queue will be killed!”

Perhaps it was because Beatrices tone was too scary, or perhaps it was because she was too decisive, but no one dared to act rashly.

Everyone queued up according to the order of arrival, so there were fewer disputes and complaints.

At that moment, an aircraft with the word “Sheng” on it flew over from the distant sky.

Beatrice looked up at the aircraft and heaved a sigh of relief.

The cabin door of the aircraft opened, and the eldest disciple of the Sheng family, Sheng Zhou, flew down with the fifty core disciples of the Sheng family.

Sheng Zhou walked to Beatrice and bowed before saying, “Your Highness, we are here to assist you.”

Among the core disciples of the Sheng family, even the lowest had the cultivation level of a Master.

Beatrice naturally welcomed their assistance.

Beatrice immediately shouted to her subordinates, “Deputy Ji, set up ten more test ports.

Supreme Master Sheng and the others will work with us!”

Ji Hao brought Sheng Zhou and the others to add new test ports.

Originally, there were only three test ports, but now, there were 13.

The test work was more efficient.

Sheng Wuyang was in the same group as an officer called Zhou Kelun.

Zhou Kelun took a citizens identity card.

He first checked the information and confirmed that there was no mistake before handing the identity card to Sheng Wuyang.

Sheng Wuyang said to the citizen, “Pull up your sleeve.”

Although the citizen was nervous, he still cooperatively lifted his sleeves.

Seeing that there was no black blood vessel on his arm, Sheng Wuyang nodded at Sheng Zhou.

“Eldest Senior Brother, this person isnt infected.”

Sheng Zhou picked up the citizens arm and looked at it.

After confirming that there was really nothing wrong with this person, he nodded and said, “You passed the test.

Go to Boat 3.”

Upon hearing this, the man immediately gestured in victory before quickly running onto the third boat.

Su Qianqian and the others arrived at the harbor.

The number of people at the harbor exceeded Su Qianqians imagination.

Su Qianqian stared at the crowded scene at the harbor and gradually felt uneasy.

Su Qianqian asked her manager, “How many people here are infected”

The agent shook his head.

“I dont know, but I hope the number is 0.”

The assistant stopped the car in the middle of the road and said, “Qianqian, pack up.

Lets get out of the car.

The road ahead is blocked, so we can only walk over.” After saying that, the assistant put on his gas mask and jumped out of the car with the small bag containing his ID.

He stood by the road and waited for them.

Seeing that Su Qianqian was in a daze, the manager asked her, “Whats wrong, Qianqian Were here.

Get out of the car quickly.” As he spoke, the manager helped Su Qianqian put on her gas mask before putting it on himself and getting out of the car.

Su Qianqian picked up her phone and tried to call her father again, but she still couldnt get through.

Su Qianqian sighed.

She bent down and picked up her bag beside her thigh before putting her phone in.

Just as she was about to get out of the car with her small bag, her expression suddenly froze.

Su Qianqian suddenly lowered her head to look at her arm.

A black blood vessel vaguely appeared on her fair left arm.

The color of the line was very light, so light that it was almost invisible.

Su Qianqian raised her arm to eye level and looked at it carefully.

After confirming that it was indeed a black line, she immediately felt a chill down her spine.

Before she left today, she had hugged her father and said goodbye.

Could she have been infected then

Was this Death Curse virus spreading that quickly

Outside the car, the manager urged Su Qianqian, “Qianqian, what are you still doing!”

Su Qianqian subconsciously said, “Let me touch up my makeup!”

The manager opened the car door and said to her helplessly, “Qianqian, youre wearing a gas mask.

Why do you need to touch up your makeup Hurry up and stop dawdling.

There will be more and more people later.

The longer we wait, the higher the risk of infection.”

Su Qianqian suddenly closed the car door.

She couldnt be trapped in the Prosperous Capital!

She wanted to leave the Prosperous Capital and go to Jingdu.

Jingdu had the best medical resources.

Perhaps she could be saved when she went to Jingdu!

She was the superstar Su Qianqian.

The doctors in Jingdu would definitely treat her!

At the thought of this, Su Qianqian immediately ordered herself to calm down.

She quickly took out her cosmetics and squeezed out some foundation.

Su Qianqian dawdled in the car for more than ten minutes before coming out.

Her manager and assistant were already impatient, but they couldnt really leave her alone.

Ever since Yu Huang left the entertainment industry, Su Qianqian had become the most profitable female celebrity in the company.

Even if the Prosperous Capital was destroyed, Su Qianqian would still be famous.

They still had to rely on Su Qianqian to earn money in another city!

With Su Qianqians current fame, she would be treated as a superstar no matter which city or entertainment company she went to.

However, they all had to rely on Su Qianqian to earn money.

They couldnt abandon her.

“Are you done!”

The manager pulled Su Qianqian and ran to the pier.

Su Qianqian had already changed into her sneakers and was running very quickly.

The weather was very hot.

The citizens stared at the scorching sun and queued up.

They were so hot that their clothes were drenched, but no one complained.

In the face of life and death, heat and fatigue werenthing.

As long as they could pass the test and leave the Prosperous Capital,

At that moment, Yu Huang and Sheng Xiao arrived on their swords.

When he saw them, Sheng Zhou immediately waved at them.

“Young Master, Young Madam, youre here.” Sheng Zhou asked Yu Huang, “Young Madam, you havent fully recovered.

Why are you here You should stay at home and rest.”

Yu Huang stared at the long line in front of her.

She silently activated one of her special skills—

Mind reading was a unique technique that Yu Huang had obtained from the Rank 6 red-furred ape.

With this technique, Yu Huang could hear the thoughts of people who had the same or lower cultivation levels.

Naturally, she could hear the thoughts of ordinary civilians.

At this moment, nearly ten thousand citizens were gathered together.

Their thoughts were intertwined, and they were so noisy that Yu Huang couldnt tolerate it.

Yu Huang said, “Continue working.

Ill help by the side.”

Sheng Zhou returned to his post and continued working.

Soon, a gentle-looking woman came for the test.

She was very cooperative with the test and took the initiative to pull open her sleeve to reveal her arm.

Seeing that her arm was fair, Sheng Zhou gestured for her to pass.

“You passed the test.

Go to Boat 3.”

At this moment, Yu Huang suddenly said, “Her husband has already been infected.

Although she hasnt been infected for the time being, theres still a possibility of her being infected without showing any symptoms.

She cant go to Ship No.


She should go to Ship No.

1.” There were a total of six large ships parked outside the harbor.

Ship No.

1 and Ship No.

2 were quarantine ships that only carried high-risk personnel.

Boats 3 to 6 took low-risk personnel.

When the woman heard Yu Huangs words, her face suddenly turned pale.

She raised her eyes and glared fiercely at Yu Huang.

Her gaze was extremely sinister, as if Yu Huang was the enemy who had killed her entire family.

Yu Huang had seen this kind of gaze too many times during the Doomsday Era on Earth.

Sheng Zhou looked at the woman sharply and asked solemnly, “Is your husband infected” However, she didnt take the initiative to confess this on her report.

The woman looked at Yu Huang with fear and resentment before nodding with reddened eyes.

Sheng Zhou immediately frowned and said, “Go to Boat 1.”

The woman silently took her identity card and was sent into Boat 1 by the soldier.

Beatrice and Sheng Xiao were standing beside Yu Huang.

Beatrice saw this and couldnt help but ask Yu Huang, “Master Yu, how did you know about this” Yu Huang had just arrived and she didnt know that person.

She shouldnt know so much.

Yu Huang didnt intend to hide her skills.

She said, “I was lucky enough to obtain a special demon technique from a red-furred ape demon beast.

I can hear the thoughts of commoners.

Just now, when that woman was being tested, her thoughts betrayed her.”

When she heard this, Beatrices eyes lit up.

She said, “Master Yu, your skill is very special.

It can help us catch fish that escaped the net.

Were unwilling to detain any citizens, but we have no choice but to detain the infected citizens.

Were detaining them for the future of the entire Holy Spirit Continent!”

Beatrice suddenly bowed to Yu Huang and said pleadingly, “Master Yu, as the princess of the Divine Moon Empire, I invite you to be the supervisor of this operation!”

For the future of the Holy Spirit Continent!

For the future of all mankind!

At this moment, Yu Huang felt as if she had returned to the Doomsday Era on Earth.

She had returned to the day when she was chosen by the Alliance police to supervise.

That day, the chief of the Alliance police asked her earnestly if she was willing to be the chief supervisor of the Shanghai base.

Yu Huangs vision was very good.

She looked into the distance and her gaze passed through one unfamiliar face after another.

Then, she saw a familiar person.

Li Shi, the homeroom teacher of the senior class.

Manager Zhang of the Imperial Cuisine Restaurant.

As well as colleagues and partners who had worked together in the entertainment industry before.

Yu Huang said, “Alright.”

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