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The Candle Demon Mountain was where Ouyang Luo had died back then.

Countless Beast Tamers had died in that battle.

It was said that there were countless array formations hidden there.

It was very likely that they would be sent to the ancient battlefield of the Candle Demon Mountain.

However, Yu Huang said, “The Candle Demon Mountain is an ancient battlefield that we all know about.

I dont think the ancient battlefield were going to this time will be there.”

“Well know in the afternoon.”

Yu Huang scratched Sheng Xiaos waist.

Sheng Xiao felt itchy and dodged.

Yu Huang asked him, “Are you still jealous”

Sheng Xiao refused to admit that he was jealous.

At that moment, some students approached the observation deck.

Yu Huang stood up from Sheng Xiaos arms.

She put on a cap and returned to the hall with Sheng Xiao.

The aircraft quickly left the Divine Realm Continent and entered the territory of the Blazing Realm Continent.

However, the aircraft continued to fly forward with no intention of stopping.

It was only at 3: 30 PM that the aircraft slowed down.

Realizing that they were about to reach their destination, everyone packed their things and stood up to leave.


When the aircraft stopped on the ground, the students left the aircraft in an orderly manner.

After walking out of the aircraft, Yu Huang heard the sound of seawater hitting the reef.

She turned her head and saw the endless golden sea.

She looked up and saw a huge angel statue standing in the sky.

Yu Huang stared at the angel statue in a daze and muttered in surprise, “Holy City!”

No one expected them to come to the Holy City of the elves!

Sheng Xiao stood beside Yu Huang and looked up at the angel statue with her.

The angel was a man.

He was wearing a dark golden battle armor.

His golden curly hair was carved in a life-like manner.

His face was peerlessly handsome.

The angels wings were fully spread, casting a large shadow over the Holy City.

Sheng Xiao told Yu Huang, “That was the Elven King, Moldo.

He was Donors ancestor.

He was the person closest to God in the history of the Holy Spirit Continent.

He went to the Upper World but died in a battle.

The elves called him the Elven King.”

Yu Huang did not know much about the elves.

She only felt that the elf looked a little similar to Donor and took a few more glances.

Sheng Xiao walked to the front of the team and shouted, “All students, line up!”

Professor Sheng was the person in charge of the Divine Realm Academy.

All the students quickly lined up.

Gold Ingot walked to Sheng Xiaos side and said, “Tonight, we will rest at the Holy City International Hotel for the night.

Tomorrow morning, we will gather at the hotel lobby at seven oclock sharp and go to the ancient battlefield together!”

With that, Gold Ingot turned around and walked out of the square.

Seeing this, the students followed behind Gold Ingot.

Yu Huang and Feng Si were from the lower grades, so they naturally walked at the front.

Feng Si and Yu Huang discussed in a low voice.

“Whats going on Arent we going to the ancient battlefield Ive never heard of the famous ancient battlefield of the elves!” For the past thousands of years, the elves had been fighting the Beast Clan and the Merman Clan, but those ancient battlefields were not dangerous.

However, the Holy Spirit Academys enrollment competition was so grand this time.

They shouldnt have randomly found an ancient battlefield to compete in.

Yu Huang had the same thought as Feng Si.


She said, “Lets wait and see.”

This was her first time coming to the Light Sea, and Yu Huang also found it novel.

She couldnt help but curiously size up the elven cities and elves.

Everyone in the elven race had wings, so cars were not a popular mode of transportation in the Light Sea.

On the ground, motorcycles and horses could be seen everywhere, while there were maglev trains flying past in the sky.

The elven architecture was European in style, and castle domes could be seen everywhere.

The road here was not asphalt or cement, but a stone road paved with square stones.

Most of the elves were beautiful, but not all of them were.

As she walked on the street, Yu Huang saw many ordinary-looking elves.

She also saw a fatty.

That fatty was about 1.9 meters tall and looked like he weighed 300 pounds.

He had a big belly and long chubby legs, but the wings on his back were the same size as the other elves.

This made him look like a deflated duck.

It seemed that there were only a few elves who were as good-looking as Prince Donor.

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