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Nearly 30,000 Beast Tamers were mercilessly thrown into the demonic cave by Mo Xiao.

The demonic cave was unfathomable.

Looking down from the top of the mountain, one could only see a thick black fog.

No one knew what was at the bottom of the demonic cave.

Yu Huangs body was rapidly falling.

During the fall, she and Sheng Xiao were separated.

On the other hand, Feng Si was closer to Yu Huang back then.

When Mo Xiao waved his hand and pushed them into the demonic cave, Feng Si hung tightly on Yu Huangs body like a koala and shouted loudly in her ear, “Ah! Ah!! Ah!!!”

They fell for four to five seconds but had yet to reach the bottom of the demonic cave.

At this moment, Yu Huang had already regained her balance.

The Vermillion Bird wings on her back opened in an instant, and she maintained the balance as she slowly descended.

Sensing that he was falling slower, Feng Si opened his eyes and looked around.

They had already fallen into the black fog.

There was very heavy water vapor in the black fog.

The water vapor formed a small dewdrop and fell down like raindrops.

Feng Si looked up and realized that the black fog above his head had completely blocked the four mountain peaks.

Feng Si exhaled and said with a trembling voice, “Its so scary.”

Yu Huang said expressionlessly, “Let go of me!”

Feng Si hugged Yu Huang even tighter.


Im afraid of heights.

Let me lean on you.”

Yu Huang lowered her eyes and stared at Feng Si, who was holding her tightly.

She warned Feng Si, “Be careful not to be seen by Professor Sheng.

If you touch me, he will cut off your hand.”

Sheng Xiao suddenly appeared in Feng Sis mind.

He was afraid of heights, but he was more afraid of being beaten up by Sheng Xiao.

Feng Si swallowed hard and shouted at Yu Huang, “Then, then give me a ride!” With that said, before Yu Huang could refuse, Feng Si jumped onto Yu Huangs back and hugged the wings on her back tightly.

Yu Huang rolled her eyes.

The winged elves spread their wings and descended slowly like Yu Huang.

The humans and orcs gradually grasped the balance and regained control of their bodies.

They mobilized their spiritual power and slowly descended to the bottom of the demonic cave.

They continued to descend for nearly a minute before they finally pulled out the fog and saw the world below the fog.

Below the black mist, there was a pitch-black sea, and above the black sea, there were countless grayish-white skeletons floating.

One of the corpses had clearly just been abandoned here and had not completely rotted.

A group of sea birds was resting on the bodies of the night elves and focused on pecking at their rotten flesh.

Seeing this strange and sinister scene, the Beast Tamers pursed their lips and felt more or less uncomfortable.

Feng Si laid behind Yu Huang.

When he saw the corpses of the Night Elves, he couldnt help but sigh sadly.

“As elves, these Night Elves are really lowly.”

Seeing that the sea was filled with corpses, everyone tacitly stopped on the surface and refused to go deeper.

At this moment, no one was willing to be the first.

At that moment, Sheng Xiao descended from the sky and landed beside Yu Huang.

Feng Si quickly jumped down from Yu Huangs back when he saw Sheng Xiao.

He pressed his weak legs and explained to Sheng Xiao, “Professor Sheng, dont be angry.

Im afraid of heights and my legs are weak.

I couldnt stand properly, so I asked Yu Huang to help me fly.”

Sheng Xiao would be jealous of Xuanyuan Jing, but not Feng Si.

He knew that Feng Si and Yu Huang were only friends.

Sheng Xiao asked Feng Si, “Are your two brothers not here”

Feng Yuncheng had four siblings.

He had two older brothers and one older sister.

The eldest brother was called Feng Tang, the second brother was called Feng Zhen, and the older sister was called Feng Zhen.

Among the four siblings of the Feng family, Feng Tang had the highest cultivation level.

He was also Sheng Xiaos good friend.

As for the second brother, Feng Zhen, he was relatively mediocre.

When Feng Zhen first arrived at the Divine Realm Academy, he was hungry because he did not earn enough points, so he went to Sheng Xiaos dormitory to steal his snacks.

Hence, Sheng Xiao had a deep impression of Feng Sis second brother.

Feng Tang and Feng Zhen met the admission standards for the Holy Spirit Academy this time.

They would not miss this good opportunity, so Sheng Xiao could not help but ask when he saw Feng Si alone.

Feng Si said, “They also registered, but we havent met yet.” Feng Si had set off from the Divine Realm Academy with Yu Huang and the others, while Feng Tang and Feng Zhen had set off from the Feng familys home.

They hadnt had the time to meet.

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