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Sheng Xiao found out from the adulterous couple that the Central Pagoda was at the southernmost end of the Doomsday Battlefield.

He made up his mind and rushed south.

He thought that since Yu Huang was smart, if she could last until the end, she would definitely go to the Central Pagoda to participate in the competition for the Master Ten Thousand Ranking List.

Instead of searching for Yu Huang in the vast Doomsday Battlefield, it was better to go to the Central Pagoda and wait for her.

At that thought, Sheng Xiao mobilized his spiritual power and chose to fly south.

He flew for half an hour and felt the temperature rising rapidly.

This must be the extreme weather that the adulterous couple was talking about.

Soon, Sheng Xiao was sweating from the high temperature.

His shirt and pants were wet.

The hair on his forehead was sweaty and stuck to his scalp.

Sweat fell from his eyes and blurred Sheng Xiaos vision.

Sheng Xiao could only stop.

He decided to take off his clothes.

He continued walking bare-chested.

The temperature quickly rose from 30 degrees to 200 degrees.

The soles of Sheng Xiaos shoes melted and his skin was covered in blisters.

At that moment, Sheng Xiao heard a scream.

He looked up and saw a man in the forest in front of him.

He was suffering from a mental breakdown from the high temperature.

He squatted on the ground and shouted in a language that Sheng Xiao did not understand.

Soon, the man couldnt bear the pain anymore.

He tore open the survival ring and pushed it out of the battlefield.

Sheng Xiao was worried about Yu Huang when he saw that the other party had given up so quickly.

The lowest cultivation level of the participants who could enter this battlefield was Master.

Presumably, the participant just now was also a Master.

The other party was forced out of the battlefield by the high temperature, but what about Yu Huang

Sheng Xiao looked down at the marriage line on his ring finger again.

Then, he mobilized all the spiritual power in his body to maintain a constant temperature.

He continued walking south.

At that moment, Yu Huang, whom Sheng Xiao missed, felt as hot as if she had just been taken out of a pot of boiling water.

Yu Huang was covered in sweat.

The sweat completely drenched her back and stuck tightly to her chest and abdomen.

The sweaty feeling made her feel extremely uncomfortable.

Her flat leather combat boots were also melted by the high temperature, and small blisters appeared on her fair thighs from the sun.

Jiang Tingzhi was already prepared for the extreme weather, so when he sensed the temperature rising rapidly, he took out his fan immediately.

Jiang Tingzhi fanned himself and followed behind Yu Huang while sweating.

Through the layer of yellow sand, although he couldnt see the sweat on Yu Huangs body, he noticed that Yu Huangs tank top was wet.

It was tightly pressed against her delicate body, making her breasts look big and her waist look thin.

Needless to say, this country bumpkins figure was quite good.

Jiang Tingzhi noticed that Yu Huang was wiping her sweat.

He said gloatingly, “You cant hold on anymore, right If you cant, you can forfeit.”

Yu Huang had a fiery physique to begin with.

Compared to the cold, she was more afraid of the heat.

Upon hearing Jiang Tingzhis words, Yu Huang decided not to argue.

She wiped the sweat off her face with a towel, then took off her cap and fanned herself with it.

She took off her cap and revealed her bald head.

Jiang Tingzhi noticed Yu Huangs bald head and his mouth widened.

Could this girl be a nun

Yu Huang stared at the intense heat and walked forward for a moment before seeing a person.

The participant in front of her wasnt covered in yellow sand.

Yu Huang could clearly see that she was wearing a long green dress.

It was a participant from the Holy Spirit Continent!

When she finally saw her fellow countrymen, Yu Huang smiled.

Yu Huang shouted at the woman, “Miss!”

When the woman in front heard the familiar language, she turned around in pleasant surprise to look at Yu Huang.

She turned around, and Yu Huang finally saw the other partys face clearly.

The womans body was covered in blisters from the sun, and her lips were dry and cracked.

Her face looked pale, but her skin was flushed from the sun.

Yu Huang noticed that the other party was injured.

The wound was on her abdomen.

The woman held the wound on her abdomen and said with emotion, “God, Ive finally met my fellow countrymen.” The woman was clearly happy to see Yu Huang here.

Yu Huang quickly ran to the woman.

She wiped the sweat off her forehead and smiled at her weakly.

“Hello, Im Yu Huang from the Divine Moon Empire of the Divine Realm Continent.

Which country are you from”

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