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The participants hiding in the dark stared at Yu Huangs lonely back.

They hesitated for a moment and decided not to provoke her.

This unknown participant seemed to be a little too powerful.

Battlefield Administration.

The staff who had been observing Yu Huangs movements silently copied the scene of Yu Huangs battle with Sang Jiede and sent it to the directors computer.

The director was eating from a lunch box when he heard the computer beep.

He looked up at the busy staff in the hall and asked, “Who sent me the document”

“Director.” The subordinate in charge of observing Yu Huang stood up and said with a strange expression, “Director, you asked me to pay more attention to that Black Qing Sky Dragon contestant.

I just made a new discovery.

The video has been sent to your computer.

Take a look.”

Hearing this, the director finished his food in a few bites before opening the document.

After he watched the battle between Yu Huang and Sang Jiede, for the first time, his face revealed an expression of doubt.

Was there something wrong with his eyes, or was this girl a prodigy

Wasnt her beast form Black Qing Sky Dragon How could she summon a Divine Feather Phoenix

Black Qing Sky Dragon and Divine Feather Phoenix were born to be incompatible with each other.

They were both the best nutrition for each other.

They were two divine beasts that had a love-hate relationship with each other.

However, these two types of incompatible beast forms actually appeared on the same Beast Tamer.

The director refused to believe what he was seeing, so he opened the video again and looked at it.

After watching it a second time, the director finally believed that he wasnt mistaken.

What the hell How could a Beast Tamer have both the Black Qing Sky Dragon and the Divine Feather Phoenix in her body

“Make this participant a key observation target and follow her the entire time!”

Yu Huang, who was in the Doomsday Battlefield, didnt know that her performance had already attracted the attention of the Battlefield Administration.

She headed south and didnt dare to rest for a moment.

Seeing that it was dawn, Yu Huang increased her speed a little.

In a few hours, extreme weather would appear again.

At that time, it would be difficult to move forward.

There were many people who had the same thoughts as Yu Huang.

Everyone worked hard to move south.

Just as she was about to step out of the plains, Yu Huang finally welcomed the extreme weather torture of the next day.

The temperature in the air rose just like that.

In just a few minutes, the temperature exceeded 200 degrees.

Even though Yu Huang was already prepared, she still felt tormented and uncomfortable.

She looked up at the sky and thought to herself, “Why isnt it raining today”

Yu Huang was like a turtle as she stepped on the hot soil and headed south.

After walking for a while, she encountered a female participant.

That person was covered in a layer of soil barrier.

It seemed like she was also a participant from another world.

Hearing footsteps, the other party turned around warily.

When she saw Yu Huang, she subconsciously clenched the sword in her hand.

When Yu Huang saw that she had taken off all her clothes and was only wearing a set of underwear, with two bows on her sexy bra, she couldnt help but take a few more glances.

The woman noticed Yu Huang peeping at her chest, and her expression instantly became mixed.

“You like women too”

Yu Huang didnt understand what she was saying.

She thought that she was asking if she was hot, so she nodded.

Seeing Yu Huang nod, the ladys gaze instantly became gentle.

The girl took the initiative to approach Yu Huang.

Yu Huang looked at the other party warily while thinking that she was going to fight to the death with her.

However, she saw the other party stop half a meter away from her and extend her right hand towards Yu Huang.

“Its rare for us like-minded people to meet.

Lets walk together.”

Yu Huang stared at the other partys right hand and realized that she wanted to get along with her.

She extended her right hand and shook hands with her.

“My name is Yu Huang.” After a pause, Yu Huang said again, “Yu Huang.”

Yu Huang said her name twice in a row, so the other party understood what she meant.

The two of them walked together under the scorching sun.

The girl was looking for a topic to talk to Yu Huang about.

However, the two of them didnt understand each other.

In the end, the girl lost her patience and started singing.

Music had no boundaries.

Even if they didnt understand the lyrics, they could understand each others feelings.

The other party sang a love song.

During the song, she even glanced at Yu Huang from time to time.

She was winking at Yu Huang, but there was a barrier between them.

In Yu Huangs eyes, Evelyns winks made it seem like her eyes were twitching.

After Evelyn finished singing, she invited Yu Huang to sing.

Yu Huang wasnt a person who could sing.

Other than the sacrificial song, she only knew how to sing the national anthem of Earths Doomsday Era.

In that chaotic era, the national anthem could bring energy to people.

Everyone knew how to sing it.

Evelyn sang a melodious pop song for her.

Yu Huang couldnt possibly sing a sacrificial song for her, right

Yu Huang thought for a moment before saying, “Then Ill sing youMarch of the Volunteers.”

Thus, Yu Huang straightened her body and sang with a solemn expression, “Get up! Those who are unwilling to be slaves! Build our flesh and blood into our new Great Wall… and advance under the enemys artillery fire!” The march of the volunteer army was sung by Yu Huang alone, but with the aura of a magnificent army.

Evelyn clapped hard.

“You have great singing!”

Yu Huang guessed that she was praising her.

She nodded and thanked her.

With someone to accompany them, the extreme weather didnt seem to be as unbearable.

Finally, they endured for two hours.

Sensing that the temperature was rapidly decreasing, Yu Huang and the other party immediately opened their down jackets and hurriedly put them on.

The two of them had just put on their down jackets when the entire world was frozen.

In the extremely frozen environment, the two of them moved even slower.

Yu Huang was so cold that she kept rubbing her hands and placing them in front of her mouth.

Evelyn stomped her feet and couldnt help but tilt her head to secretly size up Yu Huang.

Even though Yu Huangs body was covered by a barrier, and Evelyn couldnt see her true appearance, she could still clearly see Yu Huangs facial features through the barrier.

Yu Huangs facial features were very gorgeous.

If she tore open that barrier, she would definitely be able to see a beautiful face that could mesmerize all living beings.

Evelyn asked Yu Huang, “Hey, Yu Huang, do you have a girlfriend”

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