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When he thought of this, Lie Chongs killing intent intensified.

Since he knew that Sheng Xiao would be a time bomb, he might as well kill him in advance!

Sheng Xiaos consciousness turned into a beam of light and passed through the galaxy silently.

He entered a vast and lonely desert world.

Sheng Xiao opened his eyes and saw himself standing in front of a dilapidated tower.

He stared at the tower and sensed an extremely familiar feeling from it.

Why did this tower look so much like the Central Pagoda

Sheng Xiao stared at the tower and pondered for a moment.

Then, he walked into the tower.

The door at the center of the tower was open.

A ray of light came out of it.

Sheng Xiao walked into the tower against the light.

He stood in the wide but dark tower and looked for the stairs to the second floor.

He realized that although the tower was tall, only the first level was open to him.

If he wanted to go a second time, he probably needed some kind of opportunity.

Sheng Xiao turned around and walked out of the tower.

He stared at the lonely desert outside and felt a sharp pain in his head.

It was his soul warning him.

Sheng Xiao covered his head and endured the pain.

A faint voice suddenly sounded in his confused mind.

“Do you believe in the existence of God”

Who was talking in his mind

Sheng Xiao shook his head.

This time, he heard his own answer.

“I dont believe in God!”

Then, that unfamiliar and ethereal voice sounded again—

“Do you believe in the existence of Divine Masters”

The voice asked again, “Then do you believe in the saying that Divine Masters are benevolent and compassionate”

“Why dont you believe it! Those who can become Divine Masters are all Beast Tamers with compassion.

Why dont you believe in the saying that Divine Masters are benevolent and compassionate!” This time, the unfamiliar voice was filled with unconcealable anger.

His calm tone became agitated and questioning.

Sheng Xiao heard himself say, “I believe that every Divine Master has compassion when they become a god, but I dont believe that they will still have compassion after they become a god.”

That person asked, “Why”

He said, “Because human nature is greedy.”

Sheng Xiao held his head in his hands and sat down slowly in the desert.

He looked up at the starry sky with a puzzled and confused expression.

The conversation that suddenly sounded in his mind just now was clearly his memory, and he only lacked part of his memory from the Central Pagoda challenge.

Clearly, these memory fragments were about what had happened in the Central Pagoda.

Who was the person who spoke to him in the Central Pagoda

Sheng Xiao continued to recall the conversation he had just recalled.

The more he thought about it, the more his head hurt.

It was as if an electric drill was stirring his brain.

However, Sheng Xiao didnt stop thinking this time.

He was determined to remember everything.

He wouldnt give up even if it hurt!

When a persons will was weak, a light blow could shatter it.

But when their will was strong, they could defeat everything.

Slowly, Sheng Xiao remembered the sealed memory.

He remembered that the person who spoke to him in the Central Pagoda wasnt the real Heavenly Dao, but thegod who created the Holy Spirit Continent.

That god had been hiding in the Central Pagoda all along.

He hid inside and deliberately waited for the outstanding participants of the continent to enter the Central Pagoda.

Once he discovered that someone had comprehended the power of the Divine Master, he would secretly kill him!

Sheng Xiao couldnt guess why he wanted to kill the Divine Master seeds.

However, he knew that thegod didnt allow Divine Master seeds to appear on the Holy Spirit Continent, let alone a new Divine Master!

It was precisely because he was smart enough to reveal the true identity of the fake Heavenly Dao and guessed that the death of Prime Master Yin Mingjue might be related to him that the fake Heavenly Dao transformed into Yin Mingjues appearance to kill him and approached him to lure him into lowering his guard, so he could kill him.

Fortunately, he noticed in time and exposed the other partys disguise.

Although he realized that something was wrong in time, he was still a step too late and had his arm injured.

However, Sheng Xiao remembered clearly that he fainted from the pain after his arm was cut off.

Logically speaking, the fake heavens should have taken the opportunity to kill him to prevent future trouble.

However, when Donor found him, he wasnt injured except for his arm.

Sheng Xiao had another question.

What happened on the top floor of the Central Pagoda before Donor found him

What unforeseen event had forced the fake Heavenly Dao to give up the opportunity

At that time, there was no one else on the top floor of the Central Pagoda except him and the fake Heavenly Dao.

The fake Heavenly Dao was extremely determined to kill him.

It was impossible for him to suddenly be kind and let him off.

After thinking about it, he realized that something unexpected probably happened to him.

Sheng Xiao thought of the scenes he saw about the Black Qing Sky Dragon Clan and the Divine Feather Phoenix Clan.

Yu Aofeng and Jing Huang were his and Yu Huangs identities in their previous lives.

If there was a secret hidden in his body, it could only be related to his previous life.

Sheng Xiao didnt know the ending of the Dragon Clans crown prince and Jing Huang in his previous life, but he had heard Lin Jiansheng mention the marriage compact.

That marriage compact was requested by Yu Aofeng.

In order to seek a marriage compact, Yu Aofeng took the initiative to give up the chance to become a god and gave up on his cultivation.

He was willing to be suppressed under the Soul Formation Mountain for the rest of his life and suffer the pain of the lightning whip day and night.

Since the Doomsday Battlefield still existed, it meant that Yu Aofeng wasnt dead yet.

To this day, he was still suppressed under the Soul Formation Mountain and endured the torture every day and night.

If the legend was true, if Yu Aofeng was really still alive, then…

Sheng Xiao thought about how his soul was weak when he was a child and how he was unconscious for months on end.

He suddenly had a bold guess.

Could it be that his soul was weak not because he was injured in his mothers womb, but because he was born without a part of his soul

And that portion of his soul was in Yu Aofengs main body!

He didnt know about Yu Aofengs existence, but Yu Aofeng was watching him secretly.

Therefore, Yu Aofeng saw Sheng Xiaos every move, his growth and suffering.

Therefore, in the Central Pagoda, when his life was in danger, Yu Aofeng finally saved his life!

Sheng Xiao was shocked by his own guess.

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