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He held the white sword and stood in front of Sheng Xiao.

He looked up and said to Lie Chong, “Let him go.”

Lie Chong recognized Ye Qingyang and the smile on his face instantly became awkward.

Ye Qingyang was someone that even Jing Jiaren and Zhan Wuya feared.

How could Lie Chong be his match

Lie Chong didnt dare to offend Ye Qingyang, but he didnt want to let Sheng Xiao off just like that.

His eyes flickered a few times before he said unwillingly, “Ye Qingyang, this is a battle between me and Sheng Xiao.

Life or death depends on ones own ability.

He refused to beg for mercy and undo the life-saving ring.

You cant blame me for being cruel and heartless.”

Hearing this, Ye Qingyang continued, “Hes a Divine Master seed.

He will have a bright future.

He might be the most powerful young Beast Tamer in his hometown.

Killing him might cut off that worlds only hope.

The battle is already over, so why do you really have to kill him”

“Lie Chong, dont be so ruthless.”

Lie Chong laughed and said in a sarcastic tone, “Hehe, although you cultivate the most vicious Ghost Dao, you seem quite merciful… If you want me to let him go…” Lie Chong grinned and his expression instantly darkened.” Impossible! ”

Sheng Xiao had comprehended the power of the Divine Master.

If he was given enough time, he would definitely reach the peak.

Letting Sheng Xiao escape today would be letting the tiger return to its home.

When Sheng Xiao grew up in the future, how could he survive

The four of them had already offended Sheng Xiao.

There was no turning back.

He had no way out.

He could only kill Sheng Xiao to prevent future trouble!

Lie Chong suddenly frowned and mobilized all the energy in his body again to inject it all into the sky net.

The energy in the sky net instantly became even more chaotic and domineering, so the hurricane energy in the sky net also became even more bloody.

Seeing this, Ye Qingyang hesitated for a moment before placing his hand on the bone sword.

He pulled out his bone sword and was about to cut open the net to release Sheng Xiao when a dangerous energy fluctuation appeared in the world!

Noticing the appearance of this energy, Ye Qingyang stopped moving warily.

And after Lie Chong felt the existence of that energy, all the hair on his body stood up.

That energy quickly swept through the entire battlefield.

Everyone who sensed the terrifying energy felt their scalps go numb.

What kind of energy was this

No one noticed that Sheng Xiao, who had his eyes closed, suddenly opened them.

He stared at his slowly raised arms and his lips curled up.

You have indeed always been with me.

Sheng Xiao didnt do anything, but his hands were raised high.

When he raised them, the wound on his arm healed quickly.

At the same time, his skin suddenly became hard.

If one looked carefully, they could see a faint golden color under his skin.

It was the power of a Divine Master.

Even if Yu Aofeng was a demigod abandoned by the heavens, he was still a god!

There was a shocking energy fluctuation in his arms.

The power was so strong that even Sheng Xiao felt his heart palpitate.

The hand easily passed through the chaotic hurricane storm and grabbed the sky net outside the storm.

The ten well-defined fingers pressed on the sky net and exerted a little force to tear it apart.

Hearing the sound of the giant net shattering, Lie Chong immediately looked down at his sky net.

Seeing the sky net being torn apart by a pair of large hands, Lie Chongs pupils suddenly dilated.

He screamed, “How is this possible!”

The net in the sky was as hard as a rock.

Only a level-ten supreme-grade spiritual weapon could cut it.

How did Sheng Xiao do it

Noticing this change, everyone was stunned.

Ye Qingyang saw that Sheng Xiao wasnt dead yet.

He even tore the sky net with his own ability.

He raised his eyebrows in surprise.

Then, he put the bone sword back into the scabbard and flew back to his original position.

The huge net was torn apart, and the storm inside the huge net disappeared.

A foot in black combat boots ruthlessly stepped on the tattered net.

A man covered in blood walked out of the bloody mist.

He was wearing black armor and had black dragon horns on his head.

His calm black eyes had an imposing aura.

He slowly raised his head and looked at Lie Chong.

Lie Chong looked at Sheng Xiao with a pale face.

When the net in the sky was torn apart by Sheng Xiao, he knew that he had lost.

Although Sheng Xiaos gaze was cold and indifferent, Lie Chong still felt fear for him.

Realizing that Sheng Xiao wouldnt let him off and that he wasnt Sheng Xiaos match, Lie Chong subconsciously reached out to tear the survival ring.

At that moment, Sheng Xiao moved.

Everyone only saw him take a step forward.

The next step, his body appeared in front of Lie Chong.

One of his hands pressed down on Lie Chongs arm, and the other grabbed Lie Chongs neck tightly.

This process was unbelievably fast.

No one saw how he approached Lie Chong.

The bones in Lie Chongs arm were crushed by Sheng Xiao.

He was sweating from the pain.

He frowned and begged for mercy.

“Sorry…” Before he could finish, the man in front of him broke his arm.

“Ah!!!” Lie Chong let out a miserable cry.

However, Sheng Xiao was unmoved when he heard his shrill cry.

He threw Lie Chong onto the battlefield below.

Then, everyone saw a black shadow flash past.

In the next second, Sheng Xiao broke the arm of the white crane in the sky and threw it beside Lie Chong.

Then, Dudek and Li Chu, who were sitting on the ground, were picked up by Sheng Xiao and thrown towards Lie Chong and the others.

The four of them were lying on the ground side by side.

The arm with the survival ring had been broken by him.

Sheng Xiao had cut off their chance of survival.

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