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When they passed by another street, she said, “This street is called Bounty Street.

If you have anyone you cant kill personally, you can go there to find bounty hunters.

As long as the amount of money is enough, you can kill whoever you want.”

Lin Feng, who was sitting behind the female driver, couldnt stand it anymore.

He reminded her softly, “Senior She Ying, pay attention to your words.

These are all students.”

The female driver raised her eyebrows and stopped babbling nonsense.

The car

“I think so.

Chen Mos Thunderbolt entertainment is basically a giant now.

It should have no problem supporting an entire exhibition hall.”

“Hahaha, I just remembered Chen Mos first convention.

It was a funny one with Emperor dynasty, and he even stole all the attention from Emperor dynastys VR games with his anipop.

Im dying of laughter.”

“This time, Thunderbolt entertainment is in the same exhibition hall as a lot of small companies.

It looks like Thunderbolt Entertainments status in the industry has indeed risen.

Even the organizers of the convention are taking this seriously.”

“Which one should we go to first”

“The booth babes from Emperor dynasty entertainment are definitely the best.

As for ZEN Entertainment, the in-game activities were good, and the merchandise was good; However, Chen Zhaos side was definitely the most unexpected.

Im so conflicted.

“But Chen Mo didnt even show up last year.

I wonder if hell come this year.”

“Lets go and take a look.

Many playersfirst choice was still Emperor dynasty entertainment and ZEN Entertainments booths, since Thunderbolt entertainment didnt have many games and Chen Mo didnt even attend last years Convention, so there wasnt anything particularly attractive about it.

Of course, some of Chen Mos die-hard fans went to Thunderbolt Entertainments booth.

When they arrived at Thunderbolt Entertainments exhibition hall, the players were all dumbfounded.

Why were there so many people

The entire exhibition hall was filled with people, and it was getting crowded.

Most of them were squeezing towards Thunderbolt Entertainments booth, and the other small gaming companies were almost ignore

9 Beast Tamers fell.

There were only 12 Beast Tamers left standing.

The six Masters, including Yu Huang, were still gritting their teeth.

At this moment, traces of blood flowed out of the corner of Beatrices mouth uncontrollably.

She stared at Yu Huang, Yin Rong, and the others opposite the stone tablet with an extremely stubborn expression.

The humiliation she had suffered in the Beast Clan when she was young flashed across Beatrices mind.

She gritted her teeth.

This was her only chance to turn things around.

Yin Rong looked at the six Supreme Masters opposite her.

The figures of her parents and sister appeared in her mind.

Blood flowed from the corner of her mouth, but like Beatrice, she endured the pain and gritted her teeth.

They, who had vendettas, had no right to give up!

As for Yu Huang, Zhan Manxues figure appeared in her mind.

She couldnt fall.

She had to enter the Holy Spirit Academy and go to the Great World.

She wanted to kill Zhan Manxue with her own hands!

In everyones hearts, there was hatred that supported them.

The 12 Beast Tamers all showed unexpected endurance.

Seeing this, Mo Xiao slapped the Spirit Testing Stone with his claw and increased the pressure again.

On the Master camps side, the Light Elf, Ash, was the first to vomit blood and fall to the ground.

Her fall was like touching a mechanism.

Two Beast Tamers from the Supreme Master camp also fell.

Three of the 12 Beast Tamers fell, leaving only nine.

And of the remaining nine, no one wanted to be the last three to be eliminated.

Yin Rongs beautiful face was already pale, and her forehead was covered in sweat.

Blood could be seen oozing from her nostrils.

Xiao Shu was in relatively better condition, but his expression was also filled with pain.

Yu Huang, on the other hand, endured it more easily than the two of them.

After all, she had a late-stage Master cultivation and had awakened a super beast form.

Among the Master Beast Tamers, Yu Huang could be considered the strongest.

The most surprising thing was the Night Elf, Estelle, seemed to be in a similar situation as Yu Huang.

It was just that the pair of small wings on his back no longer had the strength to spread out, and they drooped weakly behind him.

However, the situation of the Snake Clan girl standing beside Estelle was very bad.

Blood flowed out of her seven orifices, and soon, her body reached its limit.

She lost consciousness and fell to the ground.

After she fell, Feng Tang, who was behind Beatrice, also fell to the ground.

At this moment, there were still four people in the Master camp and three people in the Supreme Master camp.

As long as one more fell, the final result would be confirmed.

In the Supreme Master camp, although Beatrice and the others had pained expressions, their eyes were clear.

Clearly, they could still hold on for a while longer.

Among Yu Huang and the others, Yu Huang and Estelle were the most relaxed.

Xiao Shu was also relatively better, but Yin Rong was clearly at the end of her rope.

Yin Rongs body tensed up, and blood flowed out of her ears, mouth, and nose.

Her legs kept trembling, and she could collapse at any moment.

However, the hatred and obsession in her heart supported her and she refused to fall.

If she continued to forcefully hold on, it was very likely that her meridians would be destroyed!

Xiao Shu noticed that Yin Rongs breathing had become heavy.

He turned his head slightly to look at Yin Rong and noticed that Yin Rongs ears were bleeding and her legs were trembling non-stop.

Xiao Shu sighed helplessly, then closed his eyes and retracted the spiritual energy in his body.

The moment he retracted his spirit energy, countless spirit energy wind blades entered his body at the same time, instantly causing his consciousness to dissipate and he fell to the ground.

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