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“Thousand Beasts Sacrifice, Human Soul Cry!”

The peacock was surrounded by a thick layer of demonic power.

The demonic power supported the demonic power ball and mercilessly smashed it towards the Holy Spirit Academy.

Looking up at the demonic energy ball that was whistling towards him, Mo Yuelou could sense that the destructive power released by the demonic energy ball wasnt inferior to that of a Prime Master.

His pupils dilated slightly.

He immediately turned around and shouted at the top of his lungs, “All students, use Sheng Xiao as the center of the formation and form a divine formation!”

The so-called divine formation was to gather the energy of all the warriors and create the strongest god.

As the strongest person among the students, Sheng Xiao was the most suitable person to be the center of the formation.

Yu Huang was the first to put her hand on Sheng Xiao.

Then, the other students imitated Yu Huang and placed their hands on the shoulder of the person in front of them.

They transferred their spiritual power to Sheng Xiao.

Nearly 500 students transferred their energy to Sheng Xiao at the same time.

The spiritual power in Sheng Xiaos body became thicker and more powerful.

When the ball of demonic energy landed above the Holy Spirit Academy, Sheng Xiao, who was standing in the middle of the array core, disappeared.

Instead, a huge dragon appeared.

Black Qing Sky Dragon swayed upwards and used the hard dragon horn on his head to ruthlessly collide with the demonic energy ball!

When the dragon horn and the ball of demonic energy collided, a powerful energy fluctuation was produced.

The entire world seemed to have stopped in an instant.

In the next second, a thunderclap suddenly sounded in the sky.

It was so loud that it was deafening.

Then, a dazzling colorful light quickly shot out from the center of the explosion.

Instantly, the entire area around the Black Dome was as bright as day.

However, the light beam only existed for two to three seconds before the world instantly returned to darkness.

Black Qing Sky Dragon let out a muffled roar, and the peacock demon beast standing opposite him was also in a sorry state.

The blue peacocks beautiful feathers were burned and covered in some blood.

Even its tail feathers were burned.

Sheng Xiao was in a bad state too.

The shocking explosion had injured the soft flesh on his abdomen.

At that moment, the dragon scales on his abdomen were upside down.

Blood fell from his wound and dripped on Yu Huang and the other students.

The blue peacock turned to look at its burnt tail feathers.

It chuckled and said viciously, “You guys are quite capable to be able to successfully resolve the power of the Thousand Beast Sacrifice.”

However, Sheng Xiao didnt feel happy about winning.

They seemed to have won, but they had actually lost.

The students used all their strength, but only diminished the combat power of the beast tides flying demon beasts.

One had to know that under this black dome, there were countless land battle demon beasts!

If the beast tide really attacked, the Holy Spirit Academy would fall!

Hence, Sheng Xiao couldnt smile.

He realized once again how weak they were.

Below, Yu Huang and the others heard the powerful roars of the demon beasts below the Black Dome and realized this.

For a moment, everyones expressions were somewhat solemn.

At this moment, the large searchlight on the top floor of the dormitory building of the Holy Spirit Academy lit up.

The searchlight shone in the direction of the primitive forest.

Soon, a furious roar filled with pressure sounded from the Abyssal Origin Forest.

Hearing the roar, the blue peacock turned to look at the primitive forest.

Then, it glared at Sheng Xiao and said, “Lets fight again next month!” Then, it led its followers to the primitive forest.

Similarly, the beast tide that surrounded the bottom of the Black Dome also ran towards the primitive forest in an orderly manner.

This beast tide crisis was temporarily resolved.

Black Qing Sky Dragon turned into Sheng Xiao and returned to the field.

Mo Yuelou and Yu Huang hurried over to support Sheng Xiaos swaying body.

Sheng Xiao leaned on Yu Huangs shoulder and said to all the students, “Im fine.

Ill be fine after a night of rest.”

At that moment, Sheng Zhou squeezed out of the crowd and fed Sheng Xiao a Blood Replenishing Pill.

“Young Master, Ill help you get back to rest.” As the eldest disciple of the Sheng family and Sheng Lingfengs personal disciple, Sheng Zhou was outstanding.

He entered the Holy Spirit Academy with a good score of 32nd place.

Sheng Zhou and Yu Huang helped Sheng Xiao to a clean rock and he sat down to rest.

Mo Yuelou noticed that someone was walking down from the administrative building.

He lowered his voice and said, “The Grand State Master is out.”

Everyone looked up at the administrative building and saw Mo Xiao leading Di Ruofeng and the others out.

The principal, Mo Xiao, walked at the front while the vice-principal, Di Ruofeng, and Pupu An followed behind him.

They didnt see Lin Jiansheng.

“Principal! Vice principals!”

The students stood up.

Even Sheng Xiao stood up slowly with Yu Huangs help.

Mo Xiaos blue eyes swept across the faces of these young students.

Seeing everyones exhausted state, he said, “I think youve all guessed it.

I did arrange this beast tide crisis for you.”

After Mo Xiao confirmed their guesses, everyone only smiled bitterly and didnt dare to say anything.

Mo Xiao continued, “From today onwards, a beast tide battle will be held every half a month.

The day you defeat the beast tide will be the day you graduate.

It will also be the day you go to the Central Pagoda to undergo the test and go to the Great World to further your studies!”

The students were shocked when they heard this.

Sheng Zhou suddenly raised his hand.

Mo Xiao glanced at him.


Sheng Zhou lowered his eyes and asked, “Principal, ever since the chaos in the Central Pagoda 22 years ago, the passageway to the Time Gate has been sealed.

Now, can we still go to the outside world” There was no clear explanation for the chaos in the Central Pagoda.

The young people in the past yearned for the Central Pagoda, but now, they were afraid of it.

Under such circumstances, could they still go to the Upper World through the Time Gate of the Central Pagoda

Sheng Zhous question was also what many people were wondering.

Mo Xiao didnt explain further and only said nonchalantly, “Why cant we go If theres someone haunting the tower, then… well just kill that ghost.”

Hearing this, the students felt invigorated.

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