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As soon as this thought appeared, the group of Beast Tamer students were defeated by the two Magic Snakes at the same time and fell to the ground while howling in pain.

After a girl with a human body and a ponytail rolled to the ground, her eyes burning with fire.

She saw that her companions were seriously injured and had completely lost their ability to fight, while the two Magic Snakes were unharmed.

Tears immediately welled up in her eyes.

“Jaris!” The girl said to the Snake Clan girl lying not far away on her right, “Angus and the others are about to die! We are no match for these two Magic Snakes! Lets forfeit!”

The Snake Girl looked up at the two Magic Snakes on the tree.

Seeing the Magic Snakes forked tongue and the killing intent in its eyes, Jaris knew that it wouldnt be easy for them to escape.

“Youre right.

We should have forfeited long ago!” With that, as the captain, Jaris quickly pressed the forfeiture button on her watch.

The moment she pressed the button, the old dean, Di Ruofeng, flew down from the sky and placed the entire group of students in a big sack before taking them away.

As soon as they left, the counter on Donors wrist flickered.

He lowered his eyes and glanced at the counter.

His eyes lit up, and he said gloatingly, “32 teams have already forfeited.” In other words, only 18 teams were still doing missions in the entire forest.

Donor looked at Yu Huang and asked her, “Shall we continue”

They had just arrived at the middle circle when they encountered a ferocious demon beast like the Rank 7 Magic Snake.

If they continued forward, it would probably be even more dangerous.

Yu Huang didnt reply.

Instead, she looked at Beatrice and the others.

“Do you think we should continue this mission”

Beatrice said, “Since its a mission, it means that we all have a chance to complete the mission.

I think the principal and the others wont really have us risk our lives.

I think we should continue to complete the mission.”

Yin Rong agreed with Beatrice.

“I think so too.”

Estelle said, “Im not quitting!”

After receiving her teammates reply, Yu Huang shrugged at Donor.

“Look, everyone wants to continue.”

Yu Huang lowered her eyes and stared at the marriage line on her ring finger.

She noticed that the marriage line extended deep into the forest.

The corners of her lips curled up slightly as she said to Donor, “My husband seems to have entered the hinterland.”

Donor became excited.

“Lets go.

Dont let Sheng Xiao beat us to it!”

At the same time, Sheng Xiao and the others arrived at the hinterland.

Just like Yu Huangs team, Sheng Xiaos team was wearing camouflage uniforms.

Although they didnt have feces wiped on their uniforms, they smelled bad.

If one looked carefully, they wouldntice that there was a smelly cloth bag hanging on their waists.

It contained insect repellent pills specially concocted from the feces of the demons.

This thing was made by Sheng Zhou.

Because Sheng Yang liked all kinds of perfume, when Sheng Zhou was in Yufu City, his greatest hobby was to concoct perfume for Sheng Yang.

Therefore, when he entered the primitive forest and encountered the feces of the demons in the hinterland, Sheng Zhou used the feces of the demons to concoct this insect repellent pill.

Although it was called an insect repellent pill, it could actually successfully distort the sensory buds of all demon beasts that were inferior to demon cultivators.

After Sheng Xiao and the others got close to the hinterland, with the help of the feces bag, no high-level demon beasts attacked them.

Sheng Xiao lowered his head and looked at the marriage knot on his ring finger.

He noticed that the marriage knot was shaking.

He guessed that Yu Huang and the others were rushing to the center of the hinterland.

He couldnt help but look doting.

“According to the map, the Pixiu Demon lives on a mountain that looks like an old tiger head.” Sheng Zhou and the others stared at the nearby mountain for a long time before finally finding a small mountain that looked like an old tiger head.

They had found the place where the wolf demon lived, but no one dared to take the initiative to look for it.

At this moment, another team successfully broke into the center of the hinterland and found the residence of the Pixiu Demon.

The group of people were wearing tattered camouflage uniforms like Sheng Xiao and the others.

Their leader was a woman with slicked-back hair.

The woman looked to be in her thirties.

She had an earring with the word “North” on her left ear.

She was Fang Peipei, the second place on the top 500 rankings of the Holy Spirit Academys recruitment competition.

She was also the princess of the Northern Ice Kingdom and the number one killer of Wind Blade Mountain.

When he saw Fang Peipei, Sheng Xiao took the initiative to nod and greet her.

“Sister Fang.” Sheng Xiao had been in Wind Blade Mountain for a while.

He admired Fang Peipei from the bottom of his heart.

Fang Peipei was surprised to see Sheng Xiao greet her.

“Grand Master Sheng.” Fang Peipei nodded at him as a greeting.

Fang Peipei raised her head and looked at the small mountain in front of her.

She said in a low voice, “The Pixiu Demon is a super demon beast with strength comparable to a Prime Master.

Its absolutely impossible for us to save Miss Weng from under its nose.”

Sheng Xiao nodded.

“Its very difficult.”

Fang Peipei looked into Sheng Xiaos eyes and suddenly said, “I wonder if you have any good ideas”

To be honest, Sheng Xiao really didnt.

This mission was impossible to complete.

Seeing that Sheng Xiao was silent, Fang Peipei said, “Actually, I have an idea.”

Hearing that, both Sheng Xiaos team and Fang Peipeis team were curious about her method.

Sheng Zhou imitated Sheng Xiao and called Fang Peipei Sister Fang.

Then, he asked, “Sister Fang, do you mind sharing your method with us”

Fang Peipei smiled mysteriously.

She only said, “Pixiu Demons are lecherous.”

Sheng Xiao narrowed his eyes.

“I understand.

Sister Fang, youre saying that we cant deal with the Pixiu Demon by force.

We can only use our wits.

We can use… a honey trap.”

Then the question was, where was the beauty

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