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Sheng Xiao was excited after hearing Yu Huangs analysis.

He held Yu Huangs face and pressed his forehead against hers.

He couldnt hide his pride as he sighed.

“Youre really too smart.

I like you so much.” How could she be so smart

“I think the same as you.” Sheng Xiao pressed the tip of his nose against Yu Huangs.

He said softly, “Ive been thinking about a question.

Why is that person trying his best to get rid of Divine Masters in this world What do you think about this”

Yu Huang looked at Sheng Xiaos clear eyes at a close distance.

She said the most shocking words in the calmest tone.

“Hes afraid that well kill him.”

This time, Sheng Xiao kissed Yu Huangs mouth.

She was also very kissable.

There was a knock on the door.

Sheng Xiao quickly let go of Yu Huang and turned to look at the closed door.

He heard Lin Feng say outside the door, “If youre done resting, go to the back mountain to build a house.

Dont hide here and slack off.”

Yu Huang chuckled and pulled out a chair to stand up.

“Lets go and build a house.”

Di Ruofeng rushed back to the Divine Moon Empire.

When he arrived at the capital of the Divine Moon Empire, the sky was already dark.

After recognizing Di Ruofeng, the staff in the Alliance Building immediately bowed to him respectfully.

“Greetings, Prime Master Ruofeng.”

Di Ruofeng waved his hand and strode to the elevator before heading straight to the top floor.

There were only four Beast Tamers with the cultivation level of a Prime Master on the continent.

No one dared to stop Di Ruofeng from meeting Mo Xiao.

However, the news that he had appeared in the Alliance Headquarters building still reached Sheng Lingfengs ears immediately.

When Sheng Ling received the news, he only said, “Prime Master Ruofeng is noble and upright.

He wont do anything stupid.”

After receiving Sheng Lingfengs reply, the guards on the top floor of the headquarters building were relieved.

They were really afraid that Di Ruofeng was here to break into the prison.

If Di Ruofeng wanted to take the Grand State Master away, they really couldnt stop him.

When Di Ruofeng arrived, Mo Xiao was enjoying his dinner.

There were four dishes and a soup.

There werent many dishes, but they were Mo Xiaos favorite.

Seeing that the alliance didnt mistreat Mo Xiao, Di Ruofeng was relieved.

“What a coincidence.

Its dinner time.

Have you eaten If you havent, eat with me.” Mo Xiao was in a good mood and even invited Di Ruofeng to eat with him.

Di Ruofeng was in a hurry to rush back to see him.

He really didnt eat anything on the way.

Di Ruofeng had been starving since he was young.

Later on, even after he became a Beast Tamer, he didnt abstain from eating.

He would still eat three meals a day on time.

Di Ruofeng didnt stand on ceremony with Mo Xiao.

He pulled out a chair and sat opposite Mo Xiao.

Seeing this, the staff guarding outside the door hurriedly added a set of cutlery for Di Ruofeng and served a few more dishes according to Di Ruofengs preferences.

When Di Ruofeng saw that Mo Xiao had someone to serve him, he smiled and teased Mo Xiao, “Its much more comfortable to stay here than at Lin Jianshengs place.”

During the few days he stayed in Lin Jianshengs manor, Mo Xiao had eaten instant noodles and drunk Sprite Coke and soda.

He lived the life of an ordinary person.

He shook his head and smiled.

“Its not fun to stay at his place.” He missed the spicy hotpot Lin Jiansheng ordered.

It was just that there were too many peppercorns, so his mouth was numb and he couldnt speak properly.

The two of them chatted and laughed as they finished their dinner.

After the staff removed the bowls and chopsticks, Di Ruofeng immediately set up a soundproof barrier outside the house.

“Grand State Master, Yu Huang activated her foresight ability again today.”

Hearing this, Mo Xiao smiled in relief.

“That child has improved very quickly.

Those children on the Divination Continent have to learn for ten years before they can successfully activate the Eye of All Things.

How long has it been Shes already very impressive.”

Mo Xiao felt a little regretful.

He said, “If theres a chance in the future, I have to send Yu Huang to the Divination Continent to undergo professional divination studies.

Im a dabbler myself, so I cant teach her well.”

“There must be that chance.”

“Tell me what she foresaw.”

Di Ruofeng told Mo Xiao what Yu Huang had foreseen.

After hearing this, Mo Xiao was very calm.

He said, “Look, this is why the Eternal Eye is so powerful.

I can only divine that there will be a calamity in the Central Pagoda, but she can foresee a more detailed future.”

Mo Xiao reminded Di Ruofeng solemnly, “Dean Di, after Im eliminated, Yu Huang will become an eyesore to him.

You must protect her well.

Nothing can happen to her.”

“Grand State Master, dont worry.

She is my grand-disciple and the only child Mingjue left in this world.

I will protect her even if I have to risk my life.”

Mo Xiao nodded and felt relieved.

“Grand State Master, I actually have something to discuss with you today.”

Di Ruofeng told Mo Xiao about Yu Huang meeting the faceless man in the Saint Tomb and Sheng Xiao interacting with thegod in the Central Pagoda.

“According to the description of these two children, thegod seems to have an activity range than expands beyond the Central Pagoda.”

Di Ruofeng approached Mo Xiao and lowered his voice to say softly, “Grand State Master, where can God hide if he leaves the Central Pagoda”

He looked out the window and through the citys night light, he looked at the location of the Xuanyuan Clan in the distance.

“The Saint Tomb is where powerful souls gather.

Why do you think that person hid in the Saint Tomb Is it because he needs the nourishment of the souls Or is there another reason”

He couldnt possibly like to play among the dead, right

Mo Xiao tapped his fingers lightly on the table and suddenly said, “Fifty years ago, didnt the Xuanyuan Clan bury a Prime Master in the Saint Tomb”

Di Ruofeng stared at the unfathomable smile on Mo Xiaos lips and his mind raced.

As he thought, he said, “Fifty years ago, the disciples of the Xuanyuan Clan discovered the corpse of one of their ancestors in a desolate mountain restriction.

That ancestor had been dead for more than a thousand years.

When his corpse was discovered, it was said that he had already lost his inheritance and only had weak spiritual power left.

Therefore, the Xuanyuan Clan decided to bury that ancestors corpse in the Saint Tomb to benefit the future generations.”

Because that ancestors inheritance had been lost, the Xuanyuan Clans Saint Tomb wasnt open to the public.

“Grand State Master, are you suspecting…” Di Ruofeng saw the unfathomable smile on Mo Xiaos lips and gasped.

He said in disbelief,” God, are you suspecting that the Xuanyuan Clans ancestor wasnt buried there, but… ”

Di Ruofeng covered his mouth with his hand and didnt dare to say the rest.

The Grand State Master only laughed until Di Ruofengs scalp went numb.

Mo Xiao supported his forehead with his hand and leaned back in his chair lazily.

He suddenly asked Di Ruofeng, “Dean Di, have you dug a grave before”

Di Ruofeng was speechless.

The longer he lived, the more exciting his life became.

He really didnt expect that when he was tired of being the dean, he would actually have to become a tomb robber.

Mo Xiao shook his head calmly.

“No, dont alert them.

Let them be smug for a few more days.”

Di Ruofeng was enlightened.

“I understand.

We have to take them by surprise and kill them in one move!”

Mo Xiao closed his eyes and waved his hand.

“From tomorrow onwards, there will be chaos.

Dean Di, Ill leave everything to you.”

Di Ruofeng stood up and bowed solemnly to Mo Xiao before leaving.

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