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“Flower Peacock!” A gray unicorn with fur led a group of land demon beasts to the top of the Black Dome.

They stood at the entrance of the Holy Spirit Academy and raised their heads to shout at the peacock demon in the sky, “What You cant deal with this group of human cubs Do you need our help!”

The peacock demon sneered.

“Shut up! Lets see if you can do it.

If you can, go ahead!”

The gray-furred unicorn gave the order.

The hundreds of demon beasts behind him sacrificed their demonic power at the same time and transferred it into the gray-furred unicorns body.

The gray-furred unicorns fur became much brighter, and it looked rather majestic.

The fur on its body stood up one by one, and small flames emerged from its pores.

The unicorn instantly turned into a warrior covered in flames.

It shook its mighty body, and the flames obeyed the unicorns command and turned into a fireball emitting gray light.

The fireball was thrown into the sky and attacked from above the Holy Spirit Academy.

The fireball landed on the protective shield and turned into countless fragments that attached themselves to the protective shield and burned.

The protective shield was instantly ignited, as if it had been splashed with gasoline, and burned very vigorously.

For a moment, even the faces of the students under the protective shield couldnt be seen.

Accompanied by a shocking explosion, the protective shield was finally shattered.

Hearing this commotion, the gray unicorn swaggered towards the peacock in the sky and said, “How is it When it comes to a real battle, we land demon beasts are the ones to be relied on.

We are the battle elites!”

It lowered its eyes and looked at the field below.

It thought that it would see the students lying on the ground with serious injuries.

In the end, it saw those students standing upright in the middle of the field.

They looked energetic and didnt look seriously injured.

Seeing this, the peacock realized that the protective shield hadnt exhausted their spiritual power!

In just two months, the cultivation level of this group of young humans had increased a little too terrifyingly.

Mo Yuelou raised the sword in his hand and shouted, “Form the formation and counterattack!” Hearing this, the students all moved immediately.

They suddenly turned around to face Donor, who was in the middle of the circle, and transferred the remaining spiritual power in their bodies into Donors body.

The pure white wings on Donors back suddenly spread out, and the wings were covered in a faint golden light.

His long golden hair fluttered without any wind.

Donor looked holy.

Those handsome eyes suddenly opened.

Dark golden light gathered in his eyes, making them look dazzling.

When the last trace of spiritual power entered his body, Donor suddenly pulled out the Light Sword in his hand and shot into the sky.

When the Light Sword was unsheathed, a golden rainbow cut through the night.

It instantly lit up the pitch-black Black Dome Plains.

Donor used this dazzling light to see the figure of the Pixiu Demon in the distance.

At this moment, his body was filled with the spiritual power of all his classmates.

He was suddenly filled with courage, and his fear of the Pixiu Demon had faded greatly.

Donor held the sword in his right hand and cut his palm without hesitation.

Golden blood flowed out of his palm.

The golden blood flowed gently from the sword and was instantly devoured by the Light Sword.

The golden light in Donors eyes became deeper and deeper.

After being summoned by the Golden Bloodline, the Light Sword in his hand was finally activated.

The power of light was a fourth-grade Divine Rank cultivation technique that the Elven King, Moldo, had captured from the Lou Lan Ancient Pavilion.

It was the strongest cultivation technique of the elves.

Only elves with the Golden Bloodline in their bodies were qualified to inherit Moldos inheritance.

When Sheng Xiao and the others went to the Saint Tomb to accept the inheritance, Donor also accepted Moldos inheritance.

Under the power of light, all the demons died!

Donor muttered softly, “With my golden bloodline, I summon the Angel Sword.

May the angel descend and kill the demons!” With that said, Donor suddenly threw the Angel Sword into the distant plain.

The golden light on the Angel Sword became even more dazzling.

All the light gathered together and condensed into an illusory angel image in the void.

The angels figure was graceful.

She was wearing an ankle-length dress.

Her curly hair fell to her waist, and the wings behind her were fully spread, making it impossible to see the end of it.

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