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The angel was enveloped in light, and no one could see her face clearly.

It was precisely because they couldnt see her face clearly that she appeared even more holy and inviolable.

Seeing that Donor had actually summoned an angel, all the elves revealed ecstatic expressions.

Only the Elven King could summon an angel.

Would His Highness Donor become the next Elven King

Estelle stared blankly at the elf, then looked up at Donor.

He took a soft breath and whispered, “Village Chief, I see an angel.”

When the angel descended, all the dirty things in the world couldnt help but bend their knees and kneel on the ground.

Even if they were unwilling, they couldnt control their legs at all.

Even the Pixiu Demon felt the blood in its body freeze in an instant.

In the sky, the angel suddenly opened her eyes and extended her right hand to gently press forward.

At the same time, an ethereal and gentle female voice spread throughout the world—

As soon as she finished speaking, some of the demon beasts with only Level 2 and 3 cultivation levels in the beast tide were reduced to ashes on the spot.

Those medium-level demon beasts also covered their ears and howled in pain.

Di Ruofeng and Pupu An were shocked to see this.

“This is…” Di Ruofeng said in shock,” Could this be the legendary Angel Sword of the Elven King, Moldo ”

The Beast Clan that Pupu An lived in was relatively close to the Light Sea.

They were more familiar with the legend of the Elven King.

He nodded and said with a mixed expression, “I really didnt expect Donor to successfully obtain Moldos inheritance.”

The elves had Donor, the humans had Sheng Xiao and Yu Huang, and the merfolk had been destroyed.

What about the beastmen

It had been many years since a talented child appeared in the Beast Clan.

When Donors spiritual power was exhausted and he fell to the ground weakly, the angel in the sky suddenly disappeared.

On the ground, the weak demon beasts in the beast tide had all turned to ashes.

The Pixiu Demon watched helplessly as the little demon beasts were reduced to ashes.

It looked at the Holy Spirit Academy with fear.

Back then, when they found out that Mo Xiao was going to build the Holy Spirit Academy and create a plan to create the strongest elite, the demon beasts didnt think much of it.

In the first beast tide battle, the students were quickly defeated.

The Pixiu Demon thought that the so-called elite academy was just a group of cowards.

However, in just two months, those children had made such great progress.

The Pixiu Demons mentality finally changed.

When he saw Donor summon an angel with his own eyes, the Pixiu Demons feelings for him faded a little.

Forget it.

This fellow was a stubborn person.

He might as well forget him.

“Hmph!” The Pixiu Demon roared angrily and turned to return to the primitive forest.

Seeing that their boss had left, the other demon beasts also retreated.

Due to the excessive consumption of spiritual power, Donor had already fallen into a deep coma and was caught by Mo Yuelou.

The students who had just watched Donor successfully summon the angel were all silent.

Donors Angel Sword was really terrifying.

Yu Huang smiled at Sheng Xiao.

“His Angel Sword isnt inferior to your Myriad Slash.”

Sheng Xiao didnt deny it.

Instead, he analyzed objectively, “Donor borrowed our power just now to successfully summon the Angel Sword.

However, using external power isnt as easy as using his own energy.

I think he didnt really unleash the true power of the Angel Sword.

When he grows up, he will definitely unleash even more terrifying power.”

Sheng Xiao sighed.

“The Angel Sword is indeed very powerful.

As expected of the strongest technique of the elves.”

As the beast tide took the initiative to retreat, the battle of the beast tide was finally over.

Although the Pixiu Demon took the initiative to retreat, it didnt mean that the students had really won.

After all, only those mid and low-level demon beasts took the initiative to attack them tonight.

The truly powerful demon beasts had yet to attack.

After a night of intense battle, the sky lit up.

Sheng Xiao called Yu Huang over to eat breakfast.

When Yu Huang was about to finish eating, she saw Yin Rong and Xiao Shu walking towards their table in a hurry.

As soon as they sat down, Xiao Shu said, “At five oclock this morning, a powerful Prime Masters skeleton was found under a glacier in the Ice Domain Continent.


Xiao Shu looked at Yu Huang and Sheng Xiao and lowered his voice.

“Someone had set up a Spirit Plundering Formation under the glacier.”

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