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Another Prime Master skeleton was discovered.

This news was truly shocking.

Yu Huang was a foodie, but after she heard this news, she couldnt eat a single bite.

She put down the spoon in her hand and looked up at Xiao Shu.

“How did you know”

Xiao Shu said, “Look at Weibo.”

“Weibo” Yu Huang was somewhat puzzled.

“Why would the matters of the cultivation world spread on Weibo” Generally, things that happened in the cultivation world would only be announced on the Beast Tamer Alliances website.

This was an unwritten rule.

Sheng Xiao thought about it and came to the truth.

“Someone is deliberately expanding the influence of this matter.” If someone had not secretly spread it, this news would have been quickly deleted by the administrator.

It would not have caused such a huge commotion on Weibo.

“Most likely.” Yin Rong agreed with Sheng Xiao.

“Let me take a look first.” Yu Huang opened Weibo on her phone.

The Weibo app had not been used for a long time.

The moment she opened it, it reminded her to update the latest version.

Yu Huang turned off the reminder in frustration and lowered her head to ask Xiao Shu, “Is the topic trending” As she asked, she opened the Weibo hot search.

Xiao Shu replied, “Its trending.”

Yu Huang opened the trending page and saw that the trending topic at the top was # The corpse of the Prime Master appeared at the Blue Lake Glacier #.

There was the purple-red word “trending” at the back of the topic.

This topic received too much attention, and the number of views became the highest today.

All the users who used Weibo saw this topic and participated in the discussion.

Yu Huang opened that topic and saw the first report.

It was an exposé forwarded by the official news account of the Divine Moon Empire.

The writer of the original exposé was a user calledGlacier Exploration Team Star.

The Glacier Exploration Team Star was a very famous glacier expedition and glacier protection organization on the Ice Domain Continent.

The members of this organization were all geologists and exploration enthusiasts.

This team lived in some inaccessible glacier areas all year round and relied on live-streaming and editing videos to promote the glacier protection culture, advocate global protection of the environment, protect the Earth, and global warming awareness.

Because their videos were nice and the exploration was filled with thrill and the unknown, the glacier expedition team was extremely popular on Weibo and other media websites.

This Prime Masters corpse was discovered by the team at four in the morning at a glacier called Blue Lake in the Ice Domain Continent.

Yu Huang found the original bloggers Weibo and opened the video edited from the live broadcast.

In the video, a group of explorers in polar jackets and waterproof high-top shoes were sliding through a glacier with heavy bags on their backs.

As they walked, one of the explorers suddenly tripped and rolled down a cliff.

When he fell, the team members all shouted in panic and worry.

When the team members were urgently rescuing their companion, they actually discovered a very small hole in the middle of the cliff.

As soon as the explorer with rich exploration experience saw the entrance, he boldly analyzed, “Theres a high chance that this is a glacier cave.”

The explorers were excited that they were about to discover a new mysterious ice cave.

“We have to go in and take a look.” The explorers secured the mountain rope, then tied the life rope around their waists and slowly headed into the ice cave.

The cave was very narrow at first, and could only accommodate a medium-sized person.

“No, its too narrow inside.

We have to abandon the backpack.” The backpack was filled with dry food, emergency medicine, and survival devices.

Abandoning ones backpack meant putting ones life in danger.

After a short period of hesitation, the explorers took off their backpacks and crawled into the cave.

The crawling process was a little long.

After the video was edited, it was only ten seconds.

“Look! Its indeed an ice cave!”

“God, this cave is the largest cave Ive ever seen in my life!”

The photographers aimed their cameras at the cave in front of the explorers.

The cave was five to six hundred meters high.

No one expected that under the Blue Lake Glacier, there was a natural glacier cave!

A huge ice pillar stood in the middle of the cave.

It pierced straight into the top of the cave from the bottom.

In addition, there were countless ice pillars in the cave.

Those ice pillars were shaped like various animals and looked shocking.

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