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Mo Xiao frowned.

The coldness in his eyes finally disappeared and turned into anger and panic.

“What are you doing!”

Mo Xiao wanted to take her hand away.

She Ying pressed his hand tightly and sat on Mo Xiaos lap.

Mo Xiao wanted to push her away.

She Ying wrapped herself around him even more domineeringly.

Mo Xiao resisted a few times but didnt succeed, so he stopped moving.

It was like he had been kidnapped by a female bandit to the village to be her husband.

There was a hint of grievance in his blue eyes.

She Ying didnt see the change in his expression.

She deliberately bit Mo Xiaos shoulder.

Mo Xiao was wearing silk pajamas, and She Yings sharp snake teeth easily bit through his clothes.

The tip of her teeth dug into his flesh, and She Ying deliberately injected snake venom into Mo Xiaos body.

She Ying was a level 9 demon beast with demonic power comparable to that of a Prime Master Beast Tamer.

When his body was suddenly invaded by her snake poison, Mo Xiaos gaze was dazed for a few seconds, but he quickly regained his senses.

However, Mo Xiao didnt push her away.

Mo Xiao could clearly feel the snake venom spreading through his meridians and limbs.

What She Ying gave him was not poisonous venom, but aphrodisiac venom.

Mo Xiao gradually felt his body heat up and his limbs go weak.

Sensing that Mo Xiao had stopped resisting, She Ying slowly let go.

She lowered her head and looked at Mo Xiaos face.

Seeing that Mo Xiaos gaze was dazed and his reaction was a little slow, she thought that the snake poison had worked.

She Ying extended her sharp nails and cut through Mo Xiaos silk pajamas.

She pressed her fingers on his warm skin and murmured, “Little Fox, dont reject me.”

Just as She Ying lowered her head and kissed Mo Xiaos neck, the confusion and hesitation in Mo Xiaos eyes disappeared and were replaced by lucidity.

He wasnt poisoned at all

As a Prime Master, how could he not be able to resolve this mere snake poison

However, he didnt want to resolve it.

The clarity in his blue eyes was gradually replaced by lust and passion.

Late at night, the cold wind blew outside the building, and a layer of frost formed on the glass.

Mo Xiao stood by the window in his white robe.

He stared at his reflection in the window with a cold expression.

The woman walked out of the bathroom and reached out to wrap around her wet arms Mo Xiaos thin waist.

She Ying stood on her tiptoes and whispered into his ear, “Little Fox, come back to the abyss with me.

Although our beast race has already declined, we can still protect you.”

“Dont you want to return to the Demon Beast Continent to take revenge! Have you forgotten that in order to save you, your mother sacrificed her life to forcefully tear open the Time Gate and send you to the Holy Spirit Continent to help you escape the pursuit of the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan Didnt you swear to return to the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan to take revenge! Didnt you want them to atone for your mothers death!”

“What, you wont keep your word anymore”

Mo Xiao thought of his painful childhood experience and immediately felt sad.

The Nine-Tailed Fox Clan was a divine beast race.

They were born with extremely high intelligence and super memory.

Therefore, Mo Xiao clearly remembered his past.

He remembered that he was the son of the Nine-Tailed Fox Clans Patriarch, but he was also a black nine-tailed fox that symbolized misfortune and disaster.

There was an ancient legend in the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan.

Legend had it that in the future, the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan would give birth to a black nine-tailed fox.

That black fox had extraordinary abilities.

He would bring about the extermination of the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan.

When he was still in his mothers stomach, he was also a child that the patriarch looked forward to loving.

However, after his mother went through great pains to give birth to him and they discovered that he was a black nine-tailed fox, it naturally shocked the entire clan.

That day, his father, who had stroked his mothers stomach, called him a baby gently, told him jokes, and looked forward to his arrival, only gritted his teeth and decided to kill him after seeing his appearance clearly.

Therefore, when Mo Xiao opened his eyes with great effort, he saw his father reaching out to him.

His father had never been pregnant for ten months.

He could bring himself to kill the child, but his mother couldnt stand to watch her child be killed.

His mother dragged her weak body down from the delivery bed and snatched Mo Xiao away.

She hid Mo Xiao in her arms and shouted at her husband and the entire clan, “What did he do wrong! Hes just a newborn child.

He cant even open his eyes.

Just because of a legend, you want to kill an innocent child! Is this the wisdom of the Divine Beast Clan!”

Although the Patriarchs wifes words made sense, everyone was afraid that the legend would come true, so they still insisted on killing Mo Xiao.

Helpless, Mo Xiaos mother could only bring him out of the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan.

The woman who had just given birth was weak to begin with.

She brought Mo Xiao and hid in the Demon Beast Continent for a month.

In the end, they were still discovered by the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan.

That poor woman fought with the clansmen, but she was outnumbered and was severely injured in the end.

The woman realized that she couldnt protect her child anymore.

Helpless, she brought Mo Xiao to the Time Valley of the Demon Beast Continent.

She dispersed her cultivation and sacrificed her life to tear open an escape route for Mo Xiao in the Time Valley, where the energy was powerful and chaotic, and threw him in.

Mo Xiao came to the Holy Spirit Continent by chance and became a little black fox wandering in the primitive forest.

At that time, he was always hungry and couldnt eat his fill.

He struggled to survive.

That was when he met She Ying.

She Ying was his playmate, his childhood friend, and his only companion in life.

From being bullied to being encouraged and supervised by each other, they finally became super demon beasts in the Abyssal Origin Forest.

Mo Xiao was from the Divine Beast Clan.

After his cultivation level broke through to the Supreme Master Realm, he could freely switch between human form and beast form.

However, She Ying was only an ordinary demon beast.

She chose to become a human after cultivating into a super demon beast step by step.

In this world, She Ying was the only person who knew Mo Xiaos identity.

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