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“I was best friends with Dongfang Sile.

The moment he returned, I sensed spiritual energy fluctuations.

Guess what I did to him later.” Mo Xiao threw another question at She Ying.

She Ying looked into Mo Xiaos eyes that were filled with anguish.

For a moment, she didnt dare to find out the answer.

She Ying forced a smile and said stubbornly, “Youre lying to me.” She picked up the negligee and fur coat on the ground and said as she put them on, “Youre tired.

Rest well and stop spouting nonsense.

Ill come and see you in a few days.”

She Ying put on her suspender skirt and fur coat.

When she reached for her underwear, she heard Mo Xiao say, “I deliberately released my aura.

Dongfang Sile sensed my spiritual energy fluctuations and flew from the Central Pagoda to the Blazing Realm Continent, then found me in that cave.”

She Ying lowered her head and put on her pants.

She didnt say anything, as if she was deaf.

Mo Xiao continued, “I jumped into the Dragon Abyss with injuries.

my soul and body were stripped away.

I struggled in the chaotic world of the Dragon Abyss Lock for decades before I climbed back into the human world and returned to the Holy Spirit Continent.

When he found me, I was in an unprecedented state of distress and weakness.

At that time, he hugged me tightly.

He swore to avenge me and heal my body.

Guess how I treated him”

Upon hearing this, She Ying suddenly threw the pagoda earring in her hand at Mo Xiaos face, drawing two bloody lines on his handsome face.

“Shut up.

I dont want to listen anymore.”

Mo Xiao felt the blood flowing down his face.

He wiped the blood away and suddenly took a step forward.

He reached out and grabbed She Yings arm, then pressed her into his arms.

Mo Xiao lowered his head and stared at She Yings beautiful face.

His voice sounded cold as it reached She Yings ears.

“I stabbed my hand into his heart forcefully.

I grabbed his heart out while he was alive.

For the first time, I clearly felt the process of a heart going from beating strongly to stillness, from warm to cold… He died just like that.”

She Ying believed that Mo Xiao was telling the truth.

A story could be fabricated, but feelings and emotions couldnt be faked.

When Mo Xiao mentioned Dongfang Siles death, his guilt and sorrow were real.

Therefore, he was really the one who killed Dongfang Sile.

She Ying couldnt understand why he did all of this.

“Why did you do this”

Mo Xiao pinched She Yings chin and pressed his fingers on her red lips.

A crazy look gradually appeared on his fair face.

He lowered his head and bit She Yings lips.

His voice quivered as he said, “Because I didnt want to die! Because I wanted to become stronger!”

She Yings voice also quivered.

“Then… what about Bai Zhenzhen”

Mo Xiao smiled again.

“She liked me, remember”

Of course She Ying remembered.

She Ying couldnt remember anything else, but she knew very well which female cultivator in the cultivation world loved Mo Xiao.

She Ying had vaguely guessed Mo Xiaos actions towards Bai Zhenzhen.

She actually didnt have the courage to listen to the truth.

She wanted to push Mo Xiao away and escape from the room.

However, Mo Xiao insisted on personally revealing his true colors in front of She Ying.

He wanted She Ying to see how terrifying he was.

He wanted She Ying to never dare to approach him again.

“Dont go.

Let me finish first.” Mo Xiao pressed She Yings waist with his right hand and locked her in his arms, not allowing her to escape.

His left hand stroked She Yings snake eyes while he gently kissed her cheek countless times.

His voice was so gentle that it made She Ying shiver.

He said, “That woman, Bai Zhenzhen, was both naive and love-struck.

I only used my spiritual power to send her a message and said that I wanted to see her.

She took the trouble to run from the Beast Clan to the Blue Lake Glacier.”

“You dont know how beautiful she looked that day.

That day, I accompanied her to admire the sunrise and sunset of the Blue Lake Glacier.

Then, we confessed our feelings to each other in the ice cave…” Mo Xiao pressed his fingers on She Yings earlobe.

He smiled, but there was no mirth or warmth in his eyes.

“Do you know how she died”

She Yings body was trembling slightly.

She heard herself asking hoarsely, “How did she die”

Mo Xiao told her, “I smeared Jinghong Luo on my mouth.

She kissed me and then her body was instantly paralyzed.

I sealed her in a towering ice pillar…” Jinghong Luo was a medicine that could instantly numb ones nerves, but the effect of this medicine could only last for a few seconds for a Prime Master Beast Tamer.

However, in those few seconds, Mo Xiao successfully sealed Bai Zhenzhen.

After knowing the truth, She Ying was agitated.

She had a feeling that she had never known Mo Xiao.

Although he was not a good person, he was not a jerk who would exploit ones feelings to hurt others.

How could he do such a thing!

At this moment, She Ying heard Mo Xiao ask her again, “Are you very sleepy”

She Ying wouldnt have felt it if he didnt ask, but when Mo Xiao asked, She Ying immediately felt exhausted and could barely open her eyes.

She realized something and suddenly opened her heavy eyelids.

She glared at Mo Xiao in disbelief and questioned him angrily, “You poisoned me!”

Mo Xiao kissed her lips again, and She Ying immediately felt as if she was about to fall asleep.

Before She Ying completely lost consciousness, she heard Mo Xiao say, “I know youre very vigilant, so I hid the poison in my body in advance.

Ying Ying, Im not worth it…”

She Yings grip on Mo Xiaos collar gradually loosened, and she fell weakly into Mo Xiaos arms.

Mo Xiao stared at She Yings face gently.

His index finger traced She Yings eyebrows, nose, and lips carefully, as if he wanted to engrave this face in the depths of his memory forever.

Mo Xiao placed She Ying on his bed while he laid beside her.

He held She Yings hand and fell asleep peacefully.

The next morning, Yu Huang had just walked out of the elevator on the top floor when she saw a female attendant walking over.

“Master Yu Huang.” The female attendant bowed to Yu Huang and said respectfully, “The Grand State Master invites you in.”

A look of surprise flashed across Yu Huangs eyes.

Did her adoptive father know that she was coming

Yu Huang followed the female attendant to Mo Xiaos room.

The outermost part of the suite was the living room.

The living room and the dining room were separated by a frosted glass.

Yu Huangs gaze landed on the frosted glass and she could vaguely see a figure moving slightly behind the glass.

The female attendant softly reminded the person inside, “Grand State Master, Master Yu Huang is here.”

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