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Chapter 95: Spring Is Here, Time to Date

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After being separated for a few months, they were reunited again.

Everyone was very excited.

The girls surrounded Yu Huang and sized her up for a while.

Julia praised Yu Huang for losing weight, while Vivian stared at the golden mask on Yu Huangs face and asked curiously, “Yu Huang, where did you buy this mask Its so beautiful! I want to buy one too.

Ill wear it at mask balls in the future!”

When she heard Vivian say that the mask was beautiful, Yu Huangs lips curled up.

She blinked at Vivian and touched the mask.

She said proudly, “This mask is custom-made.

Theres only one like this in the world.”

She could not buy Sheng Xiaos mask.

After knowing that the mask was custom-made, Vivian stopped.

After the girls finished chatting, Jiang Shangfeng and Zhu Nuowen came to Yu Huang.

Jiang Shangfeng asked Yu Huang, “It must have been tough for you to catch up for the college entrance examination in Jingdu.

Look, youve lost weight.”

Yu Huang was about to shake her head when she heard Zhu Nuowen say, “Yu Huang, actually, you dont have to work so hard.

Even if you dont do well on the college entrance examination, we wont laugh at you.”

Everyone knew that Yu Huang used to be an actress.

Since she skipped too many classes, how good would her grades be And it was already rare for her to have such a proper learning attitude.

When Yu Huang saw that no one believed that she could get good grades, she was even more determined to work hard to improve and then secretly become the top scholar to stun the entire school!

Vivian thought of something and hurriedly opened the zipper of her backpack to take out a white plastic bag.

She handed the item to Yu Huang and said, “Dont you like to eat mint starch jelly Before we left, we bought a portion of starch jelly from an old lady at the entrance of the bus stop.

Its been chilled the entire way.

Hurry up and eat.”

Yu Huang hurriedly caught the starch jelly with both hands.

She opened the packaging and stared at the cold and green mint starch jelly in the lunch box.

She suddenly felt guilty.

She was ashamed of herself for lying to them.

One could hide some secrets from ones real friends, but one shouldnt lie to them.

Yu Huang suddenly said, “Actually, I lied to you.”

Jiang Shangfeng and the others stopped talking and looked at Yu Huang.

They asked curiously, “What did you lie to us about”

The bus stop was crowded, so it was not a convenient place to talk.

“Lets go to a place with fewer people to talk.”

Yu Huang led them out of the bus stop and to a small park.

Seeing how secretive Yu Huang was, everyone became nervous.

Vivian couldnt stand the strange atmosphere, and she couldnt help but ask Yu Huang, “Yu Huang, what exactly are you trying to say”

Yu Huang didnt know where to start either, so she stretched out her right hand and summoned Xuan Yu.

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Seeing the beast form duck that Yu Huang had suddenly summoned, Jiang Shangfeng and the others widened their eyes and exclaimed in unison, “Beast form!”

Vivian stared at the little duck in Yu Huangs palm and subconsciously swallowed hard.

She asked with a tight throat, “Yu Huang, you successfully awakened your beast form”

Yu Huang nodded gently.

Seeing that she had admitted it, Jiang Shangfeng and the others widened their eyes.

“What exactly is going on! Werent you getting tutored in Jingdu”

Could it be that when she was studying in Jingdus cram school to catch up on lessons, they even gave her the secret to beast form awakening

Yu Huang told them, “Actually, during the period of time that I took leave of school, I wasnt studying in Jingdus cram school.

Instead, I went to find a way to successfully awaken the beast form in my body.”

With that, she put away her beast form and bent down to apologize to everyone sincerely.

“Im sorry that I lied to you and Teacher.”

Jiang Shangfeng and the others were agitated and didnt know what to say for a moment.

In the end, it was Vivian who spoke first.

She asked Yu Huang, “Why didnt you dare to tell us the truth”

The corners of Yu Huangs lips curled up as she gave a self-deprecating smile.

She said, “That day in the Purifying Spirit Academy, I wasnt able to successfully awaken my beast form at the final moment, causing me to be mocked by the entire internet.

I wasnt willing to accept this and wanted to find a way to awaken my beast form.

However, I was afraid that after everyone found out my thoughts, they would laugh at me for being delusional, so I lied.”

Yu Huangs apology was filled with sincerity and her tone sounded so pitiful.

How could anyone bear to blame her

When Jiang Shangfeng and the others recalled how Yu Huang was mocked by the entire internet, they naturally understood why she was lying.

When one truly treats a person as a good friend and see that ones friend has become outstanding, one should give her endless blessings, instead of being jealous or condemning them.

Real friends didnt envy each other when they saw that the other party had become outstanding.

Instead, they would sincerely feel happy for the other party when they saw that the other party had become outstanding.

Jiang Shangfeng smiled in relief.

He raised his fist and hammered Yu Huangs shoulder.

He smiled and said, “Idiot, youve successfully awakened your beast form.

This is a good thing.

We all understand why you hid it earlier.

You dont have to feel too burdened.”

Zhu Nuowen and the others also raised their fists and imitated Jiang Shangfengs actions, hammering Yu Huang on the shoulder.

Only Vivian did not react.

She bit her lip and looked at Yu Huang with a complicated expression.

Yu Huang looked at Vivian and didnt say anything.

The atmosphere instantly became awkward.

Jiang Shangfeng and Zhu Nuowen felt uneasy mixed among the girls.

Vivians attitude towards Yu Huang had always been very ambiguous.

Originally, Yu Huang had been disfigured and had not successfully awakened her beast form.

Since she was pitiful, Vivians attitude towards her was more that of pity than friendliness.

Now, Yu Huang had successfully awakened her beast form and become a Beast Tamer.

Vivian immediately felt a sense of crisis, and felt gloomy that she would be overshadowed by Yu Huang for the rest of her life.

She glared at Yu Huang fiercely and said frankly, “In the past, when I was running for the school belles position, you always beat me.

Among the entire class, I hated you the most.”

Hearing this, Jiang Shangfeng and the others expressions froze.

Julia gently pulled Vivians sleeve, hinting that she shouldnt make their relationship too awkward.

But Vivian ignored Julia.

Vivian looked directly at Yu Huang.

Her tone was filled with disdain as she said, “Yu Huang, I find you annoying.

I hope that after graduation from high school, you will immediately enter the Divine Realm Academy to harm others.

I dont want to see your name in the competition for the most beautiful girl in school in my life!”

Everyone was speechless.

Yu Huang finally smiled.

She reached out and hugged Vivian, who wasnt being frank.

She promised, “I swear that I will never compete with you for the title of the most beautiful school belle again.”

Vivian said, “You better not!”

Seeing that these two girls had let bygones be bygones, Jiang Shangfeng and the others suddenly heaved a sigh of relief, and the atmosphere instantly became relaxed.

“Lets go.

We should go to the selection competition.

We cant miss Annas competition!”

“Lets go!”

The group of girls walked in front and chatted about whose dress was better and whose shoes were the most fashionable.

Jiang Shangfeng and Zhu Nuowen looked at each other and shrugged.

“Women are so hard to figure out.”

There was a considerable distance from the bus stop to the Beast Tamer Selection ground.

The group of seven finally decided to take the subway.

As the capital of the Divine Moon Empire, Jingdu was the most prosperous city in the Divine Moon Empire.

The population was also very high.

The subway was packed, and it took the seven of them a lot of effort to squeeze into the subway.

After entering the subway, Vivian grabbed the armrest above her head and exclaimed, “My shoes fell outside the subway!”

This was her first time coming to the capital.

Vivian even specially went to the mall to buy a beautiful set of clothes and shoes last night.

Today, Vivian was wearing a light blue long dress and a pair of almond-colored flats.

She looked beautiful and elegant.

However, the shoes on her left foot had disappeared.

She could only step on the floor barefoot.

Her elegance had vanished.

Vivian was very vain, so it was humiliating for her to be barefoot in a public place.

Her face was flushed, and she had the feeling that everyone around her was peeping at her.

But in fact, apart from herself, no one would notice that she was not wearing shoes.

Jiang Shangfeng noticed that Vivians face was flushed with embarrassment.

He slowly squeezed through the crowd and stood beside Vivian.

Jiang Shangfeng took off his shoes with his heel and kicked his sneakers in front of Vivians heel.

He lowered his head and whispered in Vivians ear, “You can wear my shoes.

Im still wearing a pair of socks.”

Vivian, both grateful and touched, blushed at him.

“… Thank you.”

Yu Huang was tall, and her vision was good as she stood among the girls.

She watched Vivian and Jiang Shangfengs interaction, and suddenly realized that spring was here.

Spring had arrived, and it was time to date.

The host of the Beast Tamer Selection Competition was the Divine Moon Empires Beast Tamer Alliance and the Imperial Family.

The venue was a horse racing field in Jingdu.

The square horse farm was divided into ten phalanxes by the staff.

Each phalanx was a hundred meters long and a hundred meters wide.

The horse farm could accommodate ten groups of Beast Tamers for a competition.

The participating Beast Tamers sat in the waiting area.

They all had a silver-white Beast Tamer badge on their shoulders with a light gray star on it.

In order to differentiate between the ranks of Beast Tamers, the colors of the stars on the Beast Tamers badges were also different.

The stars on the Scholars badge were light gray, the Masters badge was light blue, and the Supreme Masters badge was dark blue.

The Grand Masters badge was light purple, and the Prime Masters badge was dark purple.

Only the Divine Masters badge was the most special color, and it was a seven-colored badge that was mainly purple.

The Divine Master badge only had a design plan and had not been manufactured yet.

After all, no one in this world had truly reached the level of a Divine Master.

The current competition tickets were charged.

Ordinary tickets cost 100 spirit stones per ticket, and it cost 20,000 yuan per ticket.

The VIP area tickets were even more outrageous.

They ranged from 200 spirit stones to 500 spirit stones.

The better the viewing angle, the more expensive the ticket price.

Jiang Shangfeng and the others did not have the money to buy tickets.

They planned to stand outside the competition venue and call Anna Tao out to talk.

However, when they arrived at the racecourse, Yu Huang took out seven ordinary tickets and distributed them to them.

Holding the ticket, Vivian asked with a surprised expression, “Yu Huang, where did you get the ticket Does your family know that youre wasting money” In their impression, Yu Huang was no longer the big star she was before.

Her family was poor now, and she relied on her father to buy alms bowls and chickens to earn money.

Vivian and the others didnt want Yu Huangs tickets.

They even said, “Sell the tickets.

Well stand outside.

Its not easy for him to earn money.”

When Yu Huang heard their words, she sighed silently.

They were all a bunch of good children!


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