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Chapter 97: Sheng Xiaos Show!

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This scene became the most tragic scene on the stage.

Everyone held their breaths and cast their gazes towards Arena 8, where Anna Tao was.

Everyone could tell that Anna Tao would only be crushed by Xuanyuan Sisi!

Xuanyuan Sisi stood in the distance.

Her clothes fluttered as she asked Anna Tao coldly, “Anna Tao, do you admit defeat”

Anna Tao looked at the gray sky above her.

Admit defeat

If she knew what it meant to admit defeat, she would have been beaten to death by her father!

“No, I wont admit it!” She would admit anything, but she would not admit defeat!

Anna Taos voice was clearly so weak, but her weak voice reached everyones ears through the loudspeaker.

It shocked everyone.

Many people couldnt bear to watch any longer.

There was even a soft-hearted woman who was about to cry.

She bit her handkerchief and said nervously, “Child, just admit defeat!”

Seeing Anna Tao being abused by the girl called Xuanyuan Sisi, Yu Huang and the others were enraged.

Zhu Nuowen suddenly took out a custom-made red banner from his bag.

He asked Julia and Su Tiantian to pull the banner while he raised the horn and shouted, “Anna!”

Anna Taos consciousness was about to dissipate, but at this moment, she heard her childhood friend shouting her name.

Anna Tao tried to turn her head to look at the audience.

Several blurry figures appeared in her line of sight.

After recognizing those people, tears finally fell from her eyes.

It was her friends!

Jiang Shangfeng snatched the loudspeaker and raised it while shouting, “Anna Tao! Youre the bravest and strongest person in Class 7.

Today, even if you lose, youre still the god of Class 7!”

Hearing her good friends cheer her on suddenly gave Anna Tao an endless amount of energy again.

She wiped away her tears, then gritted her teeth and pushed through the last of her consciousness as she stood up while trembling.

Anna Tao could not stand still.

She stared at Xuanyuan Sisi while swaying and stammered, “Xuanyuan, Sisi.

I, I wont admit defeat.

If you have the guts, beat me to death! If you cant kill me, Ill definitely kill you in the future!”

She would remember everything Xuanyuan Sisi had done to her for the rest of her life!

Xuanyuan Sisi was frightened by Anna Taos ruthless gaze.

She suddenly realized that she really couldnt let this wretched girl live.

If Anna Tao really walked off the stage alive, she would definitely become a stumbling block on her cultivation path!

Xuanyuan Sisi made up her mind to kill Anna Tao to prevent future trouble!

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Xuanyuan Sisi secretly gave the snow fox an order.

The snow fox in the sky swept up a tornado again.

Just as the tornado was about to touch Anna Tao, two lights suddenly lit up in the audience.

One black and one red were particularly eye-catching.

The black light came from where the Sheng family was located, and the red light came from the audience seats in District D.

Noticing the tyrannical and powerful light and sensing the Spiritual Energy aura of her acquaintance, Yu Huang hurriedly hid herself.


A dragons roar shook everyones eardrums.

A giant black dragon suddenly appeared in the air and charged straight at Arena No.


It slammed into the barrier effortlessly!

After the Black Dragon charged into Arena No.

8, it opened its mouth and swallowed the tornado.

Then, it curled its tail and swept Xuanyuan Sisi into the void.

“Hum!” An angry dragon roar sounded again.

This time, Xuanyuan Sisi was thrown to the ground by the dragon tail.

Xuanyuan Sisi fell to the ground and spat out a mouthful of blood.

She laid on the ground and looked up at the sky.

A dark green figure descended from the sky and landed on Black Qings dragon head.

The person standing on the dragon head was wearing a navy blue shirt.

There was a black fountain pen on his left chest pocket and a token in his right hand.

It was the rights card of the Beast Tamer Alliances President!

The man was handsome and charming.

His appearance attracted the attention of all the women in the audience.

After seeing the mans face clearly, Xuanyuan Sisi finally revealed a frightened expression.

“Sheng… Sheng Xiao…” Xuanyuan Sisi did not expect her battle with Anna Tao to alarm Sheng Xiao.

The patriarch of the Sheng family, Sheng Lingfeng, had been in seclusion since early this year.

Now, his only son, and the young master of the Sheng family, Sheng Xiao, was handling important matters of the Sheng family.

As the president of the Beast Tamer Alliance, Sheng Lingfeng was unable to attend the qualifying competition because he was in seclusion, so he asked Sheng Xiao to attend the scene on his behalf.

So, Sheng Xiao represented Sheng Lingfeng today.

He held the rights card of the Beast Tamer Alliance, so he had the right to exercise all the rights of the Alliances President!

Xuanyuan Sisis ruthless action against Anna Tao had seriously violated the rules of the Beast Tamer Selection.

She realized that Sheng Xiao was here to convict her!

If Sheng Xiao really wanted to pursue this matter, Xuanyuan Sisi would either be punished physically or lose her right to participate forever!

If she couldnt participate in the competition again, it meant that Xuanyuan Sisi would never be able to enter the high-level Beast Tamer Academy to further her studies in her lifetime.

She would never become powerful!

How could Xuanyuan Sisi not be afraid of Sheng Xiao!

Xuanyuan Sisi endured the pain and got up.

She knelt on the ground and called out respectfully, “Master Sheng!”

Sheng Xiao looked at her coldly.

His voice was cold as he said, “Xuanyuan Sisi, you are not allowed to kill your opponent during the competition! Your actions just now violated the rules of the Beast Tamer Selection Competition! As a core disciple of the Xuanyuan Clan, you knew the law and violated it.

Do you know your crime!”

Xuanyuan Sisis face turned as pale as a sheet when she heard this.

Her lips quivered for a moment, but she refused to admit her crime obediently.

She quibbled in a broken voice, “Supreme Master Sheng, she, she deliberately provoked me! She refused to admit defeat and forced me to kill her!”

“She forced you” Sheng Xiao was furious.

He asked Xuanyuan Sisi sharply, “You said that she forced you But what I saw was a junior scholar with a powerful cultivation technique beating up a novice scholar who did not even have a cultivation technique! Who forced you Do you think Im blind and cant see Do you think the audience is blind and cant see!”

After he finished speaking, Sheng Xiao glanced at Anna Tao, who was seriously injured, and then at the organizers.

The organizers lowered their heads guiltily when they noticed Sheng Xiaos gaze.

Sheng Xiao was not only cursing Xuanyuan Sisi, but he was also cursing the organizing committee that had been bribed by Xuanyuan Sisi.

Xuanyuan Sisi trembled in fear when she saw Sheng Xiao getting angry.

She did not dare to argue anymore.

Sheng Xiao raised the Rights Card of the Beast Tamer Alliance and announced loudly,

“Xuanyuan Clans core disciple, Xuanyuan Sisi, tried to kill her opponent during the competition and severely violated the prohibition rule of the Beast Tamer Selection Competition.

On account that it was her first offense and did not really harm her opponents life, I decided to detain her on the sixth level of the prison and only let her be released after three months of imprisonment! Due to the negative influence, she will be given an additional two years of ban!”

Xuanyuan Sisi knelt on the ground on the spot when she heard this, and she was completely stunned.

After killing Xuanyuan Sisi, Sheng Xiao looked at the delegation.

The group of people sitting at the organizers representatives table were all alarmed.

Sheng Xiao aimed the card at them and said, “The second supervisory team of the host of the Beast Tamer Selection Competition this year, due to bribery and covert operations, has severely violated the rules of the Beast Tamer Alliance.

They will be removed from their position immediately and their membership will be rescinded!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the royal family immediately sent someone to bring the second supervisory team and Xuanyuan Sisi away from the racecourse.

Sheng Xiao immediately condemned Xuanyuan Sisi and the hosts delegation the moment he appeared.

He shocked everyone.

He was making an example of them to show the consequences of manipulating the Beast Tamer Selection Competition with his strength.

Some people admired him, while others hated him.

However, they could not do anything to him.

Sheng Xiao was known as the number one genius of the Holy Spirit Continent.

He was even more precious than a national treasure in the Divine Moon Empire.

Who would dare to cross him

The future of the entire Divine Moon Empire was on his shoulders.

Touching him was tantamount to provoking the Divine Moon Empire!

After the army took Xuanyuan Sisi and the others away, Sheng Xiao flew to the front of the Beast Tamer waiting area.

He stood in front of the young Beast Tamers and looked at the location of the organizer and the six families.

A cold voice sounded throughout the entire arena again—

“Beast Tamers are the future of the entire Holy Spirit Continent.

The Beast Tamer Selection Competition should be fair, just, and sacred! As a cultivation family, you should set an example and lead the way in maintaining order, not rely on your status to commit evil!”

Sheng Xiao stared at the Xuanyuan clan leaders position and asked meaningfully, “Is the Divine Moon Empire the Divine Moon Empire of everyone, or the Divine Moon Empire of some people”

The Xuanyuan Clans patriarchs face instantly turned pale when he heard this.

On the royal familys side, the prince Mo Yuelou immediately glanced at the seat of the Xuanyuan clan leader.

His gaze was aloof, but it was filled with condemnation and disappointment.

The Xuanyuan clan leaders eyes flickered, but he did not dare to react.

Sheng Xiao only returned to the Sheng familys seat after he finished speaking.

The young beast tamers blushed when he left.

“Supreme Master Sheng is so handsome! Hes my idol!”

Garo Xianyang stood beside Sheng Yang.

He exclaimed in admiration and respect, “Sheng Yang, your brother is getting more and more ruthless.”

Sheng Xiao was indeed a disciplinary officer of Divine Realm Academy.

He dared to provoke the organizer and humiliate the patriarch of the Xuanyuan family.

He was truly impartial and heartless!

Sheng Yang did not react to Garo Xianyangs words at all.

While everyone was busy worshiping Sheng Xiao, only Sheng Yang looked at the middle of Area D in the audience.

She stared at the girl in the crowd who was wearing a golden mask.

She was in disbelief.

Yu Huang was still alive

Sheng Yang was looking at Yu Huang, but Yu Huang was looking at Sheng Xiao.

Sheng Xiaos actions just now were really cool.

Yu Huang wanted to start a relationship.

That child from the Sheng family was upright and righteous.

He was handsome, charming, and rich.

The more she looked at him, the more she liked him.


Sheng Xiao was used to being stared at, but today, he felt that a gaze in the crowd was too burning.

He frowned and turned around to look behind.

With his good eyesight, he saw the girl in the phoenix mask in Zone D at a glance.

Sheng Xiao was stunned.

His calm and cold gaze flickered.

She… was still alive

Yu Huang suddenly bent down and pulled a foxtail from the weeds beside her leg.

She quickly tied the foxtail grass into a circle and blinked at Sheng Xiao.

Sheng Xiao looked at the circle and suddenly felt his ring finger burning.

His ears suddenly turned red.



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