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The latest website: The enemy generals were successfully resolved as soon as they came up, which reduced the pressure on the embarrassed Avengers.

But they were too happy.

Because Neptune, Wonder Woman, and Steel Bone led an army of villains who could not see the end!

If it weren\'t for the Flash\'s fast speed and running around alone, he wouldn\'t have been caught so easily.

It can be said that the battle has just begun!

Because before coming to this world, Master has told everyone all the intelligence and information he knows.

So who is very difficult and what abilities do they have, Dior and others are very clear.

You can also sit right now.

But the enemy\'s side knew nothing about them!

This is their biggest advantage!

There is no nonsense, no greeting from old friends.

The three, Neptune, Wonder Woman, and Steel Bone, rushed over with a bunch of sullen villains.

As the leader of the operation, Bruce Wayne did not give orders in random, but shouted as planned: Free attack, be careful of tricky characters!

After speaking, he showed the real reason why Batman can lead the Justice League with a mortal body.

In the face of Wonder Woman, who was the first to attack, Bruce Wayne could not be her opponent, and it was difficult to damage him with various weapons in his armor.

However, as a dark-skinned old man, when he established the Justice League, no, it should be said that after seeing the ability of these people to destroy the world, he secretly collected information on the weakness of all people With items, develop a targeted plan.

The famous Wonder Woman is of course his enemies.

So in the face of the menacing Wonder Woman, he did not fire a shot, but just thrown an inconspicuous rope while being beaten by him!

That was another rope, the blinding rope, created by Hephaestus when he was in doubt after making the mantra.

Can have the exact opposite effect of Wonder Woman\'s Mantra.

The blinding rope hanging on Wonder Woman successfully deceived her and immersed her in the infinite fantasy of killing herself!

The unreasonable thugs behind Wonder Woman are the best vents.

Batman, who has solved the Flash and Wonder Woman in a row, has continued his miracle as a mortal!

In the sea, Neptune is invincible!

He was able to easily set off huge waves and drown an entire city.

But on the land out of the sea, Neptune is just a super soldier with a trident.

During the battle between Neptune and Thor, Bruce Wayne took the opportunity to point at the stubborn Neptune with his other arm and sprayed out the pink magnesium carbide powder absorbent material!

Neptune was immediately covered with this kind of thing, and the whole man couldn\'t help falling to the ground.

This weapon was developed by Bruce Wayne at the cost of hundreds of millions of dollars, and is specially used to target the special equipment of Neptune!

The material contains countless small pores, and its unfolded area is close to 800 square meters.

If you dare to act rashly, Neptune Arthur will be immediately sucked out of the body and die!

Seeing that the force was no less than his enemy, he fell weakly in front of him within a few seconds, and Sol could not help but quietly swallowed.

Are the current technology weapons so scary

Right now, the toughest enemy is only the human skeleton, but it is clear that under the siege of the Avengers, it can\'t set off any storm at all, and it is a matter of time before defeat.

The Flash, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and the enemy\'s major combat powers are almost all easily solved by Batman.

This can\'t help but make the Avengers speechless.

Your daughter is so bad, a person can almost wipe out the enemy, what else do we use

Clean the battlefield

What is a sure targeted fight

This is literally a textbook level!

Obviously he couldn\'t beat any of them, but all of them were defeated at his feet.

This kind of combat wisdom and extreme blackness are not available to Tony, who is also a rich second-generation super scientist.

I thought it would be a fierce battle, but after the tricky guys were solved by that guy alone, Sol and others also launched a unilateral crushing!

Although the number of enemies is larger, the quality is not at all a level.

Soon, Steel Bone was captured under the siege of the crowd.

It seems that the outcome is set.

Tony, who fell from the sky, opened his mask and walked to Batman.

It looks like this battle should be over soon.

Tony couldn\'t speak easily when speaking, but Lord Wayne gave him a serious look.

You are too happy, the most difficult enemy has not yet appeared.

Do you think I have done so much preparation and asked you to send all the staff just out of caution

No, everything is just to cope with the enemies we will face next, and even to realize the consciousness of death of all the members!

A word from Bruce Wayne shocked Tony.

Just then, Bruce Wayne, wearing the savior\'s armor, was suddenly blown off in front of Tony!

Tony didn\'t even respond at all!

Then he slowly raised his head, and found that a figure wearing a red cape was floating in the air, and a big \'S\' was printed on the clothes in front of his chest.

That\'s what made Batman countless backhands, and also gathered the power of the entire Avengers, the characters who really have to deal with!

He is ...


It\'s just that the former **** has lost his mind, and a sloppy smile on his face, looking down at all beings ...

or ants!

I saw in the eyes of the blackened Superman that a super ray that can melt everything instantly fired ~ www.wuxiaz.com ~ attacked the Avengers side.

No one dared to confront him wherever he went.

Even Sol, who chose to resist a blow, suddenly changed his face and chose to avoid!

Huo Ke, who could not dodge, was directly blown out and his chest was burnt, terrifying.

But all of a sudden, the savior\'s armor burst into the sky, hugging Superman and pressing it back to the ground.

And immediately opened the red sun gloves on the armor, each gap stores the energy of the declining star!

And the cost of this set of weapons named Superman Killer is ...

three billion dollars!

Like Bruce Wayne himself said, all the remaining hands he left were to deal with this man!

And in the plan, only if he finally fails, will the Avengers be allowed to take over.

His pride and bottom line do not allow him to give the greatest danger to others!


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