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“What Have you given up on your unrequited love”

Yu-ram asked casually while stirring the soda with a straw.

Jae-chan was dumbfounded.

She was under the impression that he liked Go Woo-jin.

He realized once more that rumors of his unrequited love were rampant.

He should have gone back much further than this.

It was unfortunate.

That evening.

On the way home from work.

Jae-chan was holding an umbrella and a convenience store bag in one hand.

He bought bonbon chocolate and honey yakgwa for snacks.

He arrived at the dorm after crossing the soiled sidewalk caused by rain and wind.

Wet sneakers in the rain are unavoidably uncomfortable.

He shook the umbrella.

Jae-chan’s room was on the first floor.

While walking through the high-ceilinged lobby, Jae-chan noticed that the dormitory door was open.

His roommate is back.

Surprisingly, Jae-chan had a good reputation as a roommate.

It was because he did not make close friends with his roommates, but he was very ignorant about their way of life.

He didn’t care if his roommate lived dirty, misused his belongings, hung their underwear on the doorknob, or set 100 alarms in the morning.

Still, he remembered this roommate being a bit uncomfortable.

Like sneakers soaked in rain.


The long umbrella with dripping water and a convenience store bag were collected and held in one hand.

He was fiddling with his phone.

It happened after he had been standing in the hallway for a while.

The two could be heard laughing through the gap in the slightly opened door.

One was a woman’s voice, and the sound got closer and closer.

“Then I’ll go, beloved golden dung! See you again! …Huh”

Jae-chan ran into a woman who was pushing the door without hesitation.

He wondered why she was so confident, turned out she was a well-known employee of the management office.

A woman who can naturally go in and out of the male Guide’s dormitory.


The employee had just reapplied the curved bright red lips.

She smiled briefly and walked away.

Jae-chan went inside.

The unlit indoor air was lukewarm, and a complex and subtle smell floated around.

It was the moment he lost his appetite while holding the bag in one hand.


Isn’t the timing terrible”

The roommate laughed.

In the dark with the door sensor lights turned off.

A silhouette of him leaning on the bed with his hands behind his back was reflected.

His big feet twitched nervously at the end of his long legs.

Jae-chan sighed and went inside after hanging the umbrella.

He raised the lamp stand.

The room lit up with orange light.

“You should have come a little earlier.”

His roommate’s voice, which appeared to be talking, continued.

“Look at you, I called a woman just in time.”


Jae-chan turned around and opened the window after placing the phone on the table.

He had been in the typhoon’s sphere for a long time, so an unusual wind swept into the room.

It was ventilated, and he responded by feeling more at ease breathing.

“Then I would have taken a video of you and handed it over to the management office.”

Jae-chan said pointing his chin at the phone he had put down.

“It is against the rules to bring the opposite sex into a room.

It can be a reason for eviction.”

In the brightly lit room, he fixed his gaze on his exposed roommate.

True to his nickname, Golden Dung, the man had curly, golden brown hair.

A uniform shirt with a loose fit and visible underwear.

The way he sat with his thick legs spread out haphazardly reminded him of an arrogant stallion.

It was said that one of his parents was of mixed American descent.

The name Jae-chan couldn’t recall seemed to be a foreign name.

“It’s against the rules.

Why are you being so strict with this little thing”

The roommate swept his hair with his hand.

Rich, powerful golden brown hair cascaded down his brow and backed down like a cloud.

The double eyelids and clear eyes were bent beneath it.

“Don’t you think I’m much healthier than your ‘player’ brother You siblings are both famous.

I heard your older brother is going around with all kinds of women”

‘Player’ was the nickname of Jae-chan’s only older brother, Esper Seon Eun-soo.

Despite being an A-class, he was as famous as an S-class Esper.

This was because he belonged to a very rare ‘special-spirit series’ among Esper’s attributes, which are classified as physical, elemental, healing, and special.

Of course, Seon Eun-soo’s nickname ‘player’ also contributed to his popularity.

Because Seon Eun-soo’s habit with women was terrifying.

“If my brother had been in the dormitory, he would have been kicked out.”

Jae-chan didn’t even flinch at the remark about his family.

It was actually a good thing.

Seon Eun-soo was one of Seon Jae-chan’s most despised people.

“It’s a bummer.

Is it okay to swear at your family”

He listened to his roommate’s words with the back of his ear and wiggled his uncomfortable toes.

He placed the snack bags on the desk.

“It is also against the rules to swear other people’s family members.

You bastard broke the rules, broke the rules.”

His roommate laughed at the sound of him saying everything was against the rules.

He rolled his eyes like a fox and looked at Seon Jae-chan as he took off his thin coat.

His lipstick-smeared lips even glistened.

“It must be against the rules for you to be my roommate.

To you, I am the ‘reason’.”

Jae-chan, who was putting his wet coat on the chair, stopped.

Jae-chan’s roommate was being sarcastic and mocking the rumor that he likes Go Woo-jin.

Their eyes met.

At the same time, the light brown eyes that were roundly smiling frowned.


Don’t even try to stick with me… Dirty bastard.” Jae-chan laughed to himself at the words he heard.

It was exactly as he remembered.

The unnamed roommate behaved the same as in the past.

He smiled lightly.

He stood up straight and stared at his roommate’s eyes full of disgust.

“The discriminatory hate speech is also a reason for eviction, you bastard.”

Jae-chan’s eyes sharpened as he spoke softly.

He didn’t take his gaze away from him, and he drew his uniform tie loosely around his neck.

He was considering taking the reins of the foal, who was running wild with no fear of the world.


“You kinky bastard, ** off!”

In the past, the two of them frequently clashed because his roommates had that attitude.

Despite the fact that Seon Jae-chan adapts to all types of lifestyles, he does not tolerate direct conflicts.

I will die only after you die, there was even a fistfight.

Because of the loud shouting of bastards, **ing bastards, and other abusive languages, the entire room was so messed up that both of them were almost kicked out of the official residence due to reports straight from the other room.

He wouldn’t have been as strong for four months if his roommate hadn’t moved to the American Confederation soon after.

Of course, this horny bastard returned to the country where his parents were for personal reasons, not because of Jae-chan.

He can’t mess around like he did in the past.

Thinking about it, Seon Jae-chan ran to his roommate.

He had his tie that had been untied.

“You crazy bastard! Homo bastard!”

The horny bastard started shouting.

Despite his inferior height and physique in comparison to his opponent, Jae-chan began training in close combat at the age of 14 when he entered the center.

The guide director added the special combat training after joining the 25 intelligence service.

Even if it’s a physics-based psychic that goes beyond human limits, it’s worth dealing with a bastard who only knows how to take care of his muscles.

Kuung! The weight of the two fell on their roommate’s bed after a couple of short breaths.

Squeak, the bed spring was making a noise.

“Hey! hey…!”

His roommate shouted and struggled with his outstretched limbs, but it was futile.

He couldn’t even lift his head because his ruthless forearms had hardened and his neck had been pressed down under pressure.

“-Hick, don’t touch me! I said don’t touch me!”

However, the reaction was not what he expected.

Jae-chan had previously only used the thigh in fistfights, but now that his body had been suppressed, he was beginning a match.

He hates big men.

Unexpectedly, Jae-chan looked at the blurry side face, wriggling arms, and trembling shoulders, then pulled out the blanket.

He pressed against him with one hand and quickly covered his entire body and head.

He rolled over his body.

“This… this bastard…! -You bastard, I’ll kill you!”

Ironically, the guy seemed to have come to his senses because he couldn’t touch him.

The intended atmosphere, similar to that of normal wrestling, was then created.

He pressed down on the man who was kicking around on the blanket and grabbed him with his elbows.

“Ugh, cough! Urgh… Crazy bastard!”

The sound of a tight surrender burst out from the quilt.

The palms protruding from the cracks hit the bed.

It was only then that’s all.

“Ugh… Hahhhhh… crazy…”

The roommate did not come to his senses even after Jae-chan let him go.

This was the scene he had hoped for.

Jae-chan crept down from the exhausted roommate and took the phone from the desk.

He launched the app and placed it against his panting roommate’s ear.


When the button was pressed, the previous situation began to clearly repeat itself.

This is the benefit of regression.

Unlike when he was swept away by the situation, he could predict what would happen, so he began recording the moment he hesitated in front of the door.

He turned up the volume.


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