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Sunblade Chapter 4: The flames of hatred

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Alex tried to focus and control his thoughts. But as if his mind kept trying to rebel his effort, thoughts of his dead family kept appearing inside his head. The harder he tried, more detailed the thoughts became. Water droplets falling over his head rendered the task even more perplexing. Suddenly, he opened his eyes;

"I can ...these memories" Alex pressed his hands against his head.

"Life isn that easy kid, what you

e trying to achieve is almost an unachievable task." Terese said with a smirk.

"Th....then..what should I do?"


e trying to achieve it the wrong way. You should not try to completely eliminate your thoughts, thats impossible and stupid. You need to focus on one thought. What is it that defines you? An Object, a person, a feeling?. You need to know yourself before knowing others. To find the truth of the world, you should first find the truth about yourself. There....answer to all these questions, lies there" Terese said as she pointed at his heart.

Alex slowly closed his eyes again. Thoughts once again swarmed his mind. memories of his family, his home constantly disturbing him. He eyes under his eyelids, moved rapidly, while the water kept dripping on his head.

Terese walked on the path, leaving him alone inside the cave.

{A few month later}

The trees were dancing, as colourful leaves fell. The grass that once covered the ground, got enveloped by bright colours. Terese walked on the path holding fruits. While her white fur moved in rhythm with every step she took.


A bright light fell behind the trees, making the entire area tremble.

"A...ALEX!!!!!!!!!" She screamed at the top of her lungs, while sprinting towards the cave. Fruits fell on the ground from her hands as she entered the cave.


Her eyes widened and her heart skipped a beat.

Alex was floating in air, his eyes closed, holding a sword while his body unleashed blue flames which almost devoured the entire space inside the cave. The pressure made breathing a colossal task. Terese quickly summoned her magic, covering her body with a layer of frost, she slowly walked towards him.



Blue flames kept getting denser making her frost layer weaker.

"haaah.....m...my....magic!!, th...those flames!!" Terese said as her eyes began to lose their glow.


Suddenly, all of the flame rushed inside the sword, as it slowly changed its colour. Withing moments, all of cave was empty.

Alexs started to fall towards ground, Terese quickly jumped and cought him mid air.


Terese landed on the boulder, she looked at alex in her arms. His eyes, still closed, released a thin layer of blue energy that kept disrupting her magic.


Alex slowly opened his eyes as a familiar site appeared, the roof made of black stone, with its irregular structure, dimly lit area with small green light particles floating around his body. But this time, his eyes were burning as if they were on fire.

"UGH!!" alex slowly got up as he felt dry grass under his hands. He moved his right arm, slightly pressing on his eyes.

"5 hours"

"W...what?" Alex said as he heard a familiar voice towards his left.

"You were unconscious for 5 hours" Terese said as she walked towards him, holding a small wooden bowl filled with water.

"I don remember anything happening though" Alex said while dranking from the bowl.

"Whats the last thing that you remember?"

"I....I saw something, no....someone..standing on an ocean made of flames, I.....can clearly remember his face.... but he wore a golden armor and stretched his hands towards me....,ugh!!" Alex said while holding his head.

"Congratulations, You have awakened AJNA" Terese said as she placed her hand on his head.

"w....what? really? I was trying to do it for months!!. Finally....haaah" Alex slowly laid back on his back, with a smile on his face.


"HAHAHAH.....Your achievement almost cost me this entire place including my life" Terese said while clapping.


"Next is time for you to know about that\ Terese said while pointing at a blue sword with a golden hilt, which lied beside Alex.

"Th...that..it looks similar to my fathers sword!!!" Alex got up in a rush and lifted it.

"Your father.....why did he have it? Terese said, while her brows got closer.

"I don know about that. But, I saw him fight with something similar against that fuc...priest"

\Hmmm...It looks like theres still a lot Im not aware of. This sword is called the SUNBLADE, its the weapon of sun god SURYADEVA"

"It....its a divine weapon...Why is it here?" Alex asked while he stared at the sword.

"Its conscious."

"What do you mean?" Alex asked confused by her words

"This weapon has chosen you" Terese said while smiling ear to ear.

"Its...my fathers sword,...a divine weapon...temples priest..." Suddenly, blue flames emerged from Alex, illuminating the entire cave.


"ALEX!!!!" The flames surrounding him disappeared in an instant.

"W....what happened?" Alex said while his eyes turned normal.

"You being a dumbass, thats what happened. Ive already told you...you almost destroyed this entire place. You have awakened AJNA!. You must control your emotions from getting out of control. If you ever failed to do so...The entire world will pay its price!!." Terese said while wiping sweat from her forehead.

"s...sorry Terese"

"I..its alright, but you still have a lot to learn. Sleep for now" Terese got up and walked deeper inside the cave.

Alex kept staring at the sword.


\huuh?..huuuuuhhh?" Alex looked around. But he saw nothing.

"{HEY....O.....RETARD....OI DUMBASS....HERE!!}"

Alex looked down. His face went pale. Shiver ran through his entire body.


The sword hit the wall of the cave. Alex quickly crawled and crouched in corner.

\The sword speaks...the sword speaks...the sw.." Alex kept repeating while looking down with wide eyes. While his hands covered his head.


"it wants to stab me.....it wants to stab me.....it wants to stab me...."

"{UGHH....SHIT....listen hear you absolutely adorable child, please pick me up. Its rather disrespectful to throw a divine weapon like this!}" The sword spoke again

Alex looked towards it.

"{COME ON!!...You can do it...}"

Alex slowly got up, took slow steps towards it, and picked it up.

"{Ah..much better...Hey tell me something...Earlier you were having a chat with a monkey, thats normal for you but when a divine weapon speaks, you act like that? Why this discrimination?}"

"She has a mouth" Alex said while pointing at his lips.


Alex nodded.

"Why me?" Alex asked with a serious look.

"{Its not the right time to know that. First, you need to become stronger. Ive lost almost all of my strength, As youll keep growing, Ill also become stronger}"

"I am weak? I almost burned down this entire place!" Alex said with an unpleased look.

"{HMM...You need to grow mentally as well}"

"Did you ju..."





e telling me that...it speaks" Terese said while she plucked a red fruit from a tree.

"Yes....and he has quite the language" Alex said while looking at a silver ring with a blue gem on his finger.

"It....HE can also transform huh,....Divine weapons were always a mystery..It looks like this one is no exception" Terese stretched her hands with the fruit.

"Hes asking me to train, and it looks like its going to take a while" Alex said while eating.

Alex finished eating and moved towards the cave on the other side. He entered it and found the aftermath of the commotion he caused yesterday.

"She wasn lying." Alex said nervously.

he walked on the boulder and stood at the middle.


Alex did exactly as he was told and suddenly,


Blue flames surrounded his body, his eyes started to burn,as he fell on his knees while his hands placed on the ground.

"UGHH!!! It burns!!"



Alex closed his eyes while trying to focus on the flames throughout his body.


The flames surrounding him began to enter his body.

\haah...haah...w..what just happened?" Alex said while panting.


Alex suddenly realised, he could see small symbols on the boulder as well as on his hands. He looked up, he could see thousands of symbols on the walls of the caves, the plants growing on the floor, the light coming from outside.

"I...see symbols, everywhere"

\{These symbols represent the flow of mana. Every thing in this world has mana inside it. The more complex symbols you see, the stronger the mana it contains}"

Alex stretched his arms, the ring on his finger turned into a blue flash of light and transformed into a sword.

"I...can understand them, these symbols....they

e completely different" Alex said while staring at the sunblade.

{Ofcourse you can , youve just awakened you eyes, and reading these codes means completely understanding the flow of mana. Doing that to divine artifact is almost impossible}"

"Oh.." [SIGH] Alex said with a disappointed look.

"{Don fret, youll get there someday}"

"Really?!!" Alexs face brightened while his eyes glimmered with hope.


A huge blast happened outside the cave, Alex looked towards the sound, he could see four symbols that created the shape of a human standing afar. He couldn understand them. Instantly, shiver ran through his entire body.

"Terese.....no no no no...please...not again" Alex sprinted outside, While he felt like his heart will jump out of his chest.

He saw black smoke coming out of Tereses cave. He ran as fast as he could. Crossing the trees, the garden in mere seconds. What he found horrified him to his core. Four men stood next to a wounded Terese lying on the ground.

"No...no...please...please don ...please.." Alex mumbled while he looked at her.

"What do we have here?" A man in a black armor,with a huge build,bald head and wrinkled face walked toward Alex holding a large sword.


e ya doin here lil brat, wheres ya mama?" He said as he pulled Alexs hair.



suddenly, the ring on his finger changed into a sword and cut the mans left arm off.


\FUUUCKKKK!!!!!!!....THE F@CKER HAS AN ARTIFACT!!!" The man screamed as he jumped away from Alex.


Alexs body got surrounded by blue flames as he leaped towards him.

[Chapter 4: END]

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