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Super Dimensional Wizard v6 Chapter 3147: Experimental results

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  Once you have the luck of the mysterious level, even if the lucky time is limited, the probability of customs clearance can be greatly improved.

The only disadvantage of    is that those who have the seal of death must experience a death catastrophe in the box of reincarnation.

   And the death catastrophe in the box of reincarnation is likely to be related to the difficult time and space.

   In other words, the owner of the Seal of Death must spend a "difficult" world in the Reincarnation Box no matter what.

   Of course, only this time.

   As long as you get through this difficult world, the next period of time will basically be smooth.

   This is much better than the random difficulty of twenty worlds.

   After understanding the effect of the Seal of Death, Angel couldn't help but wonder: "Why do you have to experience death in the Box of Reincarnation"

   "Can't you go to the Box of Reincarnation with the lucky effect after experiencing the death catastrophe in the outside world"

  Antonio: "Dan also took this into consideration..."

After confirming the customs clearance plan,   Dan invited Karmazan to the Ancient Asia Realm and started his experiment.

  Karmazan also showed respect to the Lawful Guild, and cooperated quite well with the various experiments proposed by Dan. He even took the initiative to find a lot of living test subjects—germination believers.

   Most of the budding believers are crazy and maddened. If you want them to do experiments obediently, they must be brainwashed.

   Wash out the opening words about "Sprouting" in their minds, so as to prevent them from entering the box of reincarnation and directly return to the Sprouting, which will lead to the experiment being done in vain.

  According to the results obtained from the experiment, the mark of death has indeed greatly improved the clearance rate.

   Twenty budding believers, up to two who finally completed the customs clearance task.

   You must know that these budding believers are not legendary wizards, and the most powerful are only second-level wizards, and they are not true wizards. Moreover, their bloodline is not strong, as long as one of them can pass the customs, it is a great success.

   Not to mention, two people.

   After another round of experiments, one out of fifteen people cleared the level.

  Because there are no more subjects, the experiment was temporarily suspended. In the end, a total of three people cleared the level.

  Although the experiment is no longer continued, the final conclusion is very interesting.

   First of all, it was what Angel was wondering, why didnt he experience death in the outside world first, and then enter the box of reincarnation

The reason for    is very simple, because all the three people who cleared the level experienced death in the box of reincarnation. All the people who experienced the death catastrophe in the outside world and entered the Box of Reincarnation with the lucky effect, none of them successfully cleared the customs.

Dan gave two possible explanations for why this happened: First, the luck conferred by the Seal of Death is also time-limited, and the time limit may not be enough to clear the 20th level. a world.

   The second, and most likely point, is that there is a high probability that there is a mysterious spirit in the box of reincarnation. That is to say, even if the casket of reincarnation is out of order, it will still have a superficial consciousness. Similar to the will of the world, following a certain underlying logic, it can arrange the casket of reincarnation to a certain extent.

   When you enter the box of reincarnation with a mysterious level of luck, the spirit in the box of the same mysterious level is likely to notice your abnormality. Once it is confirmed that your anomaly is aimed at the underlying rules of the Box of Reincarnation, it will definitely hit you.

   Even if you dont do it yourself, you will target it in your subsequent reincarnations.

   And the target of the mysterious spirit, even if the luck of the mysterious level, there is no way to save.

  According to the current results, this screening mechanism is most likely to be arranged at the moment when outsiders enter the box of reincarnation. Once you enter the box of reincarnation, the mysterious spirit will only think that you have entered the "cage", and will not question you again unless you enter its core area.

   In short, entering the casket of reincarnation with the "image of death" can deceive the screening mechanism of the mysterious spirit. But you enter the box of reincarnation with "lucky time", that is, you are courting death yourself.

   Of course, this is the explanation given by Dan, and it is impossible to confirm whether this is the case or not.

   But judging from the results, since the three people who cleared the level all experienced death in the box of reincarnation, then just follow this rule and go.

   The above is the first conclusion drawn from this experiment: you must experience death in the box of reincarnation.

   In addition, there was another rather unexpected discovery: two of the three who cleared the level were apprentices, and the other was an official wizard who had just been promoted.

   Proportionally speaking, the survival rate of apprentices is actually higher than that of formal wizards!

   This point, everyone did not understand at first, but then Karmazan gave an answer.

  Kalmazan, as the owner of the "Seed of Death", has done a lot of controlled experiments in order to study the Seed of Death.

   What is certain is that although the seal of death will not generate the corresponding doom based on the level of the wizard, but based on past experience, the doom of the general apprentice will be simpler than the doom of the wizard.

   The death calamity faced by the apprentice is actually different from the death calamity faced by the formal wizard.

   Even though the Seal of Death does not generate death catastrophe according to the level, the lower limit of the difficulty threshold of the death catastrophe encountered by apprentices is definitely higher than that of formal wizards. The higher the lower limit of the difficulty threshold, the higher the probability of encountering a simple death catastrophe, which is also the fundamental reason why the apprentice is more likely to survive the death catastrophe.

   Of course, this explanation is still too hasty, and the issue of relative difficulty must be considered here.

   In terms of relative difficulty, apprentices and wizards face the same challenges despite having different difficulty thresholds.

   It's just... There is a very important external factor that determines the boundary between apprentices and wizards.

   This external cause is the so-called "external move".

for example:

Because apprentices are at the bottom of the power chain all the year round, there are many ways for them to move up, and there are many means available. When facing the ultimate demon king of "death robbery", they can be fully armed, armed with sharp swords, and dressed in brilliant colors. Battle armor, face the final challenge with a stronger warrior attitude.

   It is very difficult for formal wizards to move up. When they face the "death catastrophe", they are not fully armed, they are very likely to be in tattered iron clothes, or even naked and succumbing to the catastrophe.

  When the catastrophe comes, these two different postures, obviously the former is more likely to survive the catastrophe and enjoy luck.

   Therefore, the second conclusion of the experiment came out: after using the seal of death, the probability of the apprentice passing the level will be higher than that of the official wizard.

   That's why, the people called for the long-distance mission are all apprentices rather than formal wizards.

   Formal wizards are difficult to train, and the mortality rate is high; and apprentices... From the purification of the garden, we can see that the attitude of wizards to apprentices is not consumables, but when necessary, they can be used as consumables.

  In addition to the above two conclusions, there is also an established conclusion: all customs clearers will receive a reward, the reward is a coordinate, and the coordinate point is random. But all coordinate points must have a special undead.

   This conclusion, Angel is aware of. The reason why he met Frost at the beginning was because Frost got the coordinates after clearing the box of reincarnation, and followed the coordinates to find Mandalore. At that time, Ingres had just recovered Mandalore...

After    Antonio finished all the experimental conclusions, he looked at Angel: "That's the way it is, because it is supported by the experimental results, it can be confirmed that once the seal of death is used, the apprentice's probability of clearing the customs is still very high."

"Because the subjects of Dan's experiment are all crazy Germination believers. In their situation, the clearance rate is close to 10%. If they were replaced by elite apprentices, such as these geniuses in the Nova Tournament, their clearance rate would increase even more. many."

"Because this is not a mortal situation, and the clearer can also get extremely rich rewards, even the lawful guild is willing to cooperate with the capture of the 'unowned' special undead and give it to the clearer. In this case, mother-in-law nails Agreed to Dan's request and released this long-distance mission."

   Seeing that Angel's brows were still frowning, Antonio thought for a while and continued: "If Mr. Pat goes to the Sky Tower at this time, he will find that the long-distance mission has actually marked a death rate of 90%."

The implication of    is that if the apprentice is willing to participate in the case of knowing that the death rate is extremely high, then the responsibility should be borne by oneself.

  Angol didnt go to argue with Antonio whether or not to send a long-distance mission. Now that it has been sent, there is no need to argue any more.

   Moreover, Angel did not feel that he could change everything by himself.

   Also, Angel has no reason to urgently need to change.

   From the current point of view, the method proposed by Dan can indeed improve the customs clearance rate, but it is very "expensive".

"The method used by Dan has been approved by even Granny Nails, so I also approve. I also believe that this method can indeed improve the clearance rate... However, Dan really thinks that only the apprentice can save the fallen. companion"

   Antonio shook his head: "Of course Dan is not so optimistic, but as long as enough people pass the level, there will be more chances to touch the core of the box of reincarnation."

  Dan's idea coincides with Frost's.

  The reason why Frost continued to enter the box of reincarnation after clearing the box of reincarnation was that he wanted to go through a lot of reincarnations and touch the core of the box of reincarnation, that is, its body.

   Once the body is found, it is possible to contain it.

  Dan means the same thing, as long as the Box of Reincarnation is contained, then Frost and Zorn will naturally be able to come out...

In fact, from Dan's statement, Angel could vaguely feel that Dan might not think that Frost and Zorn had fallen. They are probably just trapped in the small space. With their strength, there is a chance to come out in the future. .

The reason why   Dan said they fell was just one reason.

   His more hope is not actually on saving Frost and Zorn, but on the long-distance mission issued by Granny Nail.

  As a mysterious analyst, if he can solve the disorder of the Reincarnation Box by himself and a group of apprentices alone, after he returns to the lawful guild, his ranking may be greatly improved.

   To put it bluntly, it is still for myself.

   But I have to say that Dan's interests are not in conflict with anyone else. Moreover, his goals and those of Granny Nail are now the same.

  So, even if Angel saw this, he didn't plan to tell Antonio.

   He is now thinking about another question…

   Now that he knows some truths about the long-distance mission, he is more curious now, why does Galatea think that the hats he made can improve the survival rate

   After Dong Liz entered the box of reincarnation, could it really go to find Ivo

   According to the prophecy of the stargazing day, after Dong Liz and others enter the box of reincarnation, they will go to the small space of "Doomsday Eye". This time and space, no matter how you look at it, is a powerful time and space where the evil gods and gods fight in chaos.

   Their death calamity should be in this time and space And the way to break the death robbery has something to do with Ivo

   So, after leaving the original cage, Ivo also came to this terrifying apocalypse world

Angel's head was in a mess. He was not worried about Dong Liz, but about Ivo, or in other words, Alex... During the time when they became the spirit behind Alex, they established a strong relationship. friendship.

   Moreover, Angel also felt sorry for Alex's experience.

   After finally escaped from the cage, he was no longer a caged bird, and ended up in a world where evil spirits were overrun, which was even more terrifying than the first cage world.

   Even if he can break the doom of Dong Liz, can he break the doom of his own

  Angol sighed, sighing in his heart.

  If there is a chance, he would really like to use the illusion body to see Alex again. However, it is estimated that there is no chance. The last time he entered the box of reincarnation, it was purely an accident. In the "high-dimensional train" created by the Gate of Illusion, he got off the car inadvertently and fell into the box of reincarnation.

   Even if he activates the Illusory Gate next time, he doesn't know where to get off, let alone how to meet Alex.

  So, if we can really meet again, it can only be the moment when Alex walked out of the box of reincarnation.

   But does this really happen


   After knowing the truth of the long-distance mission, Angel never asked about the long-distance mission. However, he asked Antonio to apply for a list of long-distance missions and give him a copy at that time.

   He wouldn't discourage others from participating in the expedition mission, but if his friend signed up, he would definitely persuade him.

   After talking about the long-distance mission, Midora mentioned the matter of looking for Stirling again.

   Angel naturally would not refuse.

   He was going to talk to Stirling alone, but he and Stirling were not familiar with him after all, and it was definitely better than him alone with Midora to help.

   As for Antonio... After all, he is the guardian deity of the Research and Development Institute, and he will definitely maintain members externally, but he can basically be impartial to the inside, so Angel did not expect him to help.

   Next, Antonio and Midora went to contact Stirling, while Angel turned to look at Olao.

  Olao's expression was puzzled, as if he was thinking about something, and his eyes still glanced at the corner from time to time.

   Needless to say, he must still be wondering how Angel obtained the information before.

  Angol did not explain, anyway, after Orao went to the Wilderness of Dreams, he would know all the answers.

   The reason why he looked at Olao was because he needed Olao's help to do one thing now.

   Go to the teleportation hall to pick up Portia's assistant, the witch named Sariel.-

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