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Thank you for WaitingMister Tang Chapter 11

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I ask for Loyalty (1)

It felt different to wake up in the same mans embrace two days in a row.

Pei Qiqi acutely sensed his casual and leisure vibe.

Her eyes were shut and she wanted to pretend to be asleep. However, a cool voice arose by her ear, “Youre awake”

She couldnt pretend now. Pei Qiqi held her breath and tilted her head. She then looked into a pair of cold eyes.

She stayed in this position and did not move until he let her go. At that moment, something about his expression changed.

If his original expression was to be described as cold, then now, his expression was one that made it difficult for anyone to approach him. His entire body emitted a distant aura like he was a treasured jade behind a glass.

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Pei Qiqi nodded with difficulty. The moment she moved, she yelled out very faintly.

It hurt a lot.

He noticed the change in her expression and glanced over her body. He gently smiled as if he had guessed her thoughts.

What a young girl!

Her young age… surprised him.

She was only 20 years old!

He knew that she still attended school... thus he couldnt help but sigh.

“Have you had a boyfriend before” Tang Yu suddenly asked. He sat up, leaned back against the headboard, and his hand casually inched towards the bedside table. Very quickly, a cigarette appeared between his skinny fingers. However, it was not lit.

But that posture and those handsome features immediately made her lose composure.

Pei Qiqi tilted her head and looked at him. Then, she shook her head.

Perhaps her loss of composure pleased him. Tang Yus lips curled up and then he suddenly pulled Pei Qiqi into his embrace.

Her delicate chin was pinched down and his beautiful and elongated eyes locked onto her tightly. Pei Qiqis body shook; she felt as if her entire being was under his grasp.

“I ask for loyalty.” He hugged her close to his chest, then leaned down to kiss her.

This kiss didnt end right away.

Her tiny hand helplessly rested on his shoulder, she wasnt sure what to do.

She was very aware that right now, she should respond to him and please him. But… she didnt know how to.

All she could do was let him kiss her.

“Relax!” He murmured as he tried to comfort her. However, his lips stayed on her lips and the act of kissing never stopped.

Suddenly, he pulled away and his gaze burned into hers. His long fingers gently tapped her lips and his voice turned dark and hoarse, “Kiss me!”



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